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Hundred millions dollars was истрачено on election campaign on Parliamentary elections in Republic Moldova. It is the greatest figure for all time of elections. The capital comes and in this sense interestingly investigation spent by the Kishinev centre o
Hundred millions dollars was истрачено on election campaign on Parliamentary elections in Republic Moldova. It is the greatest figure for all time of elections. The capital comes and in this sense interestingly investigation spent by the Kishinev centre of journalistic investigations.

In race for 101 parliamentary armchair the unemployed and youth without a penny in a pocket, pensioners and millionaires have rushed. Some candidates of a place for parliament have bought or have not bought? To understand it, reporters of the Center of journalistic investigations have made «радиографию» financial reports of five political formations which have passed in parliament, and also declarations on property and incomes of newly-baked deputies to look, in how many it the deputy mandates won on elections from November, 30th have managed.
деньги парламент
Deputy armchair - from 170 thousand to 2 million
While clearly one: persons with the most solid donations on campaign have taken leading places in service records, as has provided with it the mandate of the deputy. Some applicants for a deputy armchair were so generous, that parties all income of a family for a year or two have offered, others have brought in a coin box политформирований the sums exceeding the two-year-old income of a family.
If to take in calculation the financial assets invested by parties, passed in a legislature, and number of deputy mandates of which they as a result have got hold on parliamentary elections on November, 30th current year cost of a deputy armchair fluctuated in limits from 166 thousand to 1,8 million леев, that is впятеро more than on November elections of 2010.

The most solid expenses counting on one deputy place, as well as on the previous elections, were at Democratic party. According to official reports, this formation has spent during election campaign over 35 million леев, that three times more than on elections of 2010 when its expenses have made 11,7 million леев. This year democrats have received in parliament of 19 places. Hence, one deputy armchair has managed it already in 1,8 million леев - in 2,3 times more than on the previous elections when for each of 15 selected deputies-democrats during pre-election campaign it has been spent on 780 thousand леев.
And to liberal democrats each deputy place in Republic Moldova parliament has managed недешево - 1,6 million леев, that is five times more than on the previous elections. ЛДПМ has declared expenses on the sum about 37 million леев and has received as a result of 23 mandates. The party has spent on present elections in 3,7 times more than on the previous elections (10 million леев). In last structure of a legislature this formation had 32 promoted workers, and cost of one deputy armchair in 2010 reached 310 thousand леев. 

The party of socialists which has passed for the first time in a legislative forum, has spent during election campaign more than 13,2 million леев and has got hold of 25 mandates. Thus, each deputy armchair costed to socialists a half-million леев.
The liberals who have received in new structure of a legislature of 13 places, have spent during pre-election campaign the least sum in comparison with the others политформированиями - about 3 million леев, that is on 800 thousand леев it is less, than on November elections of 2010. Then Liberal party has spent 3,8 million леев and has received 12 deputy mandates. This time one deputy armchair has managed to liberals approximately in 230 thousand леев, on 90 thousand it is less, than on parliamentary elections of 2010 when one deputy mandate cost it 320 thousand леев.
Most cheaply, as well as on the previous elections, each deputy armchair of Party of communists has managed. Judging by data of the reports submitted to the Central Electoral Commission, this formation has spent about 3,5 million леев and has received as a result of 21 place in parliament. Thus, cost of one deputy armchair made 166,5 thousand леев. On elections of 2010 ПКРМ has spent 4,3 million леев and has received 42 mandates, that is one place in parliament reached then 100 thousand леев.

