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The author of the book "I wish to tell", general Krjange discredits a myth about "political underlying reason" affairs Пасата. The sentence of court to the ex-Minister of Defence of Moldova, the ex-adviser of the chairman of board of the Russian Open Soci
The author of the book "I wish to tell", general Krjange discredits a myth about "political underlying reason" affairs Пасата. The sentence of court to the ex-Minister of Defence of Moldova, the ex-adviser of the chairman of board of the Russian Open Society "United Power Systems" Valery Pasatu continues to remain one of the most discussed themes of last week. The scandalous statement of ex-chief Pasata Anatoly Chubays with unambiguous threats to president Vladimir Voronina has caused squall of responses in local and Russian mass-media. Past Thursday МИДЕИ Moldova has directed a note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation with the requirement to present corresponding explanations according to norms of the international practice. Meanwhile, as have informed the correspondent of "NANOMETER" in the Moldavian foreign policy department, no official answer is present. However on a site of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs there was a comment of department of the information and the press of this department. 

In the comment words it is not spoken about the note of the Moldavian diplomats. But there there is an assessment of works of the Moldavian judicial bodies. A sentence, it is told in the document, "amazes with the cruelty" and "causes serious questions concerning conformity to rules of law". The Criminal case got on Пасата, is named by "doubtful", there is also a reference to its political underlying reason. About this underlying reason have started talking at once after arrest Пасата on March, 10th, 2005. We will remind, that this event has taken place at once after elections in the Moldavian parliament when some actions of Kishinev have been apprehended by Moscow as unfriendly acts in relation to Russia. Detention of the adviser of the Russian Open Society "United Power Systems" has got to this number at the capital airport also. The Moldavian opposition, except for ХДНП and Демпартии which leader Думитру of Clerks held a post of the parliamentary speaker during the stay of Пасата the Minister of Defence of the country, took the slogan about "political underlying reason" affairs on arms. The statement followed the statement (with a break on summer vacations). After sentence announcement on which Valery Pasat has received 10 years of imprisonment, the leader of an alliance "Our Moldova" Серафим Урекян named has put ex-Ministry of Defence "political order". It is echoed by figures of Republican People party. Business Пасата "is fabricated and has obvious political character", - is spoken in the statement extended by them. 

Practically simultaneously to adjudgment Пасату in Kishinev there was one more event which remains imperceptible. The second, processed and added edition of the book of predecessor Pasata on a post of the Minister of Defence of general Paul Krjange was published. In the book "I wish to tell:" he has stated events, the participant and which witness was. At general Krjange buyers for planes MIG-29 have been found and transaction procedure has begun. It has not been finished, because the fighting general was replaced on a post by the civil minister. Here is how describes P.S.Krjange's those events: 

"Showing the ropes affairs of the new minister, I among all other have let him know the signed contract on sale of one of the countries of several planes MiG-29, about our readiness for its performance. Negotiations were conducted by the state commission created by the governmental order. 

- Representatives of the party getting planes, already have accepted them, - I have told. Is, probably, unique case when they can be realised under such contract favourable to us. 

I have advised to Mr. V.Pasatu personally to be convinced in it and if it has doubts, immediately to report on the president and the prime minister, to generate the new commission and to carry on additional negotiations, but not to miss this chance as other such possibility can already not be. Has warned, that in a case if the contract will be broken, it should bear for it the share of responsibility. 

- Planes will be sold by me and the president, - is proud Mr. V.Pasat has answered me. 

Unfortunately, my assumptions have proved to be true. Realisation of those several planes then as, however, and the next years, has not taken place. The country has not received mullions-strong profit in the budget. 

Mass "military sale" has occurred later. Three years later in the press there was a trustworthy information about such affairs in the Ministry of Defence in a management of it of Mr. V.Pasata. The fact of rough activity which was developed on this soil by Mr. the minister is interesting. It left abroad, personally, under the certificate of officers accompanying it, carried on negotiations... As a result the considerable quantity of aviation technics, other means of arms of National army, rockets and an ammunition has been sold, according to experts, under the ridiculous prices - from 3 to 10 and more times below their actual cost ". 

If to consider, that the last almost ten years of the life Paul Krjange had no relation to power structures and to communistic board including its this certificate hardly can be carried to the category of "political orders". The author who has died on January, 19th, 2004, could not expect, that happens on March, 10th, 2005. He simply documentary stated the facts fixed in its diaries. And these facts only confirm claims to Пасату, put forward by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Moldova. Probably, ten years' term to which the ex-minister is sentenced, is really very severe (how many former and present officials are worthy to share its fate?), but it already other theme. Too, by the way, to a policy not concerning. 

Автор книги "Я хочу рассказать:" генерал Крянгэ развенчивает миф о "политической подоплеке" дела Пасата.

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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