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It is a reprint, one in one. Certainly, the journalist should be impartial. I can subscribe under each word and it completely agree with the author of article. At least for the reason, that I witnessed those events.
It is a reprint, one in one. Certainly, the journalist should be impartial. I can subscribe under each word and it completely agree with the author of article. At least for the reason, that I witnessed those events.

Victim of a totalitarian communistic mode, the former members of the CPSU, the Soviet chiefs, , propagandists and continue to condemn a sickle and a hammer. One of these days their numbers have replenished. ! On a scene - , were, forgive My God, the president of Republic Moldova. Which in the last interview (was silent long, but here - could not!), has declared, that the communism is equal to fascism, and the sickle and a hammer is not necessary to Moldova.

- the person from the category of "figures" which do not recollect anywhere and never. And if will remember - so precisely not in the best possible way. In respect of transformation of favourite in insult if conceded to whom is so unless to dead Yeltsin. Hammered and forgotten suddenly has found an occasion to remind of the person. It has given out interview in which has balanced communism with fascism. Mass epidemic: what as it appears, bitter, was inseparably linked with shops "Birches", the governmental summer residences and Post-Soviet privatisation, renounce. The hara-kiri, the truth, do not do, but spit to itself in a physiognomy tastefully. But that to this theme not somebody, and is, certainly, excellent. Even to measures of the Moldavian surrealism. No, we will not argue - to condemn communism rather the former hierarches of the CPSU aspire. It - already a reality for Moldova. But ... ! We will tell directly: Life without a sickle and a hammer, this same that egg without a yolk, without , Juliette without Romeo.

So, we get acquainted anew: companion Snegur. The secretary of central committee KPM. On agriculture.

, certainly, a figure. Subsequently - the whole president of the country, the elite in absence of other candidates. Thus everyone who remembers in the person, will tell - even in such conditions a victory for it - a feat. And how in general it has appeared on a post of the president of the independent country? No more as it is appointed by the parliamentary majority. Which has counted rather as the nationalist the operating secretary of Central Committee KPM. I do not know, what dimensions the fifth point of this mister had at that time, but to stretch it on "front" and "fidelity" to communistic ideals it has managed.

What is for citizens of Republic Moldova? Nobody recollects it kind words - and it already the diagnosis for eks - the Moldavian number one. Though, of course, in days of charcoal fumes of the Popular front it was much more prestigious to be the Romanian of the second echelon. And he, , being the president, told to neighbouring country elite about how it does not like to head the country, whose independence it, as a matter of fact, considered as misunderstanding.

And here today equals communism with fascism. Therefore as the fascism for the present power - is more prestigious than communism. And still. In such years, with such health it is time to think and of itself. Well to recollect poor , to companion Sneguru, that anticommunists did with communists when came to power. And it is good to think, on what "chair" to pass: as a pillar of "a communistic totalitarian mode, the sample 89 years, or in quality and the supporter of liquidation of the Moldavian state, the person who has admitted civil war. The sample of 92nd year.

Whence it such?

Today, when the former serviceable servants of "a totalitarian mode so actively spit in the past and in symbolics in which fidelity they regularly subscribed, a new urgency the question on the Soviet awards began to use. More often the society is set by a question: and how to be, for example, with veterans of the Great Patriotic War who spilt own blood. But on their opinion, on their best feelings, the authorities, undoubtedly deeply to spit. And here on those who received awards not on fields of battles (whether it be fight for or fight for a crop), and by hardware games - somehow do not recollect. And in vain. Though they and hold for a long time the awards far in cases (not to burn as party membership cards) - all the same, to refuse have not dared. As the character of a legendary television movie has told, People for this award spilt blood, and you under it - another's. Well so all the same - how many work!

here not an exception. From the hated Soviet power it has received the first award in 36 years - an award For labour valour. Pay attention, not for a long honest work (whence longevity?), not for labour successes, namely for valour. Though in what the person to whom to plough with in a life practically has had time to show it and it was not possible?

is among people whose partijno-ierahichnaja career - is true . Having ended the Kishinev agricultural institute, it any couple of years has worked all the agriculturist further already to head collective farm in village Lunga and all remained to "the Soviet mode years to grow in a rank by leaps and bounds. From the chairman of collective farm it became the worker of the Ministry of Agriculture of republic, and this time it had not to "wait" at least couple of months of new launch on imperceptible at all and to work. For 13 years in the Ministry of Agriculture it has replaced four posts and all - is strict at the head of large collectives, with the solid salary and life conditions.