Socialists, poor in declarations and magnanimous on donations
The brother of the leader of formation Alexander Dodon who has brought in the party budget almost a half-million леев, to be exact 442,8 thousand леев was the most generous donor of Party of socialists, формировования, typed most of all voices on present parliamentary elections and the received 25 deputy mandates. But the head of socialists Igor Dodon sponsored the party the sum of all of 89,3 thousand леев.
Party leadership has gone on advantage to Igor Dodonu. In the stay by the deputy minister of economy in 2005 and the Minister of Economics in Zynaida Grechanoj's government in 2008 Igor Dodon lived in apartment the area of 50,7 square metres. Since it left numbers of Party of communists and has led Party of socialists, its material condition has considerably improved. And it in conditions in which the deputy salary - a 7-9 thousand order леев was Igor Dodona's unique income, or about 500 euros a month. Last year, how to enter election campaign, Igor Dodon has moved in a magnificent private residence in capital sector Буюканы. Experts under the real estate assert, that such house in the real estate market costs over 5 million леев whereas in the declaration on property and incomes the socialist has specified house cost in size hardly more 2 million леев. The income declared by Igor Dodonom of the deputy salary for two years makes 345, 6 thousand леев. The deputy has specified also in declarations and other incomes at the rate about one million леев - from «insurance compensation, car and apartment sale» (dock.).  
Щердрые donations in a party coin box the former deputy-communist has made also Ion Чебану which thus has provided to itself the fourth position in the list of candidates of Party of socialists and a deputy armchair in a new legislature. Despite the poverty, judging by declarations (even no own habitation has), Ion Чебану has offered 185,6 thousand parties леев - the sum equal to the annual deputy income. In the declaration presented to the Central Electoral Committee it has specified the aggregate profit for two years in 363,3 thousand леев - 289,1 thousand леев from the deputy salary and 74 thousand леев - «from compensations» (dock.). 
Mother of the politician, Evgenie Chebanu, has offered parties in which her son consists, 171,6 thousand леев. It held some years a post of the director of fund Soluția founded by Igor Dodonom and Zynaida Grechanoj in 2011 after defeat of Igor Dodona on local elections in which course he stood on a post capital примара.

Three deputies-socialists - from fund Soluția

Among those who will hold a post of the deputy, three representatives of fund Soluția appear. Director Alla Dolintsa which is also the proprietress of the enterprise in the field of the real estate, together with spouse Igor Dolintsa have brought in party treasury hardly more half-million леев (518,250 thousand). Thus, Alla Dolintsa has secured with the eighth position in the list of candidates ПСРМ.
Two other members of the named fund who has passed in parliament, 24th positions in the list of candidates of socialists are Vasily Bolja and Alexander Nesterovsky, occupying 14th and, accordingly. To provide to itself a deputy armchair, Being ill which is also the chief of legal department of fund, has brought in a coin box of party of 83 thousand леев, and Nesterovsky, the director of Beltsky branch of the fund, the declared which income for last two years has made all 36 thousand леев, has offered parties almost three times more than this sum - 82,450 леев (dock.).

The unemployed with donations in hundred thousand леев in treasury of socialists

Marina Redvan, 23 years, the chairman of a youth wing of socialists and the sixteenth in lists of candidates of socialists, also will occupy a deputy armchair in a new legislature (dock.). It "has won" popularity in a society thanks to rather frank in social networks rather frank and obscene photosession. According to the declaration submitted to the Central Electoral Committee on property, социалистка, the actress by a trade, last two years had no incomes. All its property - third of apartment in Kishinev. Despite it, the jobless actress has offered 160,7 thousand parties леев (!).
Other party member of socialists - too the unemployed - has filled up treasury политформирования with the sum of 253,6 thousand леев. It is a question of the 30-year-old psychologist by a trade Vladimir Odnostalko who thus has caught a lukewarm place in a new legislature under lists of socialists. In the declaration presented to the Central Electoral Committee on incomes for 2012-2013 it specifies full absence of earnings during this period, and from property - only the ground area in Ставченах. In the financial report of formation it is noticed, that Односталко is the employee of publishing house Art Grup Brevet.
Lawyer ПСРМ Григоре Новока whom, according to the declaration presented to the Central Electoral Committee, the person needy, has financed party the sum of 85 thousand леев which twice exceeds its earnings for last two years. Its aggregate profit in 2012-2013 has made 35,5 thousand леев, or 1481 pour in a month (!) (dock.).
And Elena Hrenova, a holding post of the adviser from Party of communists in the Kishinev municipal council, has presented in gift to socialists of 153,7 thousand леев - twice more than has earned for two years. Elena Hrenovoj's general two-year-old income as the municipal adviser has made 69,800 леев (!) (dock.).   

