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As the site applies for archive (including publicistic) I can't pass by Dmitry Chubashenko's article, the cool publicist on topics of the day. Today there was its article Thank you, Mrs.Nuland! Well word for word, of what most of the Moldavian people thin
As the site applies for archive (including publicistic) I can't pass by Dmitry Chubashenko's article, the cool publicist on topics of the day. Today there was its article Thank you, Mrs.Nuland! Well word for word, of what most of the Moldavian people thinks. Time will show that waits for us, but today all of us wait for changes, we wait that us left alone and gave the chance to develop. Moldova, the earth our, hardworking country - we shouldn't help, don't disturb and everything will develop.

Billion which they stole from banks it not the most terrible theft which they made. The most terrible that they want to steal our advantage, our name, our house, our belief and hope for the future. They want to steal from us the country. They already almost stole it, but at them on the way the wave of national indignation unexpectedly rose.
On Sunday, January 24, national meeting which will tell the loudest "gathers on a central square of Kishinev Isn't present!" to regime of the oligarch Vladimir Plakhotnyuk.
As organizers of meeting political forces which seemed irreconcilable antagonists a week ago the Civil platform "Advantage and Truth" of Andrey Nestase, the Party of socialists of Igor Dodon, "Our party" of Renato Usaty created by Maya Sandu PAS party act. Support of protests was declared by Liberal democratic party and the Civil forum uniting tens public organizations and political parties. To supporters of PKRM to appeal against the mode Mark Tkachuk addressed.
Such association looks really wonderful. Supporters of the Euroasian union and NATO, left and liberals, Moldavians, Romanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Gagauz everything united against Plakhotnyuk. Someone already declared it the beginning of formation of the Moldavian civil nation after quarter-century split of the people which we observe after obtaining independence by Moldova as a result of collapse of the USSR. To judge long-term consequences of the events occurring before our eyes so far early, but this association in itself is surprising.
For that it so happened, the people of Moldova have to tell "thanks" to Plakhotnyuk, but still bigger "thanks" to the Deputy United States Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. On Sunday tens of thousands of people shouldn't forget to proskandirovat amicably "Thank you, Mrs.Nuland!. Thank you, Mrs.Nuland!. Thank you, Mrs.Nuland!". Not to express gratitude to this American diplomat who lowered a hook which united the people of Moldova against the mode it will be unfair and dishonest.
A week ago the person responsible for all policy of the United States for Europe and Eurasia (!), Victoria Nuland held difficult negotiations in Kaliningrad with the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov. They solved the future of Ukraine. After that Nuland arrived to Bucharest where made the statements for support of the new parliamentary majority in Kishinev. Against discussion of global arrangements on Ukraine to deal with some Moldova where more than a year the sheer mess in the "pro-European" sauce doesn't stop, there were already neither forces, nor desire. Also there was no time because the decision should be made here and now. The president of Moldova Nicolae Timofti should have given instructions, what decree to sign that conducts to early elections, or that is favorable to "vast majority" of Plakhotnyuk. We saw, what decree signed Timofti.
At Nuland it wasn't simple opportunities to understand all this intra Moldavian nonsense. One is clear: The USA didn't want, and don't want early elections in Moldova because not simply are afraid, but know that as a result parties which as are afraid in Washington, will pursue the policy hostile to the American interests will come to the power.
Nuland waved a hand: let everything remain as is, we will deal then with this Moldova. The European Union and Romania which have no own foreign policy, were compelled to trudge, as usual, in a waterway at Americans. The president Claus Yokhannis which three days before it was told by Timofti "Keep! We near you in your fight against oligarchs!", it was developed on 180 degrees and I started pressing through Plakhotnyuk's government in every way. The European ambassadors in Kishinev simply became stupid from a somersault of Americans. But all of them had no place to disappear: the Washington regional committee it after all not only for Kishinev regional committee.
Attempt Nuland resembling, in passing to solve political crisis in Moldova by freezing of the status quo at which in the country Plakhotnyuk individually governs, unexpectedly for the West led to serious shocks in the Moldova.
Americans couldn't estimate correctly three things hatred degree to Plakhotnyuk, offense of citizens of Moldova on treachery of Westerners, and that the feeling of wild social injustice collecting for years even regardless of Plakhotnyuk had to find to itself a way out once. Approach Nuland was superficial and manipulative, it didn't consider these deep factors which escaped from hiding on the square.