Contemporaries which has moved from an office of the chairman of collective farm to one of the main offices of the republican ministry of all in 28 years (!) could about similar dream only. And, that the most characteristic - headed managements of the report not simply any there or still what organizational work. Under its heel there were experimental stations and scientific research institutes. He ordered all scientists-landowners of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic, knew affairs of all agricultural scientific branch. And thus itself to anybody as the visible scientist was not known. He has achieved such launch not for the account of the scientific or creative potential, and for the account all the same - the big loyalty that "mode". The portrait comical the red boss whom "have thrown" to correct those who has more merits in the given area - including a portrait of present ostentatious anticommunist Mirchi Snegura.

As to 80th years when in the country have started to reflect on questions of language, national culture, freedom and democracy, publicity and acceleration, , naturally, on the intelligency party, or especially dissident movement, too has not appeared. At there were another matters. Now he headed Edinetsky regional committee of the CPSU (one of the largest and "prestigious"), and then - "has grown" and to a post of the secretary of the Central Committee of the Moldavian Communist Party. The dream has come true - now it was one of the most influential persons of the whole republic. The whole decade in succession! And, do not crack the "indivisible" union on seams - for certain till now would carry on a breast the Soviet awards - even at bath or stomatologist visiting.

By the way, true the red boss and after disintegration of the USSR has kept in itself love to any "trinkets" and honorary titles. Being already the president, it with pleasure and became time and again next the honourable doctor this or that institute. It looked funny enough - the politician whom citizens have remembered basically for its tongue-tie and inurbanity, tried on cloaks and diplomas over and over again. And, if such award from Agrarian university still seems logical (on set occupied with it once in the Ministry of Agriculture of posts - plus, all the same, the graduate of the same HIGH SCHOOL) how to explain it an honourable role for the European Academy of arts?

In other as political activity already in 90th years has shown, in "arts" he was a good judge...

Such fact is extremely remarkable also - the secretary of Central Committee Mircha Snegur has left the red party membership card directly after has been selected by the chairman of Supreme body . As became - a question another. Certainly it is obvious not as a figure, capable to unite a society. More likely it was that figure which has approached at once to several intraparliamentary groupings by a principle let there will be everybody - if only my enemy there has not got. Under a type "everybody" approached simply ideally - that cook for government, the it is more as the ten years' experience on the higher hierarchical posts was available. The group of deputies - collective-farm and hierarches saw in the person from system, deliberating own personal future and well-being members of the CPSU - not absolutely the anticommunist. Businessmen of "a new order, already in time well to be arranged in modern economic realities, believed, that the similar head of the state not begins to twist a nut, and it suited active anticommunists just with what even the status of the secretary of the Central Committee did not force them to trust in sincerity of communistic views .

But, anyhow, under all above described criteria it would be quite possible to find and other candidates from almost that four hundreds deputies of the first Moldavian parliament. Not two, not three and at all ten. Also not be in 1990 year at supports of the collapsing Moldavian Communist Party which has solved it once again to "throw" on a post, its nominee would not be considered by anybody at all. Well it and ten deputies which would agree to support personally, instead of - could not collect the higher party management.

And, being, undoubtedly, the person noble and grateful, he has left the ranks of the CPSU at once after business has been made. The Moldavian Communist Party has put forward on the highest post on what in general was able put forward. Above already there was no place. So also the history of the Snegura-communist should come to the end inevitably. There is no need to remain the communist if it any more does not bring career launch!

Membership in the CPSU has stopped, and the history of the CPSU has soon come to the end. But has not changed drops itself . Instincts of "the red boss and remained at it. It and has become history of the country as the president whom has put forward and "system" - both old Soviet, and new has advanced. Becoming the president first in history , he, as a matter of fact, never won presidential elections, has never won in fair competitive struggle for voices of fellow citizens. During Soviet time it was eternal , in 1990 for it have organised uncontested "national" election, and first alternative vybory1996 th year he with a crash has lost. And further lost already always, remaining in the big policy only for the account of the next arrangement between those or other political groups.

