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23 years ago article of the outstanding sociologist, philosopher Alexander Zinovyev was written. It was called "From communism — to colonial democracy". Masters aren't present with us 10 years, but still you are surprised his insights, reading to time the
23 years ago article of the outstanding sociologist, philosopher Alexander Zinovyev was written. It was called "From communism — to colonial democracy". Masters aren't present with us 10 years, but still you are surprised his insights, reading to time the checked words. Article can be found in the Internet without problems, as interested persons will make. Here we will give only part of its article regarding the purposes and problems of culture which he called "western".

Zapadnization is aspiration of the West to make other countries similar to on a social system, economy, political system, ideology, psychology and culture. Ideologically it is represented as humane, disinterested and liberating mission of the West which is top of development of a civilization and the center of all imaginable virtues. We are free, rich and happy — inspires the West in the zapadniziruyemy people — and we want to help you to become too free, rich and happy. But the real essence of a zapadnization has with it nothing in common.
The zapadnization purpose — to include other countries in a sphere of influence, the authorities and operation of the West. To include not in roles of authorized and equal partners — it is simply impossible owing to an inequality of the actual forces — and in a role what the West will consider it necessary to him. This role can satisfy some part of citizens the zapadniziruyemykh of the countries and that for a short time. But in general this role minor and subsidiary. The West possesses sufficient power not to allow emergence of the West figurative countries, independent of it menacing to its domination in the part of the planet won by it for itself, and in the long term — and on all planet.
Of some this country influence of the West on this country is simply not to eat Zapadnization, loan of the separate phenomena of the western way of life isn't simple, use made in the west of values, not simply trips to the west, etc., and something much deeper and important for this country isn't simple. It is reorganization of bases of life of this country, its social organization, a control system, ideology, mentality of the population. These transformations become not as end in itself, and as means to achieve the objective about which it was told above.
Zapadnization doesn't exclude voluntariness from the zapadniziruyemy country and even desire to go this way. The West also aspires to it that the planned victim herself got to it into a mouth moreover thus would feel gratitude. For this purpose also there is a powerful system of a seducing and brain washing of masses. But under all circumstances the zapadnization is the active operation from the West which isn't excluding and violence.
Voluntariness from the zapadniziruyemy country doesn't mean yet that all population it unanimously accepts this way of the evolution. Within the country there is a fight between various categories of citizens for and against a zapadnization. The last not always works well as it happened, for example, in Iran and Vietnam.
All liberating and civilizing activity of the West in the past had one purpose: a planet gain for itself, but not for others, the planet adaptation for the, but not for others interests. He transformed the environment so that it was more convenient to western countries to live in it. When disturbed them in it, they didn't shun any means. Their historical way in the world was by violence, deception and punishments. Now conditions in the world changed. The West became other. Its strategy and tactics changed. But the main point remained the same. It also can't be other because it is the law of the nature. Now the West propagandizes the peace solution of problems as the military decision is dangerous to him, and peace methods create to it reputation of a certain highest and fair judge. But these peace methods possess one feature: they forcibly peace. The West possesses the huge economic, propaganda and political power quite sufficient to induce obstinate to do a peaceful manner that is necessary for the West. As shows experiment, peaceful means thus can be added by military. So as if the zapadnization of this or that country began, it will develop into a zapadnization compulsory.
It was developed as well tactics of a zapadnization. Measures such entered it. To discredit all main attributes of a social system of the country which should be zapadnizirovat. To destabilize it. To promote crisis of economy, government and ideology. To split the population of the country into the conflicting groups, to atomizirovat it, to support any oppositional movements, to bribe intellectual elite and exclusive layers. At the same time to conduct promotion of advantages of the western way of life. To excite at the population of the zapadniziruyemy country envy to the western abundance. To create illusion as if this abundance is achievable and for it in the shortest possible time if its country follows a way of transformation on the western samples. To infect it with defects of the western society, representing defects as manifestation of an original personal freedom. To give economic help to the zapadniziruyemy country only in that measure in what it promotes destruction of its economy and does it dependent on the West, and to the West creates reputation of the unselfish savior of the zapadniziruyemy country from the evils of its former way of life.
Alexander Zinovyev. From communism — to colonial democracy. Munich, June, 1993.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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