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Vladimir Voronin: "Spirituality and Culture - inseparable concepts". More recently Christians of all world marked the easter week devoted to a celebration of spirit over a transitory flesh. These days people especially aspire to do kind affairs and to ref
Vladimir Voronin: "Spirituality and Culture - inseparable concepts". More recently Christians of all world marked the easter week devoted to a celebration of spirit over a transitory flesh. These days people especially aspire to do kind affairs and to reflect about not vain. This fate was avoided also by the President of Republic Moldova Vladimir Nikolaevich Voronin. 
Just these days the correspondent of the Internet newspaper Alexander Romanov's "PRESS-review" has interviewed the head of the country. Spirituality and culture became a conversation theme.

Even the torrential rain has not prevented the president to meet inhabitants of Athos. - Moldova represents многоконфессиональное the state with the basic religion - Orthodoxy. However to a regiment of new cults all arrives. Your relation as politician and the person to such abundance of faiths in territory РМ. 

- Such многоконфессиональная a palette - a consequence of a polyethnic society, centuries built in Moldova. And though the orthodox belief is majority in republic - her profess more than 90 % of citizens, - all the same is at us and other religions and categories of believers. Exotic cults, not characteristic for Moldova are registered even. 

And I and other country leaders we concern tolerantly, loyally all displays of belief in republic, but, of course, we support Orthodoxy. However occurrence of more and more unusual cults disturbs us because they in the country have no historical place. 

- You are a communist on belief. And the Marxist-Leninist ideology which all of us in high schools studied, assumes three components, one of which is the scientific atheism. How it is combined at you with belief in the God? This display of political flexibility, a conjuncture or goes from heart? 

- This orthodoxy in world outlook perception of the world and occurring events by which the CPSU was characterised, along with other components has led to disintegration of the USSR. The role the militant, aggressive atheism has played. Actually each person has the right to trust or not to trust. When we only started to create the Communist Party in 1993, the problem of the relation to religion stood very sharply. 

Within one and a half years we could not come to a common opinion. Eventually Central Committee Plenum has accepted the Statement for the relation of party to religion which has laid down in a basis of authorised requirements at the introduction of citizens into our party. Today anybody asks nobody, in what he trusts and whether trusts in general. This right of each person. Moldova - the democratic country, we have signed the bill about the rights where all it is registered. 

- I read about your trip to Athos, favourite child Штефана of foreheads Маре, and all the same for me remain a riddle: what you moved? The mere curiosity, a problem unknown to us or a certain mystical force? 

- The desire to familiarise with a life which conducts a brotherhood of monks on the sacred mountain Athos, existing, by the way, was at first simple 1100. It wanted to me to see the eyes as it is organised. 

And then it has so carried away me, that I have visited there already three times. At us friendly communications with monastery Ватапед on Athos were established. The aged man of this monastery has visited us in a year before last, and we намерены to pay reciprocal visit. This unique place. It deeply shakes the one who personally visits Athos (that the man) receive only. Consequences and conclusions after that visiting and acquaintance with a life which is conducted by monks, are surprising and deeply influence everyone who has visited there. 

- At Штефана foreheads Маре the confessor was true молельник - aged man Daniel Sihastru. Whether there is at you a such prompter? 

- Is, and not one. Because it is interesting to me to talk to different people both from monastic, and from the church environment. Each of them - not only the carrier of our orthodox belief, but also bright individuality - the person with whom it is interesting to communicate and from which you learn much. 

- And to whom confess? 

- Annually, when there comes the Great post, I причащаюсь, and before it confess. And with that end in view I visit each time other church. Twice in same I do not come. 

- And that will grow proud? 

Reconstruction of monastery Киприяны is under steadfast attention of the head of the state. - not because will grow proud - me so more pleasantly and more interestingly. As a rule, I visit rural churches, in particular in those places where once as the fates decree it was possible to live or work. 

- Whether give to a happy minute a portion of pleasure to the God? Or remember It only in the difficult? 

- Each of us without it cannot: whether automatically, whether осознанно, but we address during the certain moments to the God. For some reason more often it occurs during the difficult periods instead of when all is good. Unfortunately, it I can tell and about myself. When we meet problems, we appeal: My God, help! Such is the nature human. 

- In Christianity there are three corner stones: belief, hope and love. What from them for you it is more important? 

- I think, that all these postulates have not passing value, but only all together. Only observing these three basic principles and working on their development, improving itself, it is possible to reach harmonies to which each of us aspires. 

- When meet on the way an absolute obstacle which cannot be bypassed, accept it as a reality or nevertheless try to overcome? Whether the similar situation upsets you? 

- It is necessary to define, that such insuperable difficulty. Those problems and problems which we solve within the powers, since me or finishing me - as want, - it is impossible to name absolutely insuperable, and is faster - formidable. 

I so was brought up: not solved problems does not happen. And there is an unwillingness and their inability to overcome, and discrepancy to level of those problems which should be solved. 

Therefore it is necessary to look and at their level, and on collective - a command from which you wish to overcome those or other obstacles. If all goes in a combination - means, these problems are surmountable. 

In 2001 when we have come to power were the big optimists and to the full did not realise, what difficulties we will face. But those who predicted, that we will not meet crisis, deeply were mistaken. And so at all stages. Within 6 years we every day, it is possible to tell, faced difficult, at first sight seeming insuperable, obstacles. And besides, with the Divine help, them overcame. 

Are you speak as the politician. And how the person? Allow to develop a "resting" situation or will try to break it? 

- The evolutionary way - is risky and unpredictable. However, if it is correct, - why not to pass it? But if radical changes are required - they should be made, differently there will be no movement and progress, but only скатывание on inclined. 

- You appreciate what virtues in friends and enemies? 

- To friends at me increased requirements in respect of personal decency, and to foes too. In general, I should make the note: enemies at me as at the president are not present. Because I can not, I have no right to divide citizens of Moldova on enemies and not enemies. And in the personal plan the same. 

I have opponents concerning my activity which I conduct as the president and the chairman of party. It assumes different approaches in work with opponents. They are in party and can agree or not with any theses and decisions. And there are representatives of opposition whom for our decisions and laws can vote, support them or criticise, that, basically, and is the opposition main task. We do not search for enemies. 

- And unless it is not necessary to appreciate enemies already what they are more fair and more exact, than friends, specify in our weaknesses? 

- This wisdom is thought up not today and not by us, in it the deep sense what it is necessary to remember always is concluded. 

- I heard from many people, that at difficult o'clock they were rescued by a guardian angel. Whether was and in your life something similar when a certain force has saved you or has warned about something? 

- About a guardian angel I support the thesis. It has old history, is described in the literature and became a symbol of human hope. It is impossible to contradict the developed foundations. Probably, any force over us is. With me there were three histories which, at close examination, form a logic, sign chain. 

The first. I studied in Moscow, in Academy of social studies at the CPSU Central Committee in 1981-1983. And was there with the wife and the daughter, and the son then studied at the Kishinev university. Among other purposes and problems at us the serious cultural program in which frameworks we have planned visiting of the Zagorsk monastery (so has been planned then was called to laurels Trinity-sergieva). In the first year to carry out conceived did not leave. On following we have agreed with the Moscow friends and have appointed day, but it has not turned out, in second time - too, and only in third time it was possible to be pulled out. Absolutely anybody then did not know a church calendar, but we have arrived just to birthday Сергия Radonezhsky, the relic founder. During divine service I have met eyes patriarch Pimenom who, being on distance of one and a half metres, very attentively looked at me. 

The second case. I was already the first secretary of a city town committee of party in Bendery - побратиме the Italian city of Kavrega (120 km to the south of Milan). We exchanged delegations. We have gone to the turn also (three persons). Italians have met us, have acquainted with the schedule of actions. I remember, we have arrived to Rome in 6 mornings and have gone to examine the Vatican museums. Suddenly owners have thought suddenly: today environment! And every Wednesday Daddy John Paul II leaves on Sacred Peter's area for a meeting with the people. And we have hastened there, and the wooden obstacles forming a corridor there are already established, and on it the papal car moves. It has passed by me on distance of the extended hand, but I did not manage to touch the pontifex because ahead there were two women. 

The third. It was already established new, - the democratic power in Moldova. Being the Minister of Internal Affairs of republic, I have started to study in Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Year in absentia, the subsequent - internally. By the way, I was not a shame to me, that, the general, I study together with majors and captains. 

In one of Sundays we with the wife have decided to walk near the underground Novoslobodsky and have gone towards the Olympic complex. Have gone on foot, through park. Passing by small церковки, we see - in a court yard the long black car. I speak to the spouse: "Таисия, here someone from the high-ranking persons has arrived". Have come. 

In a temple it has appeared no more than 70 persons. And the service was spent there by patriarch Alex. It has appeared is a church sacred Пимена, the service has been devoted day of its birth. The patriarch has sprinkled me with sacred water. Now we with it in good relations. 

- You have understood, what it were for signs? Probably, to you from above there was a help, what in due course will be invested by the big power, but it should be as more as possible spiritual? 

- Can be. Nobody programmed these cases. 

- At many Easter is connected with the childhood. Grandmothers attached to belief. Through whom to religion you have come? 

- Through grandmother Tatyana. It the first has taken away me small in church and in every possible way encouraged, that I there went and well myself conducted. My mum of 28 years sang in church chorus - and it thus, that I held various party posts both in the Central Committee, and in Bendery, both in Дубоссарах, and in Унгенах. In the house there were icons, Easter, Christmas and all other orthodox holidays were marked. Mum will fall ill - the father will necessarily visit. I often came home and met it, together sat down a table, talked. 

- How you celebrate Easter? 

- I defend a night service in the Cathedral together with other heads of the country, then in 7 mornings we go to metropolitan Vladimir and разговляемся. In an hour-one and a half we go home where we are waited already by children and grandsons. Together we celebrate Easter. 

This year again met Fertile Jerusalem fire. This tradition which has been put in pawn 5 years ago, all citizens of the country kindly perceive. When fire already here, gathers the people, there come clerics from all arrivals and carry it on the country. 

- The wife for you - simply spouse or the friend? 

- Probably, for each of us the wife originally is a wife, and in the course of time it becomes the greatest friend. And at me, any exceptions. 

- Whether you are happy with destiny of children? If someone has wanted to leave them in religion or to lodge in a spiritual community, you would respect its choice? 

- At the initial stage, after leaving school, children choose a speciality under the recommendation of parents as life experience and practice do not possess. But parents, of course, should know when to stop in the influence and not cultivate mum's-daddy's sonnies and daughters, and to give the chance to them to learn both difficulties, and delights of a life and to show the abilities, the character. Any baby talk, there is more than independence. 

Each of my children has chosen business to which lays smothering. If was mistaken, searched for something another, the third. Has not put parents to interfere and dictate the will on whom, for example, to marry. Certainly, not to be the adviser to the son or the daughter it it is wrong, but, basically, they should solve the problems how them see. The main thing - should remain decent people, respect family traditions, treat kindly parents, grandfathers and grandmothers. These rules are obligatory. 

- Whether was at you in the presentiment childhood what become политдеятелем wide scale? Perhaps the gipsy has foretold? 

- I do not trust neither to gipsies, nor sociological interrogations. And never in a life to me nobody guessed. All is reached through knowledge, work and patience. If to unite these three points it is possible to achieve the object, you intended. To write to itself on a forehead, that I wish to be that and that, - is useless, because it leads to serious moral and psychological shocks. 

- Whom wished to see you mother? 

- Mum, as well as I, first of all saw me the military man - such is influence of last world war. Clearly, parents of the middle 50 differ from today's both an outlook and vision of the future of children and then still ruins were everywhere, wounds were ill, bled, that limited any superexpectations. To me parents have allowed to be absolutely independent in a choice of where and on whom to study, for what I am very grateful to them. 

- Whether there is no at you a desire to write the book? 

- No. I would like to realise myself completely in discharge of duties of the president and a leader of the party to such degree now to express concrete situations, instead of to leave all it for the book. I wish to carry out all commissions right now, instead of to dream then, backdating, as though I have reorganised all and as would correct errors. It not in my character. In such situation the book would be original attempt to rehabilitate for not made - i.e. an explanation a post factum of that was not possible. I consider so: you today at business - or be kind work, instead of speak, that here someone and something has prevented you, and you have not made. 