Sources of millions liberal democrats

From 23 liberal democrats who have passed in new parliament 13 have brought the mite in party treasury. The most powerful sum was enclosed by the leader of liberal democrats Vlad Filat - 1,2 million леев. The Round sum in 1,15 million леев the Sagittarius has offered parties and vice-president ЛДПМ Валериу. Vlad Filat has afforded so generous donation in a party coin box as only at the expense of dividends has earned for last two years over 7,5 million леев. Though since 2006 has the house the area of 180 square metres, he lives in the hired magnificent private residence in the capital centre. Last year leader ЛДПМ has bought to the spouse car Porsche Cayenne in cost about 100 thousand euro.

And Валериу the Sagittarius is not poorer than the leader-member of the same party. Only dividends from company Bioprotect of Open Company belonging to it have provided the income more than in 7 million леев. And still the deputy is the owner of two apartments, one house, the several ground areas and two cars of a class "lux" of mark Volkswagen Touareg.

The secretary of party and the brother-in-law of the leader of formation Victor Roshka concerns number of generous donors ЛДПМ also. It has offered on election campaign already 1 million леев. In the declaration presented to the Central Electoral Commission on incomes for two years the newly-baked deputy specifies the sum only in 12 thousand леев, received as "compensation" for activity as the adviser of the Kishinev municipal council (!) (dock.). «Compensations of the municipal adviser», it appears, would not suffice it even on a covering of expenses on fuel for cars - them at the newly made deputy whole three. And still at Рошки there is a house in 180 square metres and the ground area in village Gratieshty.

To keep the deputy armchair and in a new legislature, payments on 100 thousand леев in a party coin box have brought: Тудор Делиу, Jury Tsap, Angel Agake, Nikolay Zhuravsky. Cyril Luchinsky was a little bit more generous, having offered 200 thousand party леев, and Anatoly Dimitriu - 110 thousand леев. George Mokanu the deputy minister of finance Штефан Крянгэ has brought in treasury of party of 80 thousand леев, and, number 17 in the list of candidates ЛДПМ on a post of the deputy, - 100 thousand леев.

With generous donations have provided to itself a place in a legislature and some liberal democrats who were not before members of parliament. Among them and the rector of Academy of public management Oleg Balan who has offered ЛДПМ the sum of 100 thousand леев.

Among the most active donors of Liberal Democratic party employees of two official bodies appear also: the State office and the Kishinev municipal centre of public health (КМЦОЗ). So, the sums at the rate from 15 to 30 thousand леев have offered 11 employees of the State office, and 8 employees КМЦОЗ have supported party payments at the rate from 10 to 30 thousand леев.

The sum of 379 thousand леев have brought in total and 14 employees of building company Algu Construct of Open Company belonging to businessman Andrey Tsyntsar. The marked businessman has come into the view of the public after publication of some the journalistic investigations executed by reporters of the Center of journalistic investigations, about the roguish scheme by means of which he intended to appropriate some hectares of wood in Данченах and Сочитенах, located all in five kilometres from capital. Swindle is not has gone right: the government has stopped swindle. Algu Construct Open Company - that company which has illegally constructed some country houses for the high-ranking officials on wood grounds near children's camp of rest Poienița Vesel ă.

The smallest donation on election campaign ЛДПМ has made 4700 леев, the largest - 1,2 million леев.

Communists were supported by pensioners and farmers.

