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Nikolay Gibu is assured, that it is not necessary for the present power of cinema. After all it educates, brings up, causes emotions - the engine of all real. The film director, a script writer and publicist Nikolay Gibu has created more than 45 art and d
Nikolay Gibu is assured, that it is not necessary for the present power of cinema. After all it educates, brings up, causes emotions - the engine of all real. The film director, a script writer and publicist Nikolay Gibu has created more than 45 art and documentary films and has the right to own opinion.
Without the hero and the people.

- In Kishinev Week of the Moldavian art cinema recently has come to the end. From the presented works only a para-three of pictures have been removed in independent Moldova. All the others - "children" of the USSR. In your opinion, whether it is possible to consider this film display as break in a cultural life of the country?

- What you loud have picked up a word: "having dug" It has happened, if to spectators have shown new Moldavian pictures which have excited a world cinema! But there are no now such films, alas.
That has been presented as event, - in my opinion, a usual official excuse. Michael Kalika, Vadim Derbenyov, Boris Kononova's films have not been included in the program
It is necessary to show these tapes to our spectators time and again in a year, and every week - on national TV, to include them in repertoire of cinemas and to show to young generation. Today nobody says to youth, that Moldova - the country with exclusive traditions at cinema. That we - a part of world cinema culture. And why are silent? It is unprofitable.
The Moldavian politicians are afraid of the cinema, after all the formed person is not necessary today to our state. And the cinema brings up, trains, edifies.

- But after all all the same something remove in the XXI-st century

- "Moldova-film", unfortunately, now removes nothing. But it not fault of a management of studio. The state does not give money for cinema. Yes, certainly, something becomes in the country in this area, but it is not necessary to confuse it to the Moldavian cinema of last years. It in today's Moldova - with variations, with cockroaches, with draughts. Everything, that you want, in these films is. There is no only a hero and there are no people.

- Whether but with "people" and "hero" banal propagation, instead of cinema will turn out?

- Two thousand years ago at have asked, what for he writes the plays. To make citizens of Athenes better and to strengthen the state, - the philosopher has answered. I am assured: the state is obliged to bring up the citizens. And what we have today? We have renounced true national ideals. We have separated children not only from cinema, but also from the literature - both world, and national. Ask the young man, who such Vladimir Beshljage. Let's ask, who such Ion with its novels. The youth of concept has no. When we do not know, that occurs outside of our small Moldova, it is a problem. But, when we do not know, that occurs at us, it is tragedy.

Struggle against hammers and sickles

- How you consider, whether will start the state to allocate though any means for cinema? At least on manufacture of one picture in a year?

- I am afraid, we will not wait, because the liberal power considers the Moldavian Soviet cinema as the tool working against it. Oligarchs have grown up, and here patrons of art - are not present. Where those patrons of art, who would keep masters here to support and develop it in Moldova?
We recollect the talented person when it is necessary to buy four carnations And then very quickly about it we forget. Our oligarchs have forgot to cry, their muddy monetary sight is not so capable to distinguish the truth, and the person who is not able to cry, is not able to suffer, never will kiss a hand on a gratitude sign.
I do not watch TV is it is impossible to look. But, when I was ill, a sight of the professional cinematographer I have seen, that our politicians do not have eyes because in everything about what they speak, there is no thought.

- Really all so is gloomy: the new cinema is not present, new heroes were not born yet?. Whether there is all the same a future at the Moldavian cinema?

- We too many have destroyed and have lost. The Romanian cinema was not so powerful, as Moldavian. We had the strongest guards of cinematographers and when at various festivals learn, that someone already is not present in live, and someone has left, people turn away - not because the sight has grown turbid, and because, that wipe tears.
But the Moldavian cinema - hardy. Despite all attempts it to "dig". The talent all the same will make the way, let even contrary to all interdictions and hushing up.
I think, that our new cinema can begin with Is sold. In it there is a grain in Tarkovsky's tradition. And its wife - the talented director. There is still Paul Breile wandering while in art of avant-guard. Igor Kobyljansky - the nice, original director. My son Igor Chirkov-Gibu creates in a comedy key. Our actors Boris Beket, Angela Chobanu, Igor Karas, Igor Kistol, Onions, Konstantin Haret, Belief and many other things talents (me those whom I did not name let will forgive, but the newspaper area will not suffice) are brilliant also. Should not, cannot be such that Moldova remained without cinema. At us the talented people

- And too patient. It is deprived by cultures, even the Native land, and he all waits for any heroes How many, in your opinion, it will proceed still?