In days, difficult for the people of Moldova, when people protest against Plakhotnyuk's regime in hope to overthrow it by means of early elections, the USA, the EU and Romania were on the side of this mode, against elections, against the people of Moldova. It is a strategic mistake which kills trust to "the pro-European vector" even more. Of course, it is possible to consider Moldova some pawn on a geopolitical board, but once and at its people the patience can burst. After Plakhotnyuk is overthrown and him, of course, will overthrow, - people will have in memory that they fought and overthrew the bandit, and the West betrayed them, to the last supporting the oligarch.
Support by the West of the government of Plakhotnyuk showed to the Moldavian opposition that anybody won't help it. People of the most ill-matched views understood that rescue of the drowning work drowning. Thrown by Americans, Europeans and Romanians, having appeared in private with the infernal meat grinder of Plakhotnyuk, they became friends by misfortune on one general "Titanic", understanding that it will be inevitably sunk by "iceberg" - Plakhotnyuk. To argue now about a vector of further swimming, to be measured by oars at whom is longer and stronger, occupation absolutely senseless. A question not in where you will float, and in, whether you will float in general. If Plakhotnyuk's regime remains, he will jail all one by one, and anybody will rescue nobody Americans, especially Europeans with Romanians. If Nuland merged opposition to Plakhotnyuk once, it will make it both the second, and the third, and the fourth. And Europeans and Romanians will take under a peak.
Today it is not about a choice, and about the right to choose. Plakhotnyuk deprives of people of such right. It takes away the right for existence, for life from people. Opposition the natural instinct of self-preservation forces to unite. Everyone separately won't be able to overcome the thieves' mode constructed on lie and repressions. Only together.
The western countries which all day long call all for fight against corruption, openly support the corrupted mode in Moldova. And if to tell about Plakhotnyuk's phenomenon, it even not corruption, it something other. Plakhotnyuk doesn't take bribes, he simply takes away money from all country, from each of us. The system created by it gets into a pocket of the people and takes away from it its resources, its future.
The people hate Plakhotnyuk. Nobody authorized him to be the head of Moldova. Anybody never to any post didn't elect it. Nobody gave it any power. He took it, having appointed himself the autocrat to whom all people have to pay a dessiatina. And he forced to recognize itself Nuland the power.
Plakhotnyuk became the general enemy for all, and nothing unites people so strongly, as hatred to the general enemy. 
Consolidation of opposition gives historical chance to unite and society. All citizens of Moldova have identical problems. By and large, they have nothing to divide, except poverty and lawlessness. 
The general national will always for justice. A present protest of opposition fair, because it against the power of thieves. Plakhotnyuk with the lured rack of spongers which on everything and on all to spit, became an embodiment of social injustice. People see that the democracy is a utopia that the EU which was famous for the social system, rolls down in extreme liberalism, and from there the help shouldn't wait that the West gives carte blanche on that local bandits plundered the people further, and all this is covered with demagogy about "the European choice". On such background the protest against Plakhotnyuk is also desperate attempt to escape from social slavery. Its reasons, of course, much more deeply, but people want to believe that, here, we will send Plakhotnyuk with his gang, and everything will change for the better. Not the fact that will change but if everything remains as is, will definitely not change.
Today the general national will is resisted by Democratic party, the "absolute parliamentary majority" corrupted by it, the frightened weather vane president, a puppet government, selling prosecutors and judges, the flown into a rage security officers, the personal guard of bandits puppies all that, as makes Plakhotnyuk's regime, which purpose to extort the last juice from Moldova and to hold the power to a limit, for which only urgent evacuation to Geneva through the Kishinev airport and the last spittle towards Moldova from the departing charter.
It is a pity that Plakhotnyuk's regime violates the justice with assistance of the USA, the EU and Romania. That in fight of the people of Moldova against this gang the western partners supported bandits, became a stab in the back to all of us. The West is mistaken, supporting Plakhotnyuk. He has to recognize the mistake and agree with what demanded by the majority early elections. So far nobody disavowed statements Nuland which expressed "pleasure" concerning "vast majority" of Plakhotnyuk. Means, the USA still oppose to early elections. But other honest, fair and democratic recovery from the crisis isn't present only elections.
Supporting the present Kishinev mode, the West becomes the accomplice of his crimes. Billion which they stole from banks it not the most terrible theft which they made. The most terrible that they want to steal our advantage, our name, our house, our belief and hope for the future. They want to steal from us the country. They already almost stole it, but at them on the way the wave of national indignation unexpectedly rose.
The protest against Plakhotnyuk is fight of the people for the future, for the Moldova. And as if the mode supported by the West resisted, justice and a victory on the party of the people.
Thank you, Mrs.Nuland!

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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