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I the supporter of the nature, national medicine and a natural current of things. My children too. We spend much time in wood. One of irritating factors in a place of my residence - mosquitoes. I struggle with them successfully thanks to following council
I the supporter of the nature, national medicine and a natural current of things. My children too. We spend much time in wood. One of irritating factors in a place of my residence - mosquitoes. I struggle with them successfully thanks to following councils:  

• for anybody not a secret, that mosquitoes frightens off a smoke including tobacco, but it not the best way, therefore we pass to following points. 
• 100 gramme of camphor evaporating from heating will reliably relieve of any insects and from mosquitoes, including, even if your room in size with a small sports hall. 
• some Cedar oil not only mosquitoes, but also the fly with cockroaches too are afraid. 
• Oil of a tree It not only drives away mosquitoes, but also removes an itch from stings, besides it very useful to a skin, on cancellation from chemical means. However, its useful properties do not come to an end with it, there is only one minus - at us it to get difficultly, after all it from the East comes, therefore it is necessary to search in shops with east bias. 
• Insects do not love a smell of such grasses: a carnation, a bird cherry, an anise, a basil, эвкалипт, валериана. And how them to apply solve, it is a lot of ways: small to cut fresh leaves or цветки if are available and to leave indoors. To make broth and to leave on slow fire, to use corresponding aromas or to collect these grasses and to dry them indoors. 
• Broth from a wheat grass root was since olden days used by our ancestors, for отпугиваня mosquitoes. Fortunately it was simple to find this plant, after all it is a weed. Well here, we throw out money for chemistry when natural means at us it is direct underfoot. As they say, all the best - is always free. 
• Fine отпугивателем, known since olden days the wormwood also is, it can be dried directly in the house or to use as an ikebana element, to do infusion and a powder. Infusion becomes so: a handful рубленых wormwood roots throw in water litre, lead up to boiling and insist. It is possible to rub with such infusion a body (by the way, helps not only from mosquitoes, but also from some skin diseases) or to spray on the house. 
• juniper Needles, and also fur-tree or pine cones. Especially they are applicable, if you have already arrived on the nature, and. Put water on fire and throw there cones, and needles it is possible directly in a fire - drives away even the most persevering blood-suckers. 
• Oil of such grasses: a carnation, эвкалипт, an anise, a basil, a tea tree (also it helps from stings). It is possible to grease with such oil safely a skin or to add till 5-10 a thaw in spirits, and also to spray (without spirits) on heat source: a fireplace, a fire, разогретая a frying pan or a candle. That to candles fans hend-mejda can make a candle with addition of essence.
• the Camomile (Caucasian, далматская, Persian known still as пиретрум) is present комариная death, after all it amazes nervous system of blood-suckers. 
• Mosquitoes do not love a smell of leaves of tomatoes and a fresh elder so if before you there is a question - what to plant on a summer residence? That prefer these plants.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how шаманские experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - таки is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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