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Mark Verlan, artist, Marioka, Son of the Rain. His name is Mark Verlan. In his childhood he called himself Marioka, Son of the Rain. There is something from Indian tribes in his name. However, he does not look like an Indian. If he wears a tie and glasses
Mark Verlan, artist, Marioka, Son of the Rain. His name is Mark Verlan. In his childhood he called himself Marioka, Son of the Rain. There is something from Indian tribes in his name. However, he does not look like an Indian. If he wears a tie and glasses, he will look like a professor. Although, professors do not decorate doors of their houses with old shoes. He does. Marioka, the son of a rain. It became the protagonist in creativity of one of the most scandalous artists of Moldova.
Generally his name is Mark Verlan. But he since the childhood names itself(himself) Мариокой, the son of a rain. And the truth, something American Indian in it is. For example, coolness. And love to bright paints. And mysterious, philosophical images in its pictures, multilayered, under the maintenance, as a pie "наполеон". And in appearance Верлан on the Indian it is completely not similar. If to it to put on points and to tie a tie will quite descend for the professor. Here only men of science do not decorate a door of the dwellings old footwear.
Wigwam in the Valley of Roses.
Huge forest park the Valley of Roses connects two capital areas with the poetic name - Botany and Small to Malines. Very long time ago, when this area was not a city, and загородом, also summer residences, even pioneer camp here were under construction. Private residences have then grown and high-rise buildings began to rise. But roads there both was not, and is not present, and to present dwelling of the artist it is necessary to make the way paths, bypassing pools and flood gullies.
Wigwam Мариоки is an old wing on one of the twisting and narrow small streets, going it is not known whence and leaders it is not known where. безбытного the artist one of admirers of its talent and the collector of its pictures Here has lodged. To the sybarite who has got used to comfort here it would be uncomfortable. And Mark feels perfectly: the nature, silence, a solitude - that else is necessary for the person who tries to learn itself?
The door in a wing is upholstered by the old worn out footwear. There are, pair and single female shoes-lodochki, man's crushed тапки, nurseries сандалики, the semidecayed gym shoes and ragged boots in skilful hands of the artist can quite descend for a finishing material. However, such design a little, to put it mildly, is unusual, but it does not confuse Mark. Eventually, its wigwam - both wants, and makes out.
Behind a door you understand: as is not present in art of taboo subjects so there are no also improper materials. For example, subjects of a female toilet can quite fit: for an interior ornament if to hang out them on the cord stretched along a room; for creation of pictures if from coquettish lacy maiden стрингов to make the extended muzzle snow барсика; for men's wear haute couture if to sew a jacket from bras, than Мариока and is going to be engaged in the near future.
"The second life to old things" is not article name under a heading "Councils to the house master". It отошение Верлана to that stuff by which we will pass, not having noticed. And Мариока will notice. Also will see in it not the utilitarian appendix, and the future work of art. Therefore in its wigwam a lot of prophetic, found on мусорке. One have already found a new life - as a rusty piece of iron on which scenes from the Egyptian history are written. Others only prepare - as the canvas tense on a frame, former there is sofa upholstery. The third wait for the hour - as old and for a long time the got out of fashion female hats which will be transformed into a helmet.
As in any art workshop, in wigwam Мариоки a lot of any interesting: pencil sketches, pictures finished, pictures begun, the big ceramic tank with the tiny ceramic kitten sitting under a long barrel, глинянный Чипполино with an onions head and it is awful a sad face, a strange teapot in which green tea is made, the tape recorder scrolling the cartridge with a motley crew and ridiculous interview of Mark Verlana at Мариоки and other, other, other. But is here and a sacred place. It is called as car for survey of dreams and represents a trestle bed with a pillow and a blanket. Ideas for the future works there are born.
Flights in a dream and in reality.
Whether Pushkin, the reader often dreams you? By the car for a looking of dreams Верлан communicated with the great Russian poet twice. The work which genre you will not define became result. It is the big and old sheet of paper which used up by Pushkin handwriting and has been covered with drawings in a Pushkin manner by profiles. For this work Mark itself has made ink under the ancient recipe - of acorns. Also has got for the letter a goose feather. It is interesting, how Alexander Sergeevich would concern it?
