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The review of an economic condition of members of the cabinet of government Valeriu the Sagittarius was executed by journalists within the limits of campaign Journalists for incorruptibility on public service. Investigation proves, that a policy and bus
The review of an economic condition of members of the cabinet of government Valeriu the Sagittarius was executed by journalists within the limits of campaign Journalists for incorruptibility on public service. Investigation proves, that a policy and business are inseparable. All the latent interest of their firms and their families corrects.
The millionaire on a state post. 

Valeriu Strelec became the deputy in 2009. Though the Sagittarius already is a lot of years in the politician, it at the same time is also rather successful businessman, and a part of the property has got during the stay in parliament. 

The politician owns company Bioprotect, being its unique founder. The company specialises on rendering of some services to agricultural manufacturers. The firm delivers fytosanitory production, seeds, a sowing and landing material, equipment and means of an individual defence, etc. Within 2014 company Bioprotect has won three public tenders for a total sum about 400 thousand . During the same period the given firm has provided to the Sagittarius dividends at the rate above 4 million . 

In the declaration on incomes for 2014 the Sagittarius has specified, that his wife, , 100 % of the capital of firm Universul Dezvoltării which are carrying out activity in several spheres, such as tourism, research-development in the field of social both the humanities and trade own. Besides it, the share in 5 % in the capital of firm Construct Mobil AB which, among other, is engaged in such kinds of activity, as building, designing and trade belongs. The others of 95 % of actions belong to Anatoly Bregutse, brother-in-law Valeriu of the Sagittarius. Last two enterprises are registered to the same address - along the street Miron Kostin in Kishinev, in the apartment belonging to a family the Sagittarius.

The prime minister owns also two apartments and the house in 170 square metres, put in operation in 2012 and estimated in the sum over 2 million . The family of the liberal democrat posesses also three ground areas: two in Kishinev the area about 1000 sq. metres and one in the area of 600 sq. metres.
the Sagittarius possesses two cars of mark Volkswagen Touareg, one 2014 of release in cost over 1,2 million , the second - 2012 of release in cost more than 1 million . The third car of the Sagittarius, Volkswagen Polo 2012 of release, is bought in 2014.
During election campaign of 2014 the liberal democrat has offered in treasury of party of 1,1 million . Seven workers of firm Bioprotect were generous sponsors also. They have offered parties of the sum of 30 thousand, 40 thousand and 50 thousand .
In 2013 scandalous telephone conversations between Nikolay Vikolom heading at that time the Main state tax inspection (subsequently sentenced to six years of prison), and several officials have been promulgated some. In one of them the Sagittarius gave instructions concerning one of working women of tax service. During that time the politician headed parliamentary fraction LDPM.
The poor minister of education
The new minister of education has ended biological faculty, but the sphere in which it has worked more than 30 years is more known as the journalist. In the declaration on incomes for 2014 it has specified the income at the rate above 160 thousand from the salary of the deputy and the grant at a rate of 13 thousand . owns the ground area in 0,064 hectares in New and apartment the area of 86 sq. metres with cadastral cost about a half-million .
Throughout several years forgets to specify in the declarations on incomes firm in which it posesses 10 % of actions. It is a question of firm Alfort-Prim which registered in 1999 and not so not operating, but has remained in the register of the State registration chamber. According to official data, the enterprise was engaged in wholesale trade, market researches and polls, intermediary services in sale of wide assortment of the goods, etc. However, the firm is registered in apartment of family along the street Academic in Kishinev.
The owner of football club
The ministry of transport and road infrastructure was headed by the present deputy-liberal and businessman Jury Kirinchuk. The former owner of football club FC Costuleni in the native village and the chairman of Ungensky territorial organisation LP, can quite be considered as one of the richest ministers. It is the owner of the several enterprises in Republic Moldova and Romania. Lives in capital with the wife and two children in the private house the area of 255 sq. metres, owns the car of mark Lexus GX470 of 2005 of release and three ground areas in district Jassy in Romania. In the same place on the property rights to it belong apartment in 76 sq. metres and three more objects of the real estate.
Jury Kirinchuk is the unique shareholder of concern Moldacom Grup with residence in , specialising on furniture manufacture, the income from which last year has made 39 Romanian . The company his wife, Tamara Kirinchuk who as newspaper Ziarului de Gard ă writes, in 2013 has been sentenced in Romania to eight months of imprisonment conditionally that bought furniture in San Marino operates and sold in Estonia without payment of the customs duties.