- Today it is fashionable to speak not "patient", but "tolerant". A word what callous! I think, we are not prepared for democracy in that kind in what it is propagandised in the West. To us dump only a negative and try to dictate alien rules. In Moldova lives set of nationalities and the set of various languages is heard. Centuries it was possible to people not to suffer each other or to co-exist with each other, and to live in a harmony. Such union the politicians paid by foreign "princelings" also try to destroy.
The main danger trapping today our society, - not in economy disorder, not in scandalous dispute that for us is closer - the West or the East, and in destruction of the person. Presently there were children who are not able neither to read, nor to write, not speaking about their spiritually-moral education. Us break and transform at all into a society of consumers, and in a society of "consumed". Of us do cheap servants - up to street butterflies. And, alas, such state of affairs suits those whom have chosen helmsmen of the state.
Has come to collect time stones. But there should be a certain clarification, as in church during a pray.
What for to us this struggle against sickles and hammers when we meet people who carry these awards on a breast? Try to forbid to carry it them! It all the same what to forbid daggers. But in the country there is no the law forbidding fascist symbolics!

Work of minds and loading of souls

- And can, it is political blindness?

- I do not trust! Pseudo-fighters shout from different cracks about national consciousness and at the same time resolve alien to us iron marches in which the state symbolics is involved! Or here too political blindness? I would forbid to put on the national suit doubtfully answering to the original, this insipid stylisation. The culture is not subject to falsification. It is possible to do it with history, language, but not with culture.
I am am surprised with the youth scanning Noi sîntem români!. I work for a long time over the historical encyclopaedia of Bessarabia Sonnets of Danube which will remind the world about more than 3000 names, its talented people. We have presented Romania elite - musical, artistic, literary, military-polkovodcheskuju. And how many minds Bessarabia has presented to the world! Paul Botsu, Beeches, sort , Vasily Zagorsky, marshals and Is founders of nuclear physics, the humanities, academicians, astronomers, large painters, theologians - for example archimandrite Paulin Lekka who has left a scientific heritage and even the monography about Dostoevsky.
There are actors, singers, composers, artists. Let's to them remind and that great Maria Lukjanovna Bieshu was born in Bessarabia, in Akkermansky district which Belgorod-Dnestrovskim area later became.

- You now are on friendly terms with the trade?

- I am on friendly terms with several projects. One of these works - the film scenario ػ. There is a desire in another way to comprehend character of the person on war. In the course of work (and it demands film dramatic art about ) I was very much interested by the historical character - marshal Antonesku. I wish to understand, how it from the talented commander, the intellectual has regenerated in the tyrant. The most interesting material which was to be realised is saved up.
Style will be same, as in a tape the Code name: the Southern thunder . But a principle - psychologically strong enemy and weak preparation of Red army for war. And crisis. Then the people and sobering up of heads of power. The moral superiority. Here there will be a work of minds, loading of souls.
In such art form as the cinematography, is necessary , when foreign investors, producers, journalists ask: Whom you represent? On behalf of whom you here? I do not represent Anybody! - I am compelled to answer. - I operate from the personal name.

Our inquiry.
Nikolay Trofimovich Gibu was born on November, 19th, 1936 in with. Bessarabsky province (village nowadays Lake the Odessa area). The graduate of faculty of script writers (1966, masterful K.Paramonovoj and V.Yezhov). The author of books and articles about the Moldavian cinema. Thanks to N.Gibu's joint efforts and such masters of the Moldavian cinema as , George Vode, , Vasil Paskaru, Michael Kalik, Vadim Derbenyov, etc., studio "Moldova-film" became known all over the world. Throughout all professional career, being the director and a script writer, Nikolay Gibu has created more than 45 art and documentary films.
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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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