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The post card of the Republican pre-election staff of Party of communists of Republic Moldova to country administration. Concealing of the facts, has forced a staff to present statistics of the state bodies. So: achievements PCRM for 8 years of board, 200
The post card of the Republican pre-election staff of Party of communists of Republic Moldova to country administration. Concealing of the facts, has forced a staff to present statistics of the state bodies. So: achievements PCRM for 8 years of board, 2001-2009.

2001-2005- the program economy Revival - country revival

2005-2009- country Modernization - well-being of the people

2008-2009- Progress and integration

1. The state external debt in relation to gross national product tended to decrease so, that in the end of 2008 it has decreased to 12,9 % in comparison with 48,4 % in 2001

2. In 2001-2008. Nominal gross national product has increased in 3,9 times, and real gross national product - in 1.6 times (with 16 to 62,8 )

3. Gross national product has per capita grown in 4 times. (With 4402 pour in 2000 to 17602 in 2008)

4. Official reserve actives of National bank of Moldova have grown in 7,5 times (from 222,6 million dollars in the end of 2000 to 1 billion 672 million 400 thousand dollars in the end of 2008)

5. Incomes of the state budget in 2001-2008. Have increased in 4,7 times, including: the state budget in 4,6 times, budgets of administrative and territorial units - in 2,1 times, the budget of obligatory social insurance - in 4,2 times, the budget of obligatory medical insurance in 5 times for the period 2004-2008.;

6. With a view of increase of economic competitiveness there has been begun regulation reform: system uniform window - simplification and depreciation of registration of business, free delivery of variety of documents (permissions, authorisations, certificates), reduction of number of reports for individual businessmen and house economy;

7. Application of the zero rate of the tax on incomes of the enterprises, decrease in tax burden; the Profit tax in 2000 made 32 %, and in 2007 it has been reduced to 0 %;

8. The volume of foreign direct investments in 2008 has made 2197,8 million dollars, it depends in 2001 this indicator made 114,9 million dollars;

9. Gasification of 921 settlements

10. Building of international free port Dzhurdzhulesht and the railway to port;

11. Realisation of the Program of consolidation of farmlands (in 2007. The area of the consolidated sites of the earth has increased to 69 % from a total area in 1500 hectares of subject consolidation);

12. Advancement of the local goods, wine festival, the tourist program Wine way

13. Repair a complex of combine modernisation

14. Repair of mashinno-tractor park from almost 7000 units of technics and creation 211 MTS

15. The volume of agroindustrial manufacture has grown from 362,6 million US dollars in 2001 to 643,7 million US dollars in 2005, and in 2007 it has made 518,6 million USD.

16. Restoration of roads, restoration and development of systems of supply by potable water and water drains (in 2008. - in 333 settlements), restoration and the equipment of wells in a countryside (93 thousand)

17. The average wages of one worker in national economy have made 2474,9 pour in 2008 (in 2001 it was 519,2 pour) in budgetary sphere in 2008. - 2058,1 pour (436,7 pour into 2001);

18. Increase in budgetary appropriations for science development. If in 2001-2004 their level was 0,18-0,22 % from gross national product in 2008 their share has made 0,7 % from gross national product;

19. The State expenditure has increased by formation in 7 times, in 2008 the share of the State expenditure on formation has made 8,7 % of gross national product;

20. A free food for children in an elementary school;

21. Creation of republican lycée for presented children in introduction of Academy of sciences

22. Building of a new building for College of arts in a city of Forty

23. Building of new buildings for the Kishinev university of physical training and sports, Komratsky State university, National college of a choreography in Kishinev;

24. Lycée "Elada" opening in , ,

25. Maintenance of 1190 educational institutions in rural settlements the labware and teaching materials;

26. For education system information, by means of the program SALT, in educational institutions have been established about 6000 computers. Educational institutions have been connected to a network the Internet;

27. Maintenance of 4 technical training colleges with the equipment for laboratories and workshops.

28. Increase in budgetary places in HIGH SCHOOLS (in 2005, 2006ú, 2007ú, 2008ú);

29. Young citizens of Republic Moldova at the age from 18 till 30 years have opened about 1000 enterprises in a countryside thanks to the national program of expansion of economic possibilities of youth. The program gave credits to 300 thousand , 40 % from investment volume made grants not subject to return.