The liberal is also the shareholder in five Moldavian firms, two of which are engaged in processing and conservation of fruit and vegetables, and two - furniture manufacture, all with the legal address in . Besides the salary received from firm Moldacom Grup, Jury Kirinchuk has specified in the declaration on incomes the sum over 52 thousand , received from Open Company company Rovigo which director, according to the resume, it was in 1998-2013. It is necessary to notice, that the politician is the founder and the ex-chairman of Association of manufacturers of furniture of Republic Moldova.
The minister "scattering" millions
, the ex-minister of transport in 2009-2013, is appointed by the head of the Ministry of Defence. According to the declaration on incomes for last year, the liberal owns two apartments in Kishinev the area 55 and, accordingly, 39 sq. metres, three agricultural ground areas, the bank account in 30 thousand euro and car Mercedes of 1996 of release. His wife, Carolina , is the proprietress of company FoodStock of Open Company with the legal address in Bucharest and apartment the area of 186 sq. metres in the same place in which there lives all family.

Throughout a number of years occupied different posts in Financial group Ascom-Grup of billionaire Anatola Stati, including was the director of representation in Turkmenistan (1997-1999) and Iraq (2003-2008).
His name is connected with scandal of "the modernised trains in the Railway of Moldova. More precisely, in 2012 when held a post of the minister of transport, the contract for the sum over 12 million dollars with firm RMAR from the Romanian city of Pashkan on modernisation of five trains has been concluded, however soon after modernisation structures have failed. On this fact criminal case which, however, have soon closed in the absence of proofs has been raised.
Grants for the deputy
, vice-president , is the licentiate of the right, and before election as the deputy of parliament in 2009 occupied posts of the director of the project in different public associations, and also in the native village Floreny of Novoanensky area (2007).
Incomes for last year have made over 150 thousand in the form of the salary of the deputy and about 116 thousand - in the form of grants. The liberal owns also an apartment house in village Floreny the area of 220 sq. metres.
Interests George Brega
By the new vice-premier on social questions present deputy-liberal George Brega is appointed. Many years it has worked at Oncological institute, and political career of the beginnings in 2009, becoming the deputy of parliament under lists . In 2014 has received incomes at the rate above 155 thousand as the deputy and even more 100 thousand in the form of grants and pensions. The deputy owns the ground areas in , , apartment in 78 sq. metres and garage, and also car Opel Astra of 1998 of release.
Name appeared in the scandal connected with the pharmaceutical market, reminds So, summer of 2012 he has accused Romanian pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals that it makes poor quality medicines, uses protection at registration of the preparations and wins the public auctions on purchase of medicines for the state medical institutions though offers higher prices, than other participants of the auctions. The Romanian company has declared, that charges of the deputy unreasonable, having hinted, that pursues own interests in the pharmaceutical market, and it ostensibly favours to the certain companies - to manufacturers of medicines.
The manager of system of public health services with degree
has come to a management of Ministry of Health from an armchair of the minister of work, social protection and a family with which occupied since February, 18th, 2015. Before it within two years worked as the vice-minister in the same state institution. Having received a medical education and degree MBA in Grenoble (France), she has refused career of the doctor and was engaged in enterprise activity.
In 2003-2006 was the director of company Glavirux of Open Company specialising on import and distribution of cosmetics, means of personal hygiene, the medical equipment and pharmaceutical preparations. The firm has drawn attention of the public after in 2013 lawyer Anna Ursaki has accused that it is got mixed up in the scheme of illicit transportation to Moscow of devices on measurement of the maintenance of sugar in blood.
Though any more is not the manager of this firm, it remains the unique shareholder of the company. According to Agency on the state purchases, since 2012 and until now Open Company firm Glavirux has concluded not less than 120 contracts on the state purchases according to which delivered means of personal hygiene, the medical equipment and pharmaceutical preparations to medicosanitary establishments on all territory of Moldova for the sums from several tens to some hundreds thousand . Among them three contracts and three additional contracts on increase in the deliveries concluded with Medical association of capital sector over which mother of minister Adela Glavan supervises appear.
The new minister and her spouse Aurely Chinchlej, the vice-president of National bank of Moldova (), live in a magnificent country house in capital sector . The house the area of 349 sq. metres is estimated by experts in the field of the real estate in 9 million . According to the declaration on incomes for 2013, besides it spouses own one more apartment house, two apartments, two cars of mark Toyota and Lexus, three ground areas and 16 bank accounts.
