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The chairman of Party of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Voronin has met the ambassadors accredited in Kishinev. He has addressed to them with the situation analysis. The full text of performance is published more low:
The chairman of Party of communists of Republic Moldova Vladimir Voronin has met the ambassadors accredited in Kishinev. He has addressed to them with the situation analysis. The full text of performance is published more low:

Dear sirs diplomats! An occasion to the given meeting is the alarm for a state of affairs in our country. Since 2010, Moldova more and more gets signs of the grasped state. 
Replaced Parliaments, the Governments, local public authorities, character of their election and activity promote controllability losses by all socially - economic processes in the country even more. 
Nowadays in Moldova it was generated unprecedented corruption - mafia system which as a matter of fact and is the power. 
Last two elective campaigns have visually shown as the party in power pervert all democratic norms to own advantage. The power has discharged a society of definition of ways of development of the country. The power has caused a huge loss to selective, bank and judicial system. The power has purposely weakened power structures. That is, has made nonfunctional all components of statehood, thereby forcing to doubt own citizens in necessity of the Moldavian statehood. 
- the clan control system of the state has led to full degradation of all democratic institutes. At citizens access to the information is limited. The basic mass media are under the direct control of the parties in power. The most important institute of democracy - elections - have turned to the auction and manipulation. In Moldova already it is impossible to speak about elections. There is a system of payoff of voters and falsifications. As a result:
In - the first, there is a further criminalisation of the power. Parties come to a policy and figures with the big money extracted criminal by. 
Secondly, there is a feudalization of Moldova when these richest figures actually buy to themselves cities and villages. In these public bodies any more there will be no state power, and will be exclusive the power by a backward, clan principle. Inhabitants of these places will not be free citizens of Moldova, and serfs of those who bought their voices on elections. Nearby time when new feudal lords, to keep under the control the grasped power and serfs, will aspire to the maximum branch from the state, up to creation of own armies and police groups. If this scenario seems to someone a fantasy, look attentively that occurs in Ukraine. 

Disturbing concern in us is caused by a state of affairs in national economy.
Thus such position is not a consequence of a universal or European conjuncture, and basically grows out of nonprofessional work of the Government.
Organised by the party principle, all Governments, since 2009, operate not as a uniform organism of the co-ordinated actions. Each member of the Government is guided not by an overall aim, and installations of the of "the party chief. 
As consequence, not real results, and interests of these parties and their leaders become "care" of the Government.
As a result, the national economy plunges into recession: dynamics of the Total Internal Product "draw" on a paper, ostensibly at the expense of sharp increase in legal economy, as in 2010 and 2011, or an indicator of low inflation far from a reality. I.e., tools of economic growth are not inherent in the present Government.
We know, that the basis of steady growth is investments. And so, they have decreased in comparison with 2008 more than three times. It is caused both cancellation of many stimulating measures, and corruption growth, and transition of the state institutes to corruption schemes. 
The government has practically refused participation in infrastructure development: gasification is frozen; the program of maintenance with qualitative potable water fur-trees breathes. Hardly the program of rehabilitation of roads though and thus there is no control over efficiency of use of the American and European money moves. 
The basic components of real sector of economy - the industry and agriculture practically in stagnation, not providing neither efficiency growth, nor new workplaces. Population incomes as consequence do not grow, the social sphere does not extend.
Export of goods was reduced more than to third. 
Has reached that Moldova began to import the foodstuffs more than exports. 
It is necessary to recognise and that except internal factors, this direct consequence of quality of economic section signed and ratified Agreements on association with the European Union. Bruxelles has not taken into consideration unavailability of Republic Moldova to function in the conditions of such Agreement. Available rests of structure of a division of labour and national economy specialisation, neither tradition, nor orientation of traditional commercial communications, level of maintenance of possibilities of rates of the European modernisation do not allow to count on success of execution of this Agreement in that kind and volumes in which it has been signed. 

6 years all last almost the Government and have not developed complete and perspective vision of ways of economic development. Look only at constant fluctuations budgetary-tax policy. Since 2010 the plan of these measures have been never presented Parliament, a society to the terms provided by the Law, have not been subjected necessary parliamentary and expert discussion. Laws on the National public budget "are dragged" every year through parliament hurriedly, with infringement of reasonable terms, that is it is formal. To that they do not differ stability and repeatedly change in a current of year.
As result, system of the public finance it is upset completely. Within four years the Law About the State budget is not executed regarding incomes and still in degrees regarding the State expenditure. Irresponsibility and government officials Here reigns. Financial assets are sprayed and used not under programs in interests of a society, and by a political principle. In the same way, as well as means of the foreign help. It corrupts both members of the Government, and a society and is a source of payoff of voters, that is corruption.
The policy in the field of external loans and an external debt as causes serious concern. This policy does not reflect the purposes of maintenance of a sustainable development and irreversible modernisation. We, are grateful to all partners supporting our country by financial assets, however, to think follows about prospects and it is impossible to admit, that these prospects were transformed to problems, like that Greece today worries.
In the conditions of growth mass able-bodied population and shortage of the qualified labour, scanty salaries which do not cover even a living wage, huge debts on their payment, improper working conditions, small pensions, bad living conditions, mass deterioration of health, increase of the prices for natural gas and power resources, and also on products and services of the first necessity, the Republic Moldova remains the poorest country in Europe.
The statistics of last years testifies to steady deterioration of a demographic situation. 
Real unemployment beats all European antirecords and exceeds 60 percent.
It is more than half of economically active population simply is not in the country. To be exact - 1 million 250 thousand persons. 
Generally from Moldova citizens of able-bodied age - from 20 till 40 years run. According to the International organisation on migration (), from 25 percent to 40 percent of the active population of our country - . are those our citizens who import every year into the country to two billions dollars, and on a neck which those who has seized power in the country parasitize. Thus, to look beautiful, "clever men" from the Government at all do not include in statistics on unemployment.
Agree, the country with such index of inability to support the population already stays in a coma. 
Now in Moldova there were basically pensioners who live on beggarly pension and over which, the so-called power, scoffs and frightens of various reforms: that to pensioners are going to forbid to work, are going to raise a pension age. Thus older persons hold in fear and poverty that they could be manipulated infinitely and especially on elections. 
It only some most relief problems of a state of affairs in a national economy. As a conclusion: or we will overcome this state of affairs in the shortest terms or the country the economic collapse waits.