But, grey election as head , and then and all Republic Moldova would not become what, it all the same had a chance of consolidating the Moldavian society. Any of successors could envy its powers. To recollect at least about what for remains the right to appointment of local heads in those areas, cities and villages where elections have been for whatever reasons recognised by not taken place. And this right "democrat" used wholly. It is Enough to recollect at least about "strong-willed" decision to appoint Kishinev the protege from among trade-union leaders . That individually over hundreds thousand Moldavians decade, as a result, has allowed the last to reign successively. Though as to cities and republic areas then "unanimous" appointments caused not small scandals between various parties. As their promoted workers had on posts much more the rights owing to support of local residents, and at all one "inhabitant of heaven".

Comparing communism with fascism, could and think how in that case to name its own actions in days of presidency. Unless was he the sample of democratic character and the big love to another's opinion? No, was not. Its eternal passion to influence all successively and the extreme jealousy of other politicians, became a brightest example not simply moral petty tyranny, but has poured out in some years of constant infringement of the rights and division of all people into categories. So if also is the big expert on a case in point - is faster as the expert in the field of discrimination that is rather characteristic for fascism.

Whether has tried to make though something to avoid international conflicts? Still that. Attacks to a language sign in streets of Kishinev, beating of deputies of the Moldavian parliament (by no means, by the way, not only - attacked and the legislators living in capital), scandalous a campaign on - all it occurred with not only silent, but also contemptious, in a pointed manner humiliating consent of the head of the state. And here just that case when words of the bard and dissident Aleksandrpa of Galich ideally approach - the first executioner of the civil world in Moldova became not the one who the first has lifted a hand, and that who was silent during the necessary moment - president Snegur. It on danger also was caused by sensation of permissiveness because of which separate episodes have turned to a reality for the whole country.

always chose allies from among the most odious politicians. Its obvious drift towards the Popular front shocked in due time many voters. But it was blocked not simply with , and with most radical of them. With those people who sincerely stood up for the national culture, and after front arrival to the power have appeared out of it, despite former merits, to it was not on a way. In the eighties he has never reflected on expectations of Moldavians concerning their identity, by no means them did not support. Well, and in days of independence as devil-may-carely concerned and national minorities. What difference of whom to discredit - if only to be at the power.

At it has not been made anything that which he, obviously, has started to consider as "invaders", have received at least normal conditions for studying of the Moldavian language. Though the same concerned and to the title nation - at the number of the young men leaving average (!) school almost was twice reduced.

It has absolutely easy made a tandem with the odious politician of that time most, probably, . And if even did not make a competition unconvincing - last would suffer its tricks to the end of the mandate. Well, and as to selection of own proteges then it also "combined" advancement of obviously odious creatures from them is totalitarian-communistic past. The grey cardinal , for example, named the first vice-premier in government Druka and - the former secretary of Nisporensky district committee Konstantin Oborok. and same the anticommunist. Then on the vice-speaker of parliament Nikolay Andronik - the fan about greatness of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinocheta (!) had influence already As that destroyed communists - though natural could destroy in 80th years and Andronik. And after has quarrelled and with Andronik, it Vyacheslav Untile became the right hand expelled of the Popular front for excessive radicalism. Become famous for that for one day, not waiting acceptances of the new law, has translated on an inscription Latin by cars of the Kishinev GAI, and before - the citizen of "the Soviet mode, achieved considerable career growth in the Soviet militia. What to tell - what chief, such and subordinated.

Own words and acts too never promoted strengthening of the civil world. In 1995 year it has disorganised the parliamentary majority of agrarian democrats - has withdrawn from their fraction group of deputies under the pretext of that does not wish to see in the Constitution a syntagma the Moldavian language. It was amusing to look, how the former secretary of the Central Committee talks profusely on a theme of how it has absorbed the Romanian language with milk of mother. Also it was clear, that at all the Constitution so disturbs - it simply changed once again allies to strengthen own influence.

Further was more. has in a pointed manner refused to sign the memorandum across Dnestr region after a meeting with Romanian president Iliesku. It has finished almost to the armed opposition history with resignation personally to it not pleased Minister of Defence Paul Krjange. It continued to provoke through loyal deputies scandals in parliament until itself has not left a presidential post. He, having returned to parliament in 1998 year, has headed the new parliamentary majority remembered exclusively by and constant internal squabbles.