In general letter stylisation - one of artistic touches of artist Verlana. It since the childhood was bewitched by the Japanese hieroglyphs. Them he also writes names of the pictures. Well not in the Japanese language, certainly. If to look narrowly, you will see, that it is the Russian letters stylised under hieroglyphs, more truly, their elements. Something can even be read. For example, in the name "Again breath of spring has concerned a breast" words two me it was possible to guess independently.
Marioka, the son of a rain, seriously concerns names of the pictures. It do not love simple "portraits of the unknown person" or "spring landscapes". All should be concrete in an American Indian way: "Буратино and Пьеро shoot girls", "the Birth of Venus on Dnestr", "Memoirs of an old Mercedes",
"Зита Лунгу and Гита Сырбу".
Even from names it is visible, that artist-realist Verlana you will not name. Its creativity in general is difficult for squeezing in frameworks of any direction or a genre. And especially, there is useless to search for any social subjects. Or even philosophical underlying reason. No, there will pass, probably, years, and critics declare its ingenious artist of the end of the second - the beginnings of the third millenium. Also will think up any sophisticated term to designate its school and by that to earn to itself on bread and to facilitate a life to the subsequent generations of biographers. But meanwhile anything such is not present. However, the name of the Moldavian artist appears in the world encyclopaedia of arts published in..... In fatherland and connected with it of blessings Верлану it yet has not brought glory. It does not offend him. In a picture it is acted in film, are born, on sale, on bread suffices, and thank God.
Envy - the progress engine.
But it is fair, I tried to find out, whether there is no envy to colleagues more successful and treated kindly by popularity? Fairly, answered Верлан, is. Envy of a special sort - to talent, instead of for those material benefits which it can bring. White envy. It stimulates.
It stimulates to form search: Верлан has begun the joint project where is intended to work in the co-authorship with Renoir, Picasso, others great and not so artists. The Portrait Nesvedomsky ", written once artist Serebrjakovoj and added with Mark Verlanom is already practically ready".
It stimulates to search of materials. It was already said that for Верлана all is suitable - from rusty железяки to the doll thrown out on a dustbin. From a piece of a sheepskin to backs of old chairs of which it is made диптих with the long name: "Night, silence also is not present anybody. Day and too is not present anybody".
It stimulates to search of plots and, at last, to searches of meaning of the life.
And meaning of the life - in the life. Knowingly at Верлана so it is a lot of the plots connected with its origin.
Nuance: having been engaged in preparation of green tea, he that the guest has not started missing inadvertently, has put to me in hands "the tantra Encyclopedia". Тантризм - the ancient Indian doctrine preaching sensual love, ennobling the person to heavens. According to followers of this doctrine, the woman comprises a divine miracle of creation. It gives rise to a life.
Объять immense it is possible.
"Инь and янь sleep sluggishly and immoderately in autumn foliage". So the picture on which two cats - black and white are represented is called. On the Chinese philosophy, инь - the man's beginning in the nature, янь - female. They are uniform and inseparable, though can appear in different ипостасях.
Мариока, the son of a rain, it Mark Verlan, too can appear in different ипостасях. In the literal sense. In one picture it the girl, on another - the bus, on the third - the Japanese Samurai etc., etc. Thus it, probably that not suspecting, conflicts to known axiom Козьмы Пруткова: "It is impossible объять immense". It appears, in imaginations even if they receive a material embodiment, all is possible.
"The mix of clothes and persons, tribes, adverbs, conditions" in creativity Верлана is pleasant not to all. Others speak, it is scattered. But on the business, it very much even persistently bends the line. Tries to learn itself - the artist in the huge world, consisting of material elements and non-material fields, from fine and ugly, from history and the present, from a reality and a dream. From soldiers in the field of fight, children in a sandbox, the clerks hastening for work, girls at the sea, fishermen in boats, miners in mines and the strange person, living the eremite in an old wing behind a door upholstered with old boots, from Мариоки, the son of a rain, under the passport - Mark Verlana. Also know, if such odd fellows are not in our life, how much it would grow dull!
Julia Semenova (Yudovici),
photo by Valerii Corcimari.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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