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Moldova-Greece: the political novel. Relations between Moldova and Greece show, that all is far not in this world is subordinated to rigid laws political and economic feasibility, that between the countries, as well as between people, the friendship, with
Moldova-Greece: the political novel. Relations between Moldova and Greece show, that all is far not in this world is subordinated to rigid laws political and economic feasibility, that between the countries, as well as between people, the friendship, without benefit and self-interest and that can be simple, at last, this approach in a condition to provide the highest level of interstate mutual understanding and cooperation. Movement from irrational friendship to mutual benefit and expediency - as it is not similar to those principles and installations on which the today's system of the international relations is based. But how much it is effective! An example of relations of Moldova and Greece - the best to volume acknowledgement.
So, what that occurs between Moldova and Greece? If in a word is a novel. The political novel. We will look at the chronicle of the Moldavian-Greek contacts top-level. In the beginning a trip of the president of Moldova to Athos. Then Vladimir Voronin becomes the honourable citizen of the Greek city of Nikiti. Then in small town Милес it also declare the honourable citizen. More than that is in its honour and in honour of the president of Greece Палпулиаса name one of streets "Papulias-Voronin". During last visit which has occurred this week, the Moldavian leader award "the Cross the Savior" - the higher award of Greece, and still - for the contribution to development of relations between two states and two capitals - a gold medal of a city of Athena. On an empty place such love could not arise.
On one party of barricades.
All who accompanied president Voronina on its trip to Greece, should pay attention that it - was especial visit. Among all other meetings at the summit it was distinguished not by simply genuine warmth, trust, kindliness, and first of all very clear understanding of that occurs in Republic Moldova. It is not surprising. Our countries and ours of the people are very close - cultural, mentally, historically. In history of Greece and Moldova - many the general pages and the general heroes.
Acting in the Athenian mayoralty, president Voronin has reminded: our countries and the people unites, first of all - belief. The majority of the population of Moldova, no less than the majority of the population of Greece profess orthodox Christianity. History of relations of Moldova and Greece - dramatic and bright history of struggle for belief. 
The sacred mountain Athos located in Greece, this monastic republic storing traditions and relics of true Orthodoxy in the Middle Ages has survived exclusively the help Moldavian господарей, first of all Штефана Great. Штефан, battling for independence of Moldova of expansion of the Ottoman empire which has subdued by that moment all orthodox states of region, perfectly understood: Athos will survive, Orthodoxy will survive also. Svjatogorsky monasteries at that time tested terrible deprivations. Штефан - unique for that moment orthodox господарь the orthodox Moldova which has not obeyed Port - incurs care mission, and as a matter of fact - rescue of Sacred mountain. He generously endows to Athos monasteries, grants them the earths, переподчиняет sacred monasteries in the Moldova. Каприяны, Old Орхей.
On Athos today - everywhere traces of the Moldavian presence. Трапезная and library in Greek monastery Ватопед, a tower and landing stage in Bulgarian monastery Зограф. And still - ancient Moldavian reading and writing, bas-reliefs and frescos with the image Moldavian господарей. More than an eye pupil the monks of a relic connected with name Штефана Great - тетраевангелие, presented by the Moldavian monarch protect зографские, an icon and its fighting banner with George Pobedonostsa's image. Initially such banners was two, but during the First World War one of them has been stolen by the French soldiers and has emerged already later in the Bucharest museum. During the first visit to Athos president Voronin has restored historical justice, having returned Зографу an exact, "official" copy of fighting flag Штефана. It was necessary to see persons of monks. They carefully ironed a banner, were christened on it, thanked the Moldavian leader for relic returning.
From this visit close spiritual communication between Moldova and Sacred mountain has renewed. Athos monks became frequent visitors in Kishinev, and every time Vladimir Voronin finds time in the operating schedule to meet them. Representatives of the Moldavian clergy regularly visit Svjatogorsky monasteries. Still acting at ceremony of award of a rank of the honourable citizen of the city of Milesa, Vladimir Voronin has told in this occasion literally the following: "We have restored natural space of our general values and the general belief, centuries uniting us on a way by a fair life". That role which have played in due time Moldavian воеводы in destiny of Athos and present interest of a management of Moldova to the Sacred mountain, should impose the print on today's relations between Moldova and devoutly believing orthodox Greece.