Deputy Arthur Reshetnikov and his wife who have given parties about 170 thousand леев were the most generous donors of communists, that on the average makes the family income for half a year. Leader ПКРМ Vladimir Voronin was less generous - its payment in party treasury has made only 50 thousand леев. Similar donations in 50 thousand леев were made by Alexander Bannikov and his father, politician Ivan Bannikov. From among kept a deputy armchair and in a new parliamentary command of communists on 30 thousand леев 25 thousand леев - Oleg Rejdman have brought in the budget of party Galina Balmosh and Victor Myndru, 20 thousand - Серджиу Стати, 15 thousand - Violetta Ivanov and 10 thousand леев - Anatoly Zagorodnyj.     

Among financial donors of Party of communists it is a lot of pensioners and the farmers who have supported formation by the sums at the rate from thousand to 10 thousand леев.

Payments from 1200 to 960 thousand леев in support of ДПМ  

Though the total sum of expenses of Democratic party in present election campaign is much more expenses of other competitors for elections, the number of the donors who have passed in new parliament of party can be re-read on fingers. At least, so follows from the financial report presented by democrats in the Central Electoral Committee.

The largest sum was brought in treasury of party by Vladimir Plahotnjuk, to be exact over 960 thousand леев.

Three from 19 deputies-democrats of new parliament did not occupy earlier any posts neither in legislative, nor in executive country bodies. One of them - the secretary of Democratic party Konstantin Botnar about whom say, that it is Vladimir Plahotnjuka's right hand («the man purse carrier» as it was named by the press). It holds a post of the secretary general of party since 2012, and new duties have appeared rather favorable and for its purse. It is the owner of apartment in 172 square metres along the street Григоре Виеру in Kishinev, and in July, 2013 has got still the ground area in 21,9 hundred parts in microdistrict Poiana Domneasc ă on suburb of Durleshtsky wood on which has constructed the house the area of 524 square metres. Though the private residence is not registered in the Bureau of a cadastre and its estimation is not made, according to experts under the real estate, its cost makes a 7 million order леев.

Not clearly, on what means has managed Ботнарь to construct a palace, cost in millions. Its declared income for 2012-2013 - about 300 thousand леев. And still it is the owner of two magnificent cars: "Mercedes" and «BMW» (photo).

The chairman of Nisporensky area Vasily Bytke has offered 80 thousand parties леев, the sum exceeding its revenue. So, its declared income for last two years makes only 131,6 thousand леев. (Dock.).

And the vice-president of National meeting ATO Gagauzija Demian Karaseni has offered parties the four-monthly income, to be exact 48,2 thousand леев.

Donations, систематическивзимаемые from state employees

Among active donors of party employees of official bodies, such as ГП Registru, joint-stock company Moldtelecom and RED Nord appear. And head these establishments of the person approached to ДПМ.

About 2 million леев have brought in the budget of election campaign ДПМ of 170 workers Registru. Each of them has offered approximately on 10 thousand леев.

Over a half-million леев, to be exact 659 thousand леев, have presented to democrats 24 workers of joint-stock company Moldtelecom, the size of donations fluctuated from 10 to 50 thousand леев.

Still half-millions have brought in a coin box of party of 35 workers of joint-stock company RED Nord. The sum of their payments has made from 4 to 60 thousand леев.

Liberals with contributions at the rate from 800 леев to 554 thousand леев

The largest donation in favour of Liberal party which invested in election campaign most less than other formations which were a part of new parliament, was made by its leader Mihaj Gimpu - it has laid out from a pocket hardly more half-million леев (554 thousand леев), the sum equal to the income of his family for eight months. In declaration Михай Гимпу presented to the Central Electoral Committee has specified incomes in 1,6 million леев for 2012-2013 - from the deputy salary (269,2 thousand леев) and investment fund (1,2 million леев).   

Корина Фусу though lives in apartment a total area of 43 square metres and has no other incomes, except the salary of the deputy, sponsored party the sum of 75 thousand леев, equal to its semi-annual income.