All state system, beginning from a police station and finishing works as the Constitutional court on at any cost to keep at the power parties correcting nowadays and clans. 
The constitutional court instead of being on guard of Organic law observance, not only serves oligarchs, but also the decisions undermines bases of statehood of our country. 
Presence of all elements characterising the grasped state, obliges all healthy forces of a society to express concern the Republic Moldova future, as the independent and sovereign state. 
Political, to be exact party distribution judicial and law enforcement bodies has paralysed all their work. Corruption as a rust all law-enforcement system, bar none. Safety of citizens and their property is not provided. Struggle against corruption only , is more for you, for the EU countries and Bruxelles. It was visually shown by a situation in bank sphere. To whom it is not clear, that such swindle/theft of billion euro could occur only at partnership of ruling elite, and also at partnership and deliberate inactivity supervising and law enforcement bodies, such as (National Bank, Office of Public Prosecutor, judicial bodies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs etc.)
So-called reforming of law-enforcement structures has formal character. For example, an essence of reforming of Office of Public Prosecutor try to reduce only to the one who will appoint also to whom as a result will be will obey the general public prosecutor. 
In the beginning of this year, the Party of communists with a view of the termination of political crisis which proceeded more than 7 months, participated in deblocking of work of Parliament, and also remaining in opposition voted for "government Gaburicha". We wished to set these an example, as it is necessary to consolidate a society how to unite the different points of view, how to direct bridges between citizens and politicians at which different sights. Our hopes were not justified. Or in other words: "how many a wolf do not feed, all the same in wood looks". If as a whole, our efforts in parliament, in the field of social protection still that could make that, corruption only our efforts not to stop. As result, the government has left again in resignation. 
Moldova could bypass a fate to become the grasped state if all groupings that supervise over the country did not use as protection of external patrons. Under the false slogan of "eurointegration", local oligarchs and their henchmen in the power have actually received "the credit for permissiveness". From a tacit consent, and times even with encouragements, type "Moldova-history of success" from euroofficials, for the last years at us destroy democratic principles, the lawful state is dismantled. In the country continuous poverty, and corruption has read off scale all conceivable limits. And a mafia in the power plunder all successively. On last interrogations, more than 80 % of citizens of Moldova consider that the country moves in a wrong direction. And 85 % consider that their well-being has worsened. 
Over Moldova unprecedented experiment is put. Us have forced to choose: for the West we or for the East. As a matter of fact, Moldova became a platform of interests and the purposes of the big international players. Even parliamentary elections, and also recent local elections have transformed into a referendum at a geopolitical choice. 
Us also disturbs and a situation developing for today round Dnestr region. The information field is filled by any threats and the situation forcing, generating uncertainty and fear among the population on both coast of Dnestr. 
Events in Ukraine also bring the mite in strengthening of intensity round Dnestr region, and round Moldova as a whole. 
Official Kishinev, instead of acceptance of concrete measures in a format 5+2, is occupied by unilateral actions on pressure upon Tiraspol. 
It is necessary to note, as participants of a format of negotiations 5+2 are extremely passive. For a long time it is not audible about their activity. 
In a situation when Moldova, being the multinational state, is divided when the people live in misery, persevering and artificial imposing of a foreign policy choice creates real preconditions for a conflict situation. 
All aforesaid (and not only) causes fear for the future of Moldova. 

Probably, for all years of independence, Moldova now worries the most critical period of political, economic, social and moral degradation. Corruption at the state level, plunder of public resources, liquidation of schools, sciences, it is necessary to stop destruction of medicine, formation, people impoverishment immediately. 

That it is necessary to undertake urgently to all of us here in Moldova. And the country can count on what assistance from you, friends to Moldova. Probably as the new Government will be generated. And then that? After all these people do not have any restrictions of own interests. They do not respect and are not afraid of anybody: neither the God, nor the Law. They stole and will steal.

It would not be desirable to be engaged in predictions. But the world theory and practice says, that in similar situations business almost always reaches mass social protests, national excitements, more often the spontaneous.

I thank for attention.

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