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There is in the south of Moldova, in Gagauziya a village which is allocated to that here 23 years residents of the village keep a collective farm. On old it is simple collective farm and it is called - "Victory". The village is in the Chadyr-Lungsky area
There is in the south of Moldova, in Gagauziya a village which is allocated to that here 23 years residents of the village keep a collective farm. On old it is simple collective farm and it is called - "Victory". The village is in the Chadyr-Lungsky area and Kopchak is called. We talk to the chairman of collective farm, the deputy of People's Assembly Gagauzii Nikolay Semenovich Dragan.

Combination of powers
Even more often the chairman of collective farm wake up at night, and thinks of a family, of a mudflow, of the country. He is the father of four children. The oldest daughter already married. Mladshenkoy of five more isn't present. Sons study. In what world they will live that we to them will leave when we retire. But not its one is overcome by such thoughts. Each person thinks of the same. As children on feet to put, learn, bless on military work. But that children nearby, but not in other countries where they will always be strangers worked.

Well the deputy and the chairman knows about expectations of villagers. On Tuesday and Friday from 8 to 9 mornings at Nikolay Semenovich business hours. All the year round there are to it people. Who for the help, who behind council. Long talks to one, some issues within a minute are resolved.

- Nikolay Semenovich, you accept people both as the chairman of collective farm and as the deputy of People's Assembly of Gagauziya. How you differentiate these powers?

- For me everything is simple. If people come to get a job, in collective farm to write out something is a duty of the chairman. If financial support is necessary, to render its already deputy powers. Though people don't do special differentiations of my functions any more. They got used to that come to me and I, as far as possible, resolve all issues.

- But four hours per week obviously aren't enough for reception...

- As when. Sometimes, reception lasts till a lunch. And in case of emergency and in usual days approach.

- And in hot days of sowing campaigns and cleaning?

- The attention to people needs to be paid always. After all they elected me, once again to me believed. And on me responsibility not only before collective farmers lies, but also before residents of all village Ч it is about 10 thousand people. After all there are questions which need to be solved exactly today. After a sowing campaign or cleaning can be late.

- What questions handle more often?

- At each family the problems. Someone needs work, someone needs suit the child in a garden, someone needs money for operation or treatment. Our children go to study, we help to resolve an issue with granting the hostel. After all not all families can pay for housing of the student. And on legal questions often address.

- Therefore you decided to get second higher education and last year graduated from law department of Komratsky university?

- And therefore too.

- It was necessary to study you in absentia, and to combine study not only with work, but also with deputy mission. And it is clear that you arrived not to gain the diploma and to acquire knowledge. Now you know all answers to legal questions?

- No, of course. It is impossible to know everything. But now I know where if necessary to look for these answers. Of course correspondence course Ч it not a hospital. Now life shows that I made a right choice. I can sometimes give advice on legal questions.

At every year the weather

- What for collective farm was the expiring year?

- Year was very droughty. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers say that similar weather conditions developed in 1946-47.

- But after all last year too there was a drought?

- This year is more difficult. Last year, due to the lack of rains, we late seeded the winter. Didn't hope for a crop though peasants always live in hope. In March-April the rain went, shoots became cheerful also people too. But the crop was all the same lower than the expected. Last year we received wheat on 35 centners from hectare, in it only 17. The average crop winter across Gagauziya made only 13 centners from hectare. Sunflower received 13,5 centners, productivity across Gagauziya Ч 8 centners. Thanks to that at us is a little higher productivity, and it is even more to that we have a diversified agriculture, we still keep.

- At the expense of what in collective farm productivity is higher? The earth at you same as at all and rains everywhere equally went.

- As if it loudly didn't sound, first of all due to modern technologies of cultivation of cultures at preservation of old traditions of agriculture. Some farms, having new equipment, passed to a surface treatment of the earth. We always do deep plowing, thanks to it moisture remains. Therefore especially in a drought our fields are in more advantageous situation. Big plus Ч observance of a crop rotation. At us there is a lot of earth therefore we can afford it. We have competent agronomists who watch that cultures alternated correctly that both the crop was, and the earth wasn't exhausted. Also high professional level at machine operators is important.

- The crop was unimportant, and purchase prices of agricultural products?