But only the Middle Ages the generality of history of Moldova and Greece is not limited to one. Memory of Moldova, of Kishinev, of the earth with which struggle of the Greek people for independence has begun is carefully stored in modern Greece. This history though is not bad studied, but is little-known in present Moldova where the history was until recently only means of a political manipulation. However growing up Greece it is literally brought up on examples of heroism of fighters for independence of the country which way began in present Moldavian capital. Here, in Kishinev it has been created "Филики Этерия" - the organisation which is known by each Greek patriot and each researcher of the Moldavian olden time. This organisation which has strongly located both in Kishinev, and across all Moldova, became a general staff on the organisation of triumphal procession of the Greek revolution. Not it is for nothing at ceremony of delivery to president Voroninu of the higher award of Athenes, the mayor of a city has told: " Such persons as Ипсиланти and Филипидес equally belong, both to history of Moldova, and to history of Greece ".
Alexander Ipsilanti, the major general of Russian army (1817), the participant of a Patriotic War of 1812 and, simultaneously, the grandson and the son Moldavian господарей Konstantin Ipsilanti and Alexander Ipsilanti's (senior) Greek origin lifts Antiturkish revolt in 1821. Passes with insurgents the Rod and in Яссах (then the territory of Turkey) will read to the appeal about independence of Greece. In six years Greece has received independence though Ипсиланти it has appeared in the conclusion. This feat both our fellow countryman, and the Greek patriot, and the Russian general it is entered by gold letters in history of Greece. House Ипсиланти is located in Kishinev, in the street Хаждэу. The question what here, in a building where members legendary "Филики Этерия" gathered, probably, will take places the Greek cultural centre and embassy of Greece is considered. That fact, that in Moldova make thrifty use of the objects connected with the Greek history, is very highly estimated in Greece. President Papulias at press conference has declared, that Greece cares of the Moldavian citizens working in its territory the same as Moldova cares of monuments of the Greek history. The speaker of parliament of Greece Anna Benaki-Psaruda has expressed gratitude to the Moldavian authorities for preservation of the Greek cultural-historical monuments which are in territory of Republic Moldova. Unless it can pass without positive consequences for mutual relations?
In the same years in Kishinev of veins, and in a consequence Daniel Filipides has been buried in Beltsy and other outstanding Greek educator, one of founders of modern Greek language гетерист. The Earth from its tomb has been transferred in Милес - the native city of Filipidesa during Vladimir Voronina's working visit to Greece two years ago. Greeks then has especially touched, that the Moldavian president has mentioned the plane trees planted Филипидесом which decorate till now a city. These are such details from which any country which is thinking much to the national history, does far-reaching conclusions and transfers these conclusions to interstate relations.
President Vladimir Voronin, acting in the Athenian mayoralty, has reminded the gathered: the general Moldova and Greece had also a struggle against aggressors. "We together battled against османского yokes, we together battled and against fascism in days of the Second World War", - he has declared. By the way, putting on of wreaths to a monument to the Unknown soldier in the centre of Athenes - obligatory ceremony of any official visit to Greece. This European country, as well as Moldova holds sacred memory of soldiers fallen in that, the most severe war of 20th century.
Leaning against such historical heritage it is easy to build friendship in the present and with confidence to look ahead.
From the past - in the future.
Goods turnover has sharply increased in 2006 between Moldova and Greece - more than for 30 percent! Officials of Greece not once or twice spoke during this visit: we should help Moldova, after all its present condition is far from that level which all of us would like to see. And in it the genuine brotherly care of the friendly country was felt. The Prime minister of Greece Костас Караманлис has declared, that the Republic Moldova is included in number of first five countries which will take advantage of financing from the Greek government for realisation of various projects in the field of power, infrastructures, agriculture, the tourism, the processing and textile industry. Support by the Greek authorities and the European aspirations of Moldova is unconditional also. During visit it has been signed three intergovernmental agreements - about cooperation in customs area, in sphere of culture, science and education, and also - in sphere of public management. And it - has considerably added legal base of mutual relations which totaled till now 18 documents. Support by the Greek authorities and the European aspirations of Moldova is unconditional also. Already today our camps actively co-operate in the international organisations of the southeast of Europe, the Black Sea pool, and also region of the Balkan countries. But where support of Moldova is more important in this sense moral, perhaps. Both the president of Greece, and the speaker, and the prime minister of this country said that Moldova in the long term should become the full member of the European Union. And the mayor of Athenes has declared literally the following: " We are assured, that it is impossible to speak about a uniform European family if in it there is no full representation of all people and the countries of Southeast Europe ". Against discussions - whether it is necessary to continue process of expansion of EU, this position of one of the countries so-called" old Europe "looks very encouraging. Support of settlement of a Dnestr problem by official Athenes on the basis of unity and territorial integrity of Republic Moldova is unequivocal also. Greece which is the regional leader, possesses serious political weight - both on the Balkans, and in EU. Its frankly Promoldavian position is difficult for underestimating.
Brothers on reason and brothers by birth 
Relations of a present Moldavian management with Greece develop so easily, probably, also because Greece - the country with the deepest left traditions. Here two communist parties, influential socialist party led by the owner of a legendary surname - Папандреу. These parties have passed through struggle against fascism, their members shot and suppurated in prisons and at a pre-war fascist mode of general Metaksasa, and at fascist occupation, and at neo-fascist dictatorship "black colonels" in 60th years. As a matter of fact, the Greek communists and socialists were unique who resisted to all these flashes of nazism in the homeland of the European democracy.
President Voronin has met - and the leader of Socialist party of Greece Георгиосом Папандреу, and with the chairman of the Left coalition of Ecological movement of Greece Алекосом Алаваносом, and with the Secretary general of Communist party of Greece Алекой Папаригой. Today all these parties, at preservation of serious political weight in the Greek society, are in opposition. Vladimir Voronin has shared experience of supervising state work of the same, European left party, ПКРМ, with ideological allies from Greece. By the way, the Left coalition was one of three political parties which recommended acceptance of Party of communists of Moldova in Party of the European left (SANG). Have agreed to make active interparty cooperation.
What, and is more true - who else promotes successful interstate dialogue? Our compatriots. In Greece lives and many Moldavians work. And they here - on fine to the account. It not only workers, builders, but also doctors, businessmen, and even - scientific historians. In Greece the Moldavian-Greek cultural society "Орфей", 500 members uniting more operates. Vladimir Voronina's meeting with diaspora was rather warm. The president has told to fellow countrymen, many of which here already on нескольку years were not in the homeland, that becomes in the country for realisation of a strategic target of eurointegration and rapprochement with the European community. That their native are not thrown on an arbitrariness by the state, that salaries and pensions grow, there is a gasification and water supply that new roads are under construction, that formation becomes accessible, that cities and villages have revived recently, that, at last, in Moldova there was a work, and it is necessary to come back home.
From diaspora there were, of course, questions - and that the interstate agreement on payment of pensions in the homeland is necessary that Moldova needs the Greek embassy that with the introduction of Romania and Bulgaria into EU, it became difficult to get home (transit visas). But all these questions or already in a decision stage - before opening of embassy Greece, for certain, will join work of the Uniform centre on issue of visas, or will be solved within the limits of bilateral Moldavian-Greek dialogue which today, we will remind as it is never fruitful.
We so are close, that words it is not necessary 
There is one more moment, defining is unprecedented warm relations between Moldova and Greece. In Athenes very well understand motivations of our country. Even it is better, than other representatives of the Kishinev political class. Мессаж the Greek management differs nothing from мессажа the present Moldavian authorities. It - about a place and a role of Moldova and Greece in Europe. Here that - literally - the mayor of Athenes at a meeting with Vladimir Voroninym has declared: "Moldova and Greece are the countries where there are religions and civilisations, these are places where converge the West with the East". Sensation that spoke itself Воронин, not getting tired to repeat this thought all six years of stay at the power. If the West is теза, and the East - an antithesis Greece and Moldova is a synthesis. Here that would be quite good to realise to all Moldavian politicians as it was made by their Greek colleagues.
Konstantin Starysh, a photo: Valerii Corcimari, Athena-Kishinev.

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