In 2014 the National commission on incorruptibility () initiated under own initiative check concerning on suspicion in infringement of a mode of declaring of property and incomes for 2013, and in May of current year has established, that it has not included in the declaration on incomes some cars and 30 bank accounts belonging to it and his wife. Nevertheless has closed business in relation on motive absence of deliberate infringement.
"Has landed" on justice
Vladimir Chebotar, the new Minister of Justice, had till now no anything the general with this field of activity. It is known the public mainly for that is one of the most highly paid managers of state enterprises. In 2012 as manager AIR Moldova, the Kishinev international airport and Management of civil aircraft has earned in total over 800 thousand . Within two years held a post of the deputy minister of transport, and in April of 2015, following the results of the competition organised by Administrative council of the State enterprise Railway of Moldova, became the general director of this establishment.
Earlier portal Moldova Curat ă wrote, that Vladimir Chebotar has forgotten to specify the incomes received as the shareholder of three firms in the declaration: Vlaconic (95 %), C&V Asistența (50 %), and also Neaos, agricultural on trade agricultural and industrial technics in which the official posesses 15 % of actions.
According to the State registration chamber, in 2012 the firm has received the income of sales at a rate of 8 912 000 . Despite it, in the declaration on property for 2012 Vladimir Chebotar has not specified firm. has inspected in the given case, but has not found out any infringements and has closed business.
Ex-director the Railway of Moldova owns apartment in Kishinev, but lives in the two-storeyed house in which to it belongs only the at home. However it has not specified cadastral cost of this habitation in the declaration on property, having explained it to that the house , specifies Moldova Curat ă.
The head of culture without firms
The minister of culture has no the firms registered on her name, but her spouse Anatoly Babuk, the deputy director of department of logistics Moldtelecom, is the founder of societies with limited liability Building Line and Bazis-D. In December, 2013 firm Building Line has lost the litigation raised by bank Investprivatbank, in process of liquidation. So, the decision of court firm of husband Moniki Babuk have obliged to pay 11,7 million , of which 7 million made the credit not compensated in due time, and the rest, about 4 million , ― under the credit.
Family business
Vasily Bytke remained as the minister of building and regional development. It began the career in divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After local elections of 2007 becomes the assistant the cities of Nisporeny. In 2011 has been selected by the chairman of Nisporensky area.
The official owns the house in the area of 160 sq. metres and ten agricultural ground areas a total area over 6 hectares. In 2013 the minister has bought still apartment in 80 sq. metres in the centre of Kishinev on street of the Lion of Tolstov, and on November elections of 2014 has offered 80 thousand Democratic party . Both transactions seem the credit in 720 thousand , taken in Victoriabank in 2013 with term of repayment of 15 years.
The family of the minister operates firm Pabinis-Com of Open Company with residence in . The company is registered addressed to Nina and Lyudmila Pahomja, sister and the niece of the minister. And the spouse of the minister, Natalia, is the employee of this firm. Since 2013, that is within only two years, Pabinis-Com Open Company has concluded not less than 16 contracts with the cities of Nisporeny and regional council.
Audit has helped to rise
was born in , to capital of Senegal, and has received citizenship of Republic Moldova in 2013. In 2001-2005 it held a post of the chief executive of Auditor company Ernst and Young (EY) in Moldova and the Eastern Europe, and in 2005-2010 was director EY in Moldova. In 2005, being the employee of the competing company, the present Minister of Economics in common with spouse Olesya Bride has based firm Grant Thorton Audit of Open Company specialising on auditor activity. In 2009, also together with the spouse, has founded one more firm-Grant Thorton Open Company on consulting in sphere of an estimation of the real estate. Both firms are a part of brand Grant Thorton Moldova, company Grant Thorton International LTD representations.
In 2010 the present Minister of Economics has left from EY Moldova, one of four leading auditor companies at world level, having made a choice in favour of management and company Grant Thorton expansion in Republic Moldova and Romania. The company of the minister booked audit of some the Moldavian banks, in particular Banca de Economii, Unibank and Banca Social ă.
― the company Conclusion on audit of three most problem banks was as a whole positive though there lawlessnesses were reflected in all society, - economic expert Vasil Tofan reminds.
Firm Grant Thorton is registered in capital to the address: G.Ureke's street, 69, in a building belonging to spouses . In July, 2014 this building has been put in pawn in KB Moldinconbank under the credit in 276 thousand euro (about 5 million ) and 451 204 . To the same address two more firms founded and operated the Minister of Economics are registered. G&G Solar 1 Open Companies it is created in March, 2013 and specialises on installation of solar panels.
