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Means, so. We will begin with the end!" Last Friday in Kishinev passed an unusual concert of Alexander Solomonov which first part was devoted to his 65 anniversary, and the second memories of the poet Igor Dominich.

Means, so. We will begin with the end!" Last Friday in Kishinev passed an unusual concert of Alexander Solomonov which first part was devoted to his 65 anniversary, and the second memories of the poet Igor Dominich.

Perhaps, I didn't see such mixture of genres yet and anybody didn't hear. Nevertheless specially arrived from Hamburg where he now lives to celebrate in the homeland the anniversary, Alexander Solomonov went to it gave the whole office of the concert to honor memory of the friend Igor Dominich who died on January 6 the 2014th on the 54th year of life.

For those who doesn't know: Alexander Solomonov, was born on November 16, 1950 in a family of actors of the Kishinev theater of Chekhov. Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. From 15 years sings, and with 20 goes in for mountaineering (I conquered the highest peaks of the Soviet Union and "Snow leopard" received an honorary title). Speaks about himself: "Constantly I sit on four chairs: family, work, guitar, mountaineering". One of founders and inspirers of the Kishinev club "Companion Guitar". The great performer with the bewitching, unforgettable voice. Sings strangers and composes the songs, talks to the audience, creates performances.

At last concert he practically didn't manage to sing new songs, the audience demanded old and darlings "Cover" (1, 2, 3), "Crocuses", "Cat" both still, and still...

But Alexander sang exactly one office. On the second he "invited" to a scene of the poet and bard Igor Dominich. And, facing near its photo as live a microphone! I submitted its new book "The Letters Which Are Not Subdued by Me" which published with a circulation only 500 copies with support as he told, a huge number of remarkable people. Including the artist Isaak Feldman who issued it.

It is the second book of Dominich. The first "Green time of rising" (absolutely small) left at his life. And this is practically complete works where entered, including, the play about Don Quixote which they planned to put the author won't be able to see.

Solomonov not only sang, but also read Igor's verses directly from the book. I executed fragments of the play of Dominich. And then I invited to a scene of the Kishinev and Tiraspol performers whom works of the poet inspired on creation of new songs. And no wonder that all of them were close friends of Igor.

Yulian Kirkin, the chairman of Companion Guitar club, emphasized that Sasha Solomonov gave an impetus for appearance of many Moldavian bards. In his opinion, maybe, exactly thanks to it Dominich from the bard turned into the big poet.

Igor Grabovan sang the song "My Doll Lodge" words for which Dominich wrote already on ready music, on what even mastisty poets quite seldom decide.

The Tiraspol bard Sergey Galushkin shared reminiscence how they with Igor went to Dniester to fish then Dominich wrote about it. Also I sang a song on these verses. And also the song approved by the master about "a time of raincoats, umbrellas and caps" when the summer was "very long time ago, once", coming to an end with words: "And tomorrow we won't be any more, and summer   only the day after tomorrow".

Vladimir Malyshev reminded that Igor Dominich wrote also brilliant epigrams. about the colleague on a bard genre Lilia Minayeva he even set one of them to music.

And Rustam Akhmedzyanov, besides the old songs on Dominich's verses ("And the winter here some strange", "In this house plays music", "And when in the hour appointed in heavens"), executed written quite recently "Melancholy". Shrill melodies of Akhmedzyanov especially were pleasant to Dominich. He said even that Rustam's music to the song "In This House Music Plays" expresses a poem essence, than at Sergey Nikitin better.

Yes, the songs on verses of the Kishinev poet were written by famous Russian performers both Sergey Nikitin, and Dmitry Bikchentayev, both Victor Popov, and Tatyana Sinitsyna, and many others. By the way, when Dominich died, Tatyana and Sergey Nikitiny wrote: " Somehow it isn't believed that he died... For us Dominich was recent opening. From an easy hand of Dima Bikchentayev we read the collection of verses of Igor the "young" poet from Kishinev. At once there was a feeling of freshness, authenticity and musicality. There was a wish to sing these verses that we also try to do... there was a wish to meet. What a pity that didn't work well. All it seemed, it will still be in time, after all Dominich is much younger than us. It wasn't possible, it wasn't in time... It is necessary to handle gratitude to the Poet who lodged us in the house where "music plays in the mornings"!".

Generally, Igor started writing verses late. And he didn't consider himself the poet, said that writes simply verses to songs. But in 2012 Dominich became the winner of a festival of Bulat Okudzhava in the nomination "Poet". And today, thumbing through its books, you understand that it was the big poet, the important person with the voice, a living and creative position. In its verses not a sentimentality, but the high tragedy setting the tone and height of life to everything who wants to hear.

The audience sitting in a hall of the Jewish KEDEM cultural center didn't hesitate of tears, especially when as the curtain fell on a white wall there was the Igor Dominich singing the song "Green Time of Rising" which comes to an end with providchesky words: "And I already know that is mortal. Here only I don't know, how soon!".

When so many verses sound at once, the tendency is visible. Actually Igor wrote about rapidity of the life, the inevitable end much, regretted that was in time a little. Each listener perceived it into the account. And everyone was distressed about himself that behind everyday life and vanity didn't manage to talk about the main thing to Igor when he still was with us.

Our reference. The representative of an authentic intellectual bard song Alexander Solomonov specially arrived from Hamburg to celebrate the birthday in Kishinev and to remember Igor Dominich. In 2012 Igor Dominich became the winner of a festival of Bulat Okudzhava in the nomination "Poet". And today, thumbing through its books, it is possible to understand that it was the real big poet which creativity lifts Moldova on new cultural level. The Kishinev and Tiraspol performers (in pictures Yulian Kirkin, Rustam Akhmedzyanov, Vladimir Malyshev, Igor Grabovan) honored Igor Dominich's memory with new songs on his verses. The book "The Letters Which Are Not Subdued by Me" published with a circulation only 500 copies with the help and on means of friends shook all by the creative contents. The musical disk with songs of the author is applied to the book.

"Means, so. We will begin with the end!

Action time day of duel.

What it is necessary for us? Slightly lead.

Gunpowder measure. Snow is laid.

In total. To a barrier! The call rings:

"Whether it is objectionable to you?. Objectionably".

Farther shots, blood, closed sleigh.

Mozart. Curtain. All are free "

(A fragment from Igor Dominich's poem).

Natalya Selitskaya, photos: Valery Korchmar.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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