The impressive sum has offered политформированию and the chief of the State ecological inspection Vyacheslav Untile - 402 thousand леев. This payment almost is twice more than income of the official for last two years. In the declaration presented to the Central Electoral Committee Vyacheslav Untile has specified incomes during 2012 2013 at a rate of 247 thousand леев, about 78,4 thousand леев from the salary of the civil servant and 168,5 thousand леев from the pension grant.     

To number of liberals - the deputies of the new legislature who has given to party financial support in a course of election campaign, concerns also George Brega. Its payment has made 75 thousand леев.

The smallest donation in Liberal party treasury on present elections has made 800 леев.

Experts about donations and the legislation.
According to the selective legislation, physical persons can offer in favour of political parties to 500 monthly average salaries for a fiscal year, that is no more than 1,5 million леев. This sum includes also membership dues of members политформирований. The equivalent of the donation of the legal person should not exceed 1000 monthly average salaries on national economy, that is 3 million леев. In the given situation 5-10 physical or some legal bodies can generate all budget of party. Similar circumstances, according to many experts, cannot provide equal conditions of participation of citizens in a political life, and dependence on large donors can negatively affect functionality of democracy. Expert Serdzhiu Lipchiu asserts, that the established ceiling for donations physical and legal bodies in favour of parties is too high in comparison with a standard of living of citizens of Republic Moldova that creates favourable circumstances for political corruption, in particular sales of places in party service records.

And expert Transparensy International Moldova Efim Obrezha considers, that legislation positions on financing of election campaigns excessively пермиссивные and promote corruption. To aspects of political corruption, according to expert Transparensy International Moldova, concern: abusing administrative resources, reception of funds for parties by economic pressure, intimidation of heads of the enterprises, submission of mass media to parties in power or payoff of voters, including by means of material aid, etc.

The director of Institute public the politician (ИПП) Arcady Barberoshie believes, that to tax bodies followed check up, whether the persons who have made the donations, exceeding or equal to the revenue sum, the state have paid due taxes.

Opinions on a theme

Paul Postika, expert Promolex: Expenses prior to the beginning of campaign are absent in reports of parties

- The parties which have especially passed in parliament, have spent certain means for billboards and other advertising materials, including videoclips, to the official beginning of election campaign. In normal conditions these expenses should be reflected in financial reports or, otherwise, not to use during campaign all materials used to its beginning. Any политформирование did not dismantle the publicity boards, has not stopped display of videoclips for which solid means have been spent. It concerns also an embedded advertising in favour of some parties on the television channels supervised by political formations which also has not been reflected in financial reports.   

In 2013 the parliament has approved in the first reading the bill of financing of political parties and election campaigns which established more rigid requirements for financial reports and the sanction for the infringements admitted by parties. However this statutory act remained among not complete affairs, so to say, debts of parliament of last convocation.

Efim Obrezha, expert Transparensy International Moldova: Compulsory donations could be

- Citizens are free to do donations in favour of any party. That fact, that many workers did donations in favour of that party in which the head of establishment consists, instead of any another политформирования, suggests, that them have forced to make it. If somebody has made the public statement for compulsion to donations in favour of parties, it could form the basis for excitation by law enforcement bodies of investigations in such cases. It is not excluded, that corresponding workers have been paid for the account of public money - awards or other privileges. Here infringements are possible, but in each case there should be documentary proofs or, at least, statements of concrete persons.


2 million леев

 - So much as a whole have brought in pre-election fund Dempartii of 170 workers of state enterprise Registru. Each of them has offered approximately on 10 thousand леев.
Investigation is executed within the limits of campaign «Journalists for incorruptibility on public service», spent by the Center of journalistic investigations at support of the program fund "Soros-Moldova" "Efficient control". The financing establishment does not render any influence on a theme and the maintenance of published investigations.

Корнелия Козонак, Olga Chaglej. It is reprinted from the newspaper "Panorama", a photo: Valery Korchmar.

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