- Because of low productivity this year there were good prices. The initial price of sunflower was 8 леев for kilogram, then, however, fell a little. I don't remember such high price at all. Last year we sold sunflower with 4,2-to 7,2 леев for kilogram. This year there was a good price and of grapes, the average price for kilogram somewhere 5,2 Lea. Tobacco we plan to sell approximately on 2 million леев. And we receive cash for milk all the year round, monthly about 300 thousand леев Ч in a year more than 3 million. We sell calfs, lambs, pork. Generally, we survive, we plan to finish year with profit.

- Means, collective farmers in Day of the worker of agriculture can be encouraged not only certificates of honor, but also awards?

- Salaries in agriculture not high, we not an exception. Therefore on the eve of a holiday traditionally though a little we try to support financially people who worked the whole year. The more workdays, the remuneration is higher. We with our accountant Ivanna Topal and the chief economist Domnika Baboglo long counted the scheme


Kopchak (молд. Copceac, eiders. Kıpçak Ч Kypchak) Ч the village in the south of Moldova as a part of Gagauziya's anti-terrorist operation. The second-large village in Europe Ч the area of territories is 10240 hectares.

Historical information of the museum of the village of Kopchak. Legend. In the 1771st years, the first caravan arrived to the village of Tatars Ц Kypchak, there was it from 28 carts with belongings which left Hugo Ц East Bulgaria (Dobrudja). The caravan stopped in "Sara Er's" places on rest. Having solved, from here to begin to render habitable these places. But by the morning there was no cattle. Then in the wake of their people went and found them at the small river "Sara of a sou", that is at three springs, where now a dam соедин€ет“ашлык and Kopchak. On both sides of this river people - immigrants began to live, to build the dugouts. On the one hand Chavdari, from other Gaydarzhi.

Documentary. In 1812 Kopchak is based by immigrants. In 1816 on population census, 103 families were registered. In 1832 182 families, processed on 45 ten lands on a family. In total was the convenient earth processed 7681 of ten. Besides grew up cattle of different types. In 1818 the church from a stone was put. God's Assumption materi-Presvyatoy Virgin Mary. In 1820 the church already worked which was constructed on the most sublime place of the village. In 1850 Ц ые years expanded, completed and blocked a roof where already and 50 boys at tserkovno parish school were trained. In 1850 there was a windmill. In the 1860th years there was a milkchurn. B1907 of Ц a land form (imperial). In Kopchake distributed the earth podushno, on 11 sazhens. In 1914 in the village the food shop "Albina" works. National bank. 2 sites stone career. Mill manual, steam-1, Windmill-7. Initial replaceable school-1. Post of gendarmerie-1. Telephone post-1. Mobile mail-1. Larki-kyrchmy-4.
1281 families. In August, 1914 World War I Ц general mobilization began, many left from our village, for example:
Kolev Ivan Nikolaevich 1884g.r. 9 years on imperial service, it is awarded by three St George's Crosses was at war with the Austrians. Garizan Pyotr Petrovich1897 Delioran Ivan Nazarovich 1886g.r. Chavdar Ilya Demyanovich1888 Galatsan Semyon Konstantinovich1891 1/I1918g. - the Soviet power was established.
14/I 1918-this power was overthrown royal Romania.
28/VI-1940-Liberation of Moldova from board of royal Romania.
The first predsedatelselsky council Chavdar Ilya Demyanovich participant of World War I.
Member of executive committee Arnaut Konstantin Fedorovich, Baboglo Pyotr Georgiyevich.
22/VI-1941-Great Patriotic War.
Again mobilization, left ours much, and 18 people returned. This is Dimov Zinovey Mironovich, only which remained with us from 18 Ц ти live.
With 22/VI-1941po 23/VIII-1944g. - again in the village the Romanian troops and laws.
In 1945-1946ggk to post-war difficulties increased a cruel drought. Hunger strike carried away 1720 souls.
1947g.1 September the first collective farm or "Victory" was formed.
1948g.kolkhoz "K. Marx".
B1949 collective farms or Kotovsk and Chapayeva.
In the first years in 4 collective farms 55 heads of cattle, including 14 cows, pigs of 29 heads, sheep 69 were

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber є9 temporary detention facilities.


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