At last, the Moldavian number one on the eve of presidential elections 1996-gogoda seriously with certain forces, offering them in exchange for support possibility to turn in the Romanian 2.

We will wait until when in parliament the law on the Romanian language will be considered. Then the reference will follow and we will find a right moment to sound about what you speak. But before my reference to intelligency let will sound, - promised to the Romanian colleagues in the city of Slenik-Moldova in January of 1996. And about it then nowadays the late poet spoke: I always remember our conversations when you said, that together we will make association.

And after all all it occurred in years when a phantom only very small percent of people when the overwhelming majority thought of that already breathed, as though to survive, feed a family, though barely to train children, and thus not to die with hunger. Times continued to vary, but did not vary - the expert in extraction of profit from another's misfortunes and disagreements.

Whose cow would low

But all above-stated can seem nonsense in comparison with the main event from a life of the Snegura-president. As brought set of problems to citizens of Republic Moldova, but has not brought the most awful - the spilt blood, fratricidal war, long-term division of the country. Such which has been untied in 1992 year and from which the country up to the end has not recovered even now, two decades later.

In disputes that in and smaller degree is guilty of that conflict, already many copies are broken. But the main thing is known. First, inhabitants have lost from it there is no time the uniform country - from both coast of Dnestr, and at all those who on their sufferings has risen in the higher echelons of power both in Kishinev and in Tiraspol. It is the first true. The second - president Snegur possessed sufficient influence that all it to avoid.

To it would be to attend to a problem of beating of Dnestr deputies of the first Moldavian parliament enough - and there would be no boycott. But he has preferred to notice maliciously, that itself goes without protection and all is normal (though later protection all the same has hastened to get). It could not do the extreme rate on radical like and , and . Then could and not reach strikes in left-bank cities. There would be no scandalous declaration of independence л. And about such figures as and , perhaps, and at all anybody never also has not heard. But for own free existence was, certainly, more important, and possibility to think on prospect - too severe torture for a brain.

At last, when the situation began to develop not to the best, it would be possible, on an extreme case, to agree about granting to autonomy region (in the manner of present Gagauzsky) and certain guarantees on language studying. For that moment of it would suffice (and after all today Moldova offers rebellious region such conditions). However for "guarantor" shooting under and has appeared where as more comprehensible variant.

What result? Thousand victims, wounded men and missing persons and occurrence of an enclave not under control to capital in state territory. Whether has though any moral right to accuse someone in fascism the person who has admitted the similar? A question rhetorical.

Today , of course, has the political status of the wedding general of the present power - moreover and not the first freshness. A laughing-stock for today's owners of a life it became already to the middle of last decade. At first with a crash has flown by by parliament in 2001 year, becoming the first victim of those changes of the legislation on which devoutly insisted. Then has tried to return to parliament in 2005 year, but leaders of the block Democratic Moldova have solved with it places in the list of candidates not to share - too we hate the voter, too , is too insignificant. Later the discontent in this occasion has stated in the book Open dialogues where at the same time has accused the leader of MDM Serafima Urekjana of sale places in parliament, and quality of "buyer" named deputy Alexander Olejnika. Last has brought an action and has carried case. But it not especially worried, as "extreme" before the law there was an author of the book, political scientist Edward Volkov, all fault which consisted only that he wrote down verbalisations of the offended ex-president and anything in them did not change.

And so also has left the big policy - petty and disgustingly.

And consequently especially does not go in - what for to it to act with similar statements now. Simply so strongly it wanted to remind of the immodest person? Then it would be good and to attend to other question - whether it is necessary to remind of it.

After all to the same can remember many enough. And to it, the former secretary of the Central Committee, and then "co-author" of civil war, it is possible to show where the account, rather than to all modern Moldavian communists to together taken. As for its "communism" 70 and 80-hgodov, and for propensity to fascist displays 90.

Fascism crimes have been condemned by the Nuremberg process. Perhaps, mister Snegur wishes the same international court over communism, at least over the Moldavian? It, believe, could for it too is sad to come to the end. After all some from condemned to hanging for crimes against humanity too in the protection said, that they simply executed will of the Fuhrer. Has not helped. And if the communism is equal to fascism with what to count on indulgence simply will of party, and rather high-ranking? Here of what it would be necessary to think.

Snegur the president, privatisation
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In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

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