Last year the firm of the minister has won the project financed by the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, on building of park with system (photo-electric solar panels) in territory of centre Porsche near to Kishinev. To the same address, G.Ureke's street, 69, is also office of firm G&G Wind of Open Company based in partnership with the citizen of France Jeremiah Besne in the summer of 2014. This company specialises on working out of projects on .
The owner of "a chocolate city
Paul Filip, the new-old minister of information technologies and communication, does not own firms, at least, on his name the enterprises are not registered. However the spouse of the official, Tatyana Filip, is the founder of company Aluprofmet which is engaged in manufacture of a profile, aluminium corners and profile for gypsum cardboard. And both sons of the deputy who has got education abroad, also are engaged in business. and Dmitry 99 % of the capital of firm Bure to which posesses shop Ciocoville known as chocolate city, located on prospectus of foreheads in common own. Dmitry Filip is the founder and other society with limited liability, namely Interasig-Grup.
In 1991-2008 Paul Phillip worked at confectionery factory "", including with 2001 for 2008 - as the director of the enterprise. Subsequently has headed enterprise Tutun-CTC. The minister has come into the view after newspaper Ziarul Național has written, that Paul Filip has exposed on sale of euro apartment house in cost of 179 thousand. The same source has specified, that in the declaration on property for 2012 the official has specified, that this house costs a 943 thousand order (about 50 thousand euro). The commission has come to conclusion, that Paul Filip has not broken the law, and has closed business.
Reporters of the Center of journalistic investigations wrote earlier, that Paul Filip is one of the officials renting wood in zone Denchen-Sochiten.
The minister-journalist
The present vice-premier on Victor Osipov - the journalist by a trade. With 2009 for 2010 it held the same post in government Filata-1, being is put forward from the Alliance Our Moldova ().
After Osipov's leaving from in 2011, in a press there was an information that it ostensibly is the adviser of democrat Vlad Plahotnjuka. On parliamentary elections of 2014 Osipov was the manager of election campaign . The high-ranking official, in common with spouse Dorinoj Osipovoj, is the founder of firm Odoraşul of Open Company publishing children's magazine. Firm the spouse of the vice-premier operates.
According to the State registration chamber, Osipov is also the founder of Promotional agency Promo şi Punctum which has based television channel DTV (Democracy and a transparency on TV). This television channel with an announcement in cable networks was financed by Department the Romanian from everywhere. Ion , one of directors of this television channel, declared to journalists, that Osipov did not possess a controlling interest of the named advertising company and, accordingly, television channel DTV. It ostensibly was simply the co-owner and did not receive any dividends or other financial incomes, and the television channel was practically covered with communists in 2008.
Officially Osipov is also the manager of Association of proprietors of the privatised habitation 52/22 on street Student's, 4/2 in spite of the fact that, under the statement of tenants of this house, he does not live in this zone.
From peasants
Ion has come to the Ministry of Agriculture and the food-processing industry () from National agency on safety of the foodstuff, subordinated to the ministry. In works from the end of 2009 when has refused a post of the director of firm THAT S&S COM which has based in August, 2003.
Officially the minister is involved in establishment and administration of country economy Sula Ion Nicolae which some time operated in common with the father, Nikolay Sula. The press wrote earlier about successful activity and achievements of the country economy owning several ground areas on which vegetables are grown up, sprouts of vegetable cultures and fruit in hothouses.
― Money has received from Corporation of financing of village and commercial banks. Have taken advantage also of grants from Fund of subsidising of agriculture, - declared in 2012 for newspaper Timpul Nikolay Sula. For last years, according to Agency reports on interventions and payments in the field of agriculture, country economy Sula Ion Nicolae repeatedly received grants from the state (200 thousand in 2011), last time - in 2014, about 35 thousand .
In declarations on incomes and property has specified, that in 2013 has sold the share part in firm S&S Com also specialising on activity in branch of agriculture which, according to the State registration chamber, his mother now operates, .
Wide range of interests of the main policeman
Oleg Balan who has remained on a post of the Minister of Internal Affairs, was not involved earlier almost in activity of establishment over which supervises. Unique communications with this department are dated the period of 2000 when it occupied posts of the senior teacher managing chair and the dean of faculty of the right of Academy foreheads the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also directors of Military lycée of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Oleg Balan at first has passed in parliament under lists . Then newspaper ZdG wrote, that it is one of founders of firm Sterimed Com, together with Vadim Ozhogom, and the firm with the same name in Romania. A field of activity of this company - pharmaceutics. In sphere of interests of Balan there was also an agriculture branch: in common with brother Victor in November, 2013 has based firm Bivon of Open Company specialising on cultivation .
