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Ion Bolboceanu at 75 years old, cameraman for Moldova-Film studios.
Ion Bolboceanu at 75 years old, cameraman for Moldova-Film studios. Ivan Vasilevich does not change a trade.

On a cover of my first book about the Moldavian cinema - "Travel on"Moldova-film", published almost forty years ago, the working moment of shootings of a film" Red glades "Эмиля Лотяну is embodied. Behind the chamber we see the operator of Ion Болбочану who together with colleague Vlad Churej shot this poetic film.

Ion Болбочану has come on the Moldavian studio in August, 1954 when it still had the status of studio of the chronicle. Was at first the assistant at the oldest master-operator Ivan Sherstjukova, removed plots for a newsreel, and then became the second operator in a picture "Moldavian tunes" which removed in 1955 nowadays well-known in a filmland not only as operators, but also directors Peter Todorovsky and Radomir Vasilevsky. 

Under their recommendation the Ion has arrived in ВГИК, on camera faculty, in a workshop of professor Edward Tisse, that which together with Sergey Eisenstein removed world renowned pictures "Strike", "Battleship" Potyomkin "," Alexander Nevsky "," Ivan Groznyj "and others. 

On teachers Болбочану carried. At the Yew was to that to learn. It removed the chronicle of the first world and civil wars, the chronicle of all three Russian revolutions, and has cast in the lot with such master of a world class, as S.Ejzenshtejn later. 

For the last half a century was not in republic of any significant event which it would not embody on a film. It is the whole treasury. 
In 1940 the Yew has for a while returned to documentary cinema. Together with Всеволодом Vishnevsky and director-documentation officer Esfirju of Fur coats it has started to remove at us in Moldova the big documentary film "the Earth бессарабская". However, because of the war which have begun soon of shooting of this picture and not was are finished. But the Yew has taken away from Moldova not only weight of impressions about our corner of the world which he has travelled all over up and down on the car (a rarity on those times), but also the beauty the wife - Бьянку which the sharp-sighted camera eye has looked after in the south of Bessarabia, in Belgorod-Dnestrovskom. 

Together with the spouse who was more senior it for 21 year, it has left to Moscow, and therefrom with a film studio "Mosfilm" - in evacuation to Alma-Ata where in days of war the Yew shot with Eisenstein a film "Ivan Groznyj". 

Perfectly speaking in Romanian (before war it has ended a grammar school in Belgorod-Dnestrovskom), Бьянка the Yew was always glad to see in the house of the spouse of the student-vgikovtsa of Ion Болбочану with which communicated on the native language. Together with the Ion in apartment the Yew there were many of us, the Moldavian students trained then in ВГИКе. Among them it was necessary to happen and me. 

Yew has died in 1961 when Болбочану has ended study and has returned with the diploma of the operator on native studio. Till now Бьянка continues to store fidelity of memory to the husband. She has not married, and apartment where lives and until now, has transformed into Edward Tisse's museum where the rare exhibits and documents of the period of work of her spouse with Eisenstein are collected. 

Having passed in a workshop the Yew brilliant school of camera skill, Болбочану has returned to Kishinev full of creative plans and courageous plans. By then at studio "Moldova-film" the professional youth collective began to develop of graduates ВГИКа of the first generation among whom were E.Lotjanu, V.Gazhiu, F.Hemuraru, V.Churja, P.Balan, pupils of high courses of script writers and directors G.Vode, V.Iovitse, V.Vasilake, S.Saka, I.German and others. 

One of the first documentary tapes who together with G.Vode was removed by I.Bolbochanu, was короткометражка "On autumn" - the poetic story about a generous autumn time in Moldova. This documentary tape together with V.Iovitse's picture "Well" has divided the main prize - "Small amber" regional film festival of five republics - Baltics, Belarus and Moldova on section documentary короткометражек. 

To game cinema Bolbochanu has come, however, a little bit later. To it there were some reasons. One of them - strong enough competition among colleagues-operators. At studio which let out during that time only two-three films in a year, have already strongly strengthened the positions such masters of camera skill, as Vadim Derbenyov, Leonid Proskurov, Vitaly Kalashnikov. 

The independent position of the Ion in relations with directors was other reason as it seems to me, very much. 

There is a belief, that at theatre "the director should die in the actor". And at cinema, on the contrary, any member of a film crew - whether it be the operator, the artist or the composer - is obliged "to die in the director". Probably, such concept of the talented operator did not arrange. 

And still to the Ion at the beginning carried and in game cinema. Together with Vlad Churej he has been invited Эмилем Лотяну to film shootings "Red glades". It was one of the first Moldavian tapes in colour. The subject line - lyrical on the tonality - demanded special poetic vision in a graphic number. Young operators have coped with this problem both in technical, and in the creative plan. The tape removed by them was highly appreciated. Happy remained also itself Лотяну. 

Softer on the character and tolerant to director's dictatorship, Vlad Churja still worked together with Лотяну over a film "This instant", and the Ion has for a long time left on a newsreel where has removed many sketches with different directors, and also hundreds plots for a newsreel "Moldova советикэ", one time leaving 3 once a month. 

I will not be mistaken, if I will tell, that it has removed from Nikita Khruschev's times for a newsreel of all secretaries general of the CPSU, up to Gorbachev, and also literally all executives of Moldova. 

With Лотяну it nevertheless has made one more colour короткометражку "the Fresco on white" about singer Anastasii Istrati who has become by one of pearls of the Moldavian cinema. 

Especially easily found Болбочану common language with Анатолом Кодру, in commonwealth with which has created such interesting film sketches, as to "Alexander Plemedjale", about the author of monument Штефану Great in Kishinev, "Not only the weapon" - about Moldavian господаре Дмитрие Кантемире. Only in 1979 the Ion for a short while comes back at game cinema, having removed together with the director Ion Мижей on the Moldavian TV a fiction film "House Диониса" where a leading role our known actor K.Konstantinov has played. 

And still the documentary cinema involves Болбочану much in большей degrees. Especially when it is necessary to deal with an interesting material and interesting people. 

Together with Vlad Drukom Ion with enthusiasm works over a sketch "Shepherds" - about people of the most ancient in Moldova trades. With Vlad Iovitsej removes last work of this master "Dance of our autumn". In total on the account at Болбочану about hundred documentary and popular scientific film sketches which have been removed by it at studios "Moldova-film" and "Telefilm-Kishineu", not considering newsreels and film almanacs. 

Except those tens thousand metres of a film removed by Ion Болбочану on the Moldavian earth and stored in National archive кинофотофонодокументов, in personal archive of the operator there are thousand photonegatives and photos, rare under the maintenance and the importance. Together with a movie camera "Конвас" it always took on shootings of any event two cameras charged by a film, always ready "to fight". For the last half a century was not in republic of significant event any in the slightest degree which it would not embody on film-and a photo to a film. It is the whole treasury. 

Does not sit Болбочану without business and now. It conducts a course of camera skill in Vlad Druka's workshop in Academy of music, theatre and the fine arts, constantly is interested in novelties of film camera technics. 

Becoming grey-haired as лунь, it in a shower remains same young and in the 75 years - active and uneasy what I knew it with вгиковских times. 

Ivan Vasilevich does not change the trade already more half a century. And this most important thing in a life of the present artist.

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