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We, residents of Kishinev, can't remain away from that occurs in our city. The next decision of the mayor a municipality Kishinev Dorina Kirtoake, in combination the vice-chairman of Liberal party, and also municipal advisers from Liberal, European nation
Open letter of residents of Kishinev to the management of the city

We, residents of Kishinev, can't remain away from that occurs in our city. The next decision of the mayor a municipality Kishinev Dorina Kirtoake, in combination the vice-chairman of Liberal party, and also municipal advisers from Liberal, European national, Democratic and Liberal and democratic parties causes indignation. Renaming of city streets without opinion of people who were born in this city, live in it now and intend to live further, it is inadmissible.

On October 29, 2015 the Municipal council made the decision to deprive of the historical names a distressful experimental pedestrian street of Diorditse and Kosmonavtov Street. Will be named them the composer Evgeny Dauga and the journalist Konstantin Tenase respectively. This purposeful vymaryvaniye of history, neither the first, nor the last attempt to profane historical memory, to root out memoirs of the true kishinevets and all residents of Moldova remembering the period of development, blossoming, full-fledged life of the cities and the republics. Yes, it was the Soviet period! Yes, some passionately want to disown from it! We aren't ashamed of the past. We are grateful to it. We don't intend to forget it. Sane people understand: without the Soviet Moldova there would be no present Moldova. Slightly less than for half a century the enterprises, hospitals, schools, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS were constructed, the infrastructure which we use still is created, and another, probably, won't appear soon.

Alexander Diorditse headed Council of ministers of MSSR from 1958 to 1970. This period by right is considered gold in the history of the country. Experience, achievements of people of that generation, their heritage serve as a mute reproach to the present leaders of the republic and country. It hesitates of similar comparisons therefore erases names of WORTHY people from the map of Kishinev.

Renaming of Kosmonavtov Street into Konstatin Tenase Street – to that confirmation. Perhaps, the editor-in-chief of the Timpul newspaper is authority for a certain group of people, but not for the vast majority.

What connects Moldova with space and astronauts? A lot of things. The Moldavian enterprises created the equipment for spaceships and space stations (some development in an orbit use still), food for astronauts. In Kishinev Yury Gidzenko got secondary education, and served in the Markuleshtsky aviaregiment later. Together with it in "star group" from this part Victor Gorbatko, Vasily Tsibliyev, Vladimir Dezhurov, Anatoly Berezovoy, Yury Gidzenko, Evgeny Hrunov, Yury Malenchenko were called. It is one of the brightest and the pages of history of Moldova deserving pride.

However, it isn't excluded that the people deciding today destiny of Kishinev don't know the last city, aren't familiar with people which it didn't destroy, and created. These are the favourites from policy earning dividends at the voters. They don't live cares of the capital, don't solve a problem of its inhabitants, don't develop it, don't care of emergence of new streets for which there will be names of dear people. Why to build new if it is quite possible to spoil the already existing? In Kishinev even more often there are names of streets which don't have relations to Kishinev and its history. We consider that such decisions have to become a subject of public discussion and be accepted taking into account opinion of residents.

We demand respect for us, kishinevets, and for our city, immediate cancellation of the decision of municipal council and return to streets Diorditse and Astronauts of their historical names.

Valery Ostalep
Yulia Semenova
Elena Roytburd
Svetlana Derevshchikova
Galina Shelar
Ilya Kiselyov
Ekaterina Kaminskaya
Elena Pakhomova
Irina Pavlenko
Philip Vasilkovsky
Sergey Skripnik
Nora Kondratyeva
Svetlana Mikhneva
Dmitry Gradinar
Larisa Shumilo
Valery Demidetsky
Svetlana Shandrovskaya
прот. Vitaly Shinkar
Svetlana Kuklova
Olesya Kayryak
Natalya Ostrovskaya
Valery Korchmar

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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