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575 years «in a saddle» - the city of Kalarash. Behind car Kalarash window it is carried by for few minutes. The main, attractive part of a city is hidden from the highway conducting to Romania. And consequently many travellers indulgently name settlement
575 years «in a saddle» - the city of Kalarash. Behind car Kalarash window it is carried by for few minutes. The main, attractive part of a city is hidden from the highway conducting to Romania. And consequently many travellers indulgently name settlement Kalarash. And meanwhile it for four years is more senior Kishinev from which it is divided by 50 kilometres of fields, hills and wood. 
The history of occurrence Калараша is connected at once with several legends. All of them differently explain the present name of settlement. On one of versions, «кэлэраш» it is translated as the horseman - the place of a present city during age-old times was marshy and it was possible to cross it only top. On other legend, during a Turkish yoke in these edges brave horsemen-gajduki in which honour the city is named battled. The version (based on historical data) that кэлэраши carried mail seems to the most plausible. Therefore on a city flag the horseman, in which one hand a roll, in another - a banner speaking about the beginning of war is represented. