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Acceptance of Moldova in the World Trade Organization (WTO) - 142 member. As it was already informed, on the eve of Day of the Victory from Geneva the Moldavian governmental delegation which has visited there with two-day visit in connection with acceptan
Acceptance of Moldova in the World Trade Organization (WTO) - 142 member. As it was already informed, on the eve of Day of the Victory from Geneva the Moldavian governmental delegation which has visited there with two-day visit in connection with acceptance of our country in the World Trade Organization (WTO) has come back. After the next Romania, Moldova becomes 142nd member of this rather authoritative and influential international forum where not too simply to get, - it is enough to tell, that such big countries as Russia and Ukraine, just undergo preparatory procedure of acceptance and that was required to our republic more than five years that it to pass. Official delegation accompanied group of businessmen and some representatives of mass-media, including our special correspondents. It - a word and a photoobjective... That fact, that the delegation was headed by the prime minister of the country (on добное happens seldom enough), gave it the special status and weight. As in its structure there were also Ministers for Foreign Affairs and the finance. The whole working days of our delegation it was necessary to work practically without breaks to spend five-six legal and business meetings, to be accepted by several high-ranking officials at level of chairmen of committees and executive secretaries, and also the general director of headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva Vladimir Petrovskim, moreover to arrange under a curtain reception in honour of outstanding event. The most exciting and pleasant procedure for all period of stay of delegation in Geneva was, perhaps, session of the General council of the WTO on which the Republic Moldova nominee was discussed, recommendations of representatives of some member countries sounded and, at last, the long-awaited decision has been passed: to accept! As expert people spoke to us, usually in such discussion participate from seven to ten delegates whereas with a laudable recommendatory word in favour of acceptance of our country in the WTO fourteen (some of them - on behalf of the several countries) have acted. And emotional speech of the representative of the next Romania - Andes Филип, begun and set the fashion to discussion was especially bright. Should be, never anybody from us heard until then so much kind and flatter words to Moldova what have sounded that significant day, on May, 8th, 2001, under the arches of a magnificent building of the WTO (former palace ГАТТ). Has followed then solemn signing by Prime minister Vasily Tarlevym of the report on joining of Moldova to the World Trade Organization. Besides members of the Moldavian delegation, group of our businessmen and employees of the diplomatic mission РМ headed by ambassador Andrey Keptene, in ceremony the president of the WTO Mike Moor and the chairman of its Council - Stewart Harbinson have taken part. All of them have given high appreciation to value of the given event, having underlined, that acceptance of Moldova in the big family of the WTO opens before it new prospects of economic development and business cooperation in the world scale. 
Our prime minister has gone further, naming this event historical. But has added there and then, that realises, what huge responsibility is incurred henceforth by Moldova before the world community for performance of new, hard obligations. Actually, we as it is joyful to get access on the world market as it is favourable to involve foreign investments will add and to achieve modern technologies, however as it is difficult to let out the goods of faultless quality, not to accumulate the big debts, to pay good salaries, strictly to carry out of other obligations of a member of the Organization! Having thanked for essential support of Moldova at the initial stage of its introduction in world trading structure, mister Tarlev has stated hope, that the similar fatherlike relation to our country will show a WTO management and in the future. The majority of businessmen, heads of the enterprises which have visited together with official delegation in Geneva, also have positively estimated the mentioned event, meaning possible benefits for the Moldavian business thanks to removal of restrictions existing till now. The representative Dnestr administrations as a part of the Moldavian delegation Mr. Victor Sinev has more frostily responded in the given occasion. To rejoice for the present early, he because at the beginning on any benefits and dividends to count has noted there is nothing. Huge work and considerable expenses are coming to adapt our economy, our traditions and legal features for the world standards. 

Journalists did not have an access on many negotiations. However it it was curious, our delegation faced what problems behind the closed doors. In particular, кореспондент "NANOMETER" has taken an interest at the prime minister, whether there was an obstacle in mutual understanding with a management of the WTO and some trading partners that fact, that in Moldova the power in all spheres has passed to Communist Party. "Anybody did not stammer at it at all, as they say, - Mr. Tarlev has answered. Is at our place it is accepted устраи вать similar political dismantlings, to frighten people as if the West will close all doors in front of Moldova. And here, on the contrary, spoke about that, as well as than to it to help. For example, in the economic commission of the United Nations where we talked to its executive secretary Danutoj Hjubner, quite real possibility of granting to Moldova of the grant in 200 thousand dollars on development of small and average business was discussed. Discussed trading, economic questions. About the politician did not speak in general". 

Has put now behind our Parliament to which should ratify the Report on the introduction of republic in the WTO. The Moldavian delegation has assured the Organization management what to wait long for it it is not necessary. 

Kishinev - Geneva - Kishinev.

Boris МАРИАН, the special correspondent of "NANOMETER".
Photo: Valery Korchmar

photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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