In last declaration on property Balan has specified, that has got eight agricultural ground areas. Becoming the deputy, and then and the minister, Oleg Balan has refused the share part in the marked two societies with limited liability. At the same time it is the owner of three apartments and car Audi A6 of 2012 of release.
and VAT "juggling"
, kept an armchair of the Minister of Finance, occupied and earlier this post - in 1998-1999 in an office of the prime minister of Ion , sent in resignation in 1999 with voices of communists and . During that ministerial mandate criticised for liquidation of Financial guards. According to the governmental order, the Financial guards have been translated from submission of Department of the financial control and audit in conducting the Main state tax inspection with the declared purpose of improvement of taxation. Then the press wrote, that destruction of this structure to secure certain financial interests was the true purpose of reorganisation ostensibly.
In 1998 the Ministry of Finance criticised that under its direct pressure the Customs service ostensibly favoured to a number of economic agents to which the delay of payment of taxes was given, including the VAT, despite presence at them debts on payment of taxes in the budget. Only in the Kishinev customs in 1998 it has been concluded more than 650 contracts on a delay of payment of the VAT therefore the damage in billion has been caused to the budget.
Those years the press wrote, that on the basis of the letter signed by persons from a management of the Ministry of Finance the Kishinev customs has resolved to firm Clas-S import of party of coal without VAT payment though this firm already had debts before the budget, also on VAT section, for the 1048,4 thousand sum . Owing to the letter of Minister of Finance Anatola Arapu to the enterprise Kishinev glass factory have allowed to continue import-export operations in spite of the fact that it has not liquidated a debt under the VAT at a rate of 928 thousand .
The proprietress of actions Apple
Natalia Herman has kept a post of the head of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and eurointegration which occupies since May, 2013. The philologist and the diplomat, it is the daughter of the first president of Republic Moldova . Was the ambassador of Republic Moldova in Austria (2002-2006), in Kingdom Sweden, Kingdom Norway and Finland (2006-2009), also the deputy minister of foreign affairs and the European integration (2009-2013).
Natalia Herman has received the income at the rate about 207 thousand from wages in 2014 while its former husband, Arthur Herman holding until recently a post of the chairman of the National commission on the financial market, has received the salary at a rate of 611 thousand . The couple Herman owns apartment in 100 sq. metres in Kishinev, the car of mark Land Rover of 2008 of release. Besides it, Arthur Herman possesses company Apple actions, and Natalia Herman - actions of firm Fiting of the joint-stock company specialising on manufacture of hardware.
Of Bug of work is not afraid
Bug, heading before recent time Ministry of Health, has exchanged armchairs with , becoming the minister of work, social protection and a family.
In 2014 of Bug has received incomes in the sum about 248 thousand as the salary, being the head of the National medical insurance company ― a post with which occupied almost six years, and 50 thousand order as compensation for teaching activity at Medical university of Nikolay Testemitsanu and the Regional bureau the CART. The family of Bug owns apartment in 108 sq. metres with cadastral cost about one million , one more apartment the area about 46 sq. metres and office. Bug declared also seven bank accounts, three credits and actions in joint-stock company Mezon companies, joint-stock company Botanica and Polygraphic combine Tipar Color.
In 2013 Bug has undergone to check from party NKN on suspicion in the conflict of interests at the statement of the new list of compensated medicines. The commission on incorruptibility has become interested in it after in parliament was said that in the new list preparations which import exclusively firms belonging to officials from a management of Ministry of Health to the country have been added. Andrey Usatyj who during that time headed the ministry, assured, that the List of compensated medicines has been developed is transparent.
The poorest minister
it is appointed by the head of the Ministry of youth and sports after six-summer activity as the deputy minister of education. Officially it is possible to name it the poorest minister in new structure of the government. It does not have either firms, or magnificent cars or houses.
In the declaration on incomes for 2014 it has specified, that owns only one apartment the area about 42 sq. metres. Salary for last year has made about 150 thousand .
Investigation is executed within the limits of campaign Journalists for incorruptibility on public service, spent by the Center of journalistic investigations at support of the program fund "Soros-Moldova" "Efficient control". The financing establishment does not render any influence on a theme and the maintenance of published investigations.
Victoria , Anastas Nani. The centre of journalistic investigations

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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