- Presidents of many countries creatively express themselves in playing music: play a piano, a saxophone, a guitar, a bayan... Whether There are at you similar hobbies? 

- I this year will begin 37th hunting season. Since a youth there were sports hobbies - a bicycle and a motorcycle with which help now simply I support the form. 

- Art enriches an inner world of the person. Whether you find time to visit a concert, performance, an opening day? Whether have looked the best Russian film of 2006 - "Island"? 

- The film has not looked. And as to visiting of cultural actions, at me dual position. As the official, it is compelled to be present on status actions which, not be I the president, probably, would not visit. And now is obliged to visit, because differently it will be disrespect and underestimation of this or that юбиляра. But I visit some exhibitions, concerts and performances on heart call, no less than I meet interesting creative people. 

- Whether you agree, what the main riches of Moldova are talented children? Them after all at us - great variety. 

- Not that that is a lot of them - everyone! 

- But not all parents can move, push children. Whether it is impossible to create any fund, that in the target way to pay to the grant to such children? 

- There is such fund, and not one. There is an Association of presented children. I periodically meet them. Not so long ago accepted winners of the international school Olympic Games and young winners of the international creative competitions. 

Under my initiative the governmental order about lycée opening is accepted at АНМ for talented children in the mathematician, chemistry, the physics etc. to Them will be taught by academicians. On this base the university in which from all corners of the country capable children will be selected will open. 

In the plan for development of creative possibilities of the child under my control the program of restoration of rural and regional musical schools is realised. Such school in Кантемире where we have collected for an exchange of experience of all завотделами cultures of republic is already put in operation. 

- Financing will be state? 

- Yes, certainly. Besides, I personally watch how our updated choreographic college works. Now we project one more case - modern. With a hostel. To collect capable dancers from all republic, and not just from Kishinev. 

- Whether it is impossible to tax businessmen and the collected means to direct on development of sports and arts for children and youth? 

- It is impossible. Businessmen should find application of a part of the means for patronage of arts. We have a positive example - the head "Элата" Leonid Volnjansky who works for a long time with youth, directs it for study to various high schools as to Russia, and Europe. And results it is available! Natasha Gordienko after all from its command. There it has revealed, there to it have helped with study. Volnjansky has supported children who became subsequently opera singers and act today on a professional scene. It is an example, worthy imitations for many of who has less possibilities, than at Volnjansky. If each businessman separately offers a helping hand such here to gifted children, it will be simply healthy. 

- Opposite to a presidential palace many years decay two historical cases of the Art museum - buildings Клигмана and Херца. You could pledge a firm word of the president, what till the end of your mandate these buildings will start to function on pleasure to townspeople, rising generation and visitors of capital? 

- Necessarily. Even this morning at hardware meeting I have instructed to gather next week all these buildings responsible for reconstruction and to understand, why so slowly there are works. And by all means this year it is necessary to strengthen walls, to make a roof, to update a facade, to execute internal furnish. There there is a work, but it is carried out by 10 persons, and it is necessary - 100. 

- When to Kishinev there came Oleg Tabakov, he has told in interview to me, that tries to embody the theory of small affairs during a life. For example, feeds with free dinners of the old men living in radius of quarter round its theatre. What do you think of this theory? 

- As to very correct idea. Only it not the theory, and besides - loan from Christian precepts which order to help the near. To dream and speak about the big affairs all love, hypertrophying all to impossibility. And here particularly to help the real person - it is much more difficult. We in the activity, not yesterday and not today, and right at the beginning - since 2001, have set the task both of the government, and before deputies of parliament of our fraction, that each departure in area and each meeting with the people, each our enrolment of citizens should end necessarily with the positive decision as it is possible большего quantities of problems addressed for the help. People should not leave without expected result. It is easier to tell: is not present supposedly - the law, to help it is impossible. It is necessary to think, strain and find possibilities, frequently non-standard to help the concrete person. And if all this weight of government officials solves in day though one question in favour of the addressed visitor, represent, how many becomes happy people in Moldova! 

Photo by Valery Korchmar, photo by Valerii Corcimari

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