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In the south of the country successfully "bridle" energy of a star. Even if image of solar Moldova sank into oblivion, it doesn't mean that light and heat at us became less. By no means. According to Academy of Sciences of Moldova, in the republic of 220-
In the south of the country successfully "bridle" energy of a star. Even if image of solar Moldova sank into oblivion, it doesn't mean that light and heat at us became less. By no means. According to Academy of Sciences of Moldova, in the republic of 220-230 sunny days in a year. And it means that we have a fine environment for use of solar batteries and
solar collectors. As "green", environmentally friendly energy is "got" generally so far in the south of the republic, we also went there personally to be convinced of advantage of this business.

The scooter without gasoline.

In Komrat we were met by Nikolay Konstantinov, the director of local professional school. It inspires the students on experiments, and businessmen - on innovative steps. In a workshop of school we saw the sun electroscooter under the name "Stalker". It is the first scooter in Moldova set in motion for the account of energy of the sun. Certainly, in the world there are similar cars. In 2010 in Paris the scooter on solar batteries which is considered as the most eco-friendly on the planet was shown. Our handymen - two future electricians Boris Palik and Dmitry Karay - without others development assembled the scooter within a month. According to Nikolay Konstantinov, it is unqualified success of young and talented children, but it is necessary to work much that "descendant" of a motor scooter became more perfect." The stalker" needs completions: to replacement of the obsolete power engine by the modern motor wheel, old accumulators - on easy and more capacious lithium-ion that will increase run of the scooter. At the moment is 20 km without recharge. And even if weather the cloudy, solar battery works with efficiency of 40-50%. After three-four hours of recharge the scooter can continue a way.

"Uncle" for electricity isn't paid.

While in Kishinev talk profusely about alternative energy, in Gagauziya use it. Scientists without effort counted that for satisfaction of world needs for energy 1% of the territory of the Sahara Desert "will be enough". Thus solar is primary energy. Oil, gas and other its sources - already derivative a sunlight which processing leads to catastrophic emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Even in such areas of the planet as Northern Germany, the Netherlands, Poland where most often cloudy, wet weather and few sunny days, is with might and main propagandized by the state policy of use of environmentally friendly energy. Also it is encouraged - 70% of the spent funds for purchase of solar batteries come back to the owner of solar systems. Moreover, in Europe the system of distribution of solar energy such is that on two counters goes calculation of consumption and sale of the electric power. As a result the consumer can sell its surplus, getting profit.
- Speaking about Moldova, I propose the concrete solution for those houses, farms and farms which are far from settlements, so, carrying out electricity is very expensive to them. In the village of Kirsovo last summer the owner of a tobacco farm Nikolay Tafratov installed the solar battery on a roof of office building. Certainly, it had to spend considerable money which, by my calculations, it will return already to the next
two years. But it allowed it to provide water supply, electricity and operation of the machines stitching tobacco due to energy of the sun. The mechanized work facilitated and accelerated work many times over. It for the first time not only in Gagauziya, but also in Moldova when the tobacco farm is provided with energy of the sun, - is reported by Nikolay Konstantinov.
In the village Baurchi we visited a rabbit farm. Two young children - Ivan Koltuklu and Ilya Dmitrioglo - managed to elektrofitsirovat a farm with the minimum expenses.
- One kilometer of a power line in Moldova costs 250 000 леев. These are the sums, very heavy for us. And rabbits without light badly eat, grow. Especially in the winter when darkens early. Two months ago we bought the panel of the solar battery on 30 watts, the accumulator and 10 lamps, having spent for everything about 5 500 леев. In our opinion, this optimum decision as the term of operation of the solar battery is rather great - a guarantee of 25 years. And, above all, it isn't necessary to pay for the electric power, - owners of a rabbit farm tell.
In our usual houses it is still unprofitable to use energy of the sun. Solar batteries, the accumulator, the current converter - all this in Moldova costs not much not. If there was a system of subsidies
- another matter. Anybody at us isn't ready to pay on average 10 000 euros for purchase and installation of all set of solar batteries for the house or the apartment. Therefore also it isn't enough companies which are engaged in distribution of innovative system in the republic.
- The main reason of the pessimistic relation of the Moldavian business to use of energy of the sun that his representatives aren't ready to wait. They want instant return and 100% of benefit. In the West there is a term "slow money" and - the opposite relation to innovations and development, - the director of Komratsky professional school claims.

Fruits and plans.

At the moment by means of Fund of social investments for the project of a komratsky primeriya repair of a roof of kindergarten is carried out. Already in few weeks of work will come to the end, then experts will start installation
solar system for heating of water and heating of the building. Certainly, this pilot innovative project has to influence adaptation of solar batteries to the local environment favorably. And on mentality комратчан too. And ahead - new researches. The whole world hopes for energy of hydrogen. Modern scientists look for a way of the minimum expense of energy for splitting of water on hydrogen and oxygen. In Komratsky school consider that such tireless toiler as the Sun quite is suitable for this work.
- To turn solar energy into gas by means of the hydrogen generator is on what we now work. If at us it turns out, then will precisely tell that Gagauz deserve attention, - whether jokes, whether Nikolay Konstantinov speaks seriously.

Ekaterina Kozhukhar.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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