30. Expansion of a contingent for granting of grants for students of higher educational institutions and students of average special educational institutions (since February, 1st, 2005 the percent of granting of grants has been increased from 40 % to 70 %).

31. For pupils (in 2005 grants have increased by 20 %, in 2006 of th 25 %, in 2007 - on 35 %, in 2008 of th 15 %);

32. Increase to 2008. To 75 % of level of transfer in preschool educational institutions for children at the age of 3-5 years and to 100 % of children at the age of 6-7 years; (growth of quantity of kindergartens)

33. Introduction of system of obligatory medical insurance

34. Creation of the centre of a hemodialysis in Beltsy

35. Repair of tubercular hospital in , .

36. Building of the block of surgery in Chadyr-Lunga

37. Reconstruction and equipment of children's branch of Oncological hospital

38. Reconstruction and equipment branches of Republican clinical hospital

39. Introduction of information technologies in public health services system

40. A hardware of medical college in

41. Increase of level of financing of medical services (in 2005. - 4,2 % from gross national product, 2006. - 4,7 %, 2007. - 4,9 %, 2008. - 5,8 %); Expenses on the state public health services have increased in 6 times;

42. The salary of medical workers has increased in 9 times;

43. Major repairs of primary medical institutions in rural areas (25 in 2008), maintenance with sanitary transport (120 units), maintenance with the medical equipment of all operational and stationary branches of regional hospitals;

44. In 988 villages drugstores worked;

45. Monitoring system creation behind quality of medical products and the prices, Agency creation on medicines, information system State register of medical products, support of manufacture of medical products;

46. Development of social services: 174 social centres in 2008 (in 2001. 28 centres) worked only;

47. Lump sum increase on a birth of the child (in 2001 - 245 pour, and in 2009-1500 pour);

48. Payments of indemnifications for a partial covering of expenses on an electricity, gas, fire wood, coal for more than 300 000 families,

49. Indexation of pensions on age (in 2004 22,3 %, in 2005 18,2 %, in 2006 - 15,7 %, in 2007 of %, in 2008 - 17 %, in 2009ú %)

50. Growth of a parity of pensions to a living wage: from 26 % to 81 % in 2009 (then decrease in 2013 on 73 % follows).

51. An adoption of law about veterans and support of veterans by means of government programs;

52. The project Concordia - the centres for children, older persons, social dining rooms;

53. Creation of a network of social workers and their preparation;

54. Restoration and repair of cultural objects: restoration and protection of monuments fallen in the Great Patriotic War, the Memorial "Eternity" in Kishinev, Sherpensky base. Churches and religious constructions - monastery , a monastery Cocks, a cathedral of Christmas Christ's in Kishinev, , , , , , , , with. , Korzhov Dubesar, , Forty, , , Sousse , , and .. Cultural constructions - Opera and ballet theatre, a hall, the National philharmonic society, theatre of A.Chehova. Monuments: a gratitude Candle in Forty, a monument monument in with. Korzhov, A.Lupan's monument, reconstruction of museums: Pushkin's museum in , museum , A.Mateevicha, K.Stere, K.Stamati's museum, children's creative centre "áÓÔ¿". Hundreds churches have been repaired, again opened and supported; The building and the necessary equipment to Theatre of E.Ionesko have been allocated.

55. There has been begun the Program on end of building and reconstruction of buildings of culture establishments (in 2006 12 houses of culture have been capitally repaired, in 2007. - 10 houses of culture, and in 2008. - 18);

56. The organisation of free summer holiday for children from socially vulnerable families and at a discount; annual allocation of 10 million pour for this purpose;

57. Increase in incomes of the population in 8 times;

58. Organised crime liquidation

59. Creation of a format of negotiations 5+2 on a Dnestr problem

60. Bridge repair through the river Dnestr in (2 million euro)

61. Creation and award of the State award

62. Liquidation of tribunals and more effective work of judicial system

63. Creation of National institute of justice

64. An establishment of the state control on liquidation of pesticides, use of natural resources

65. Return to areas and reform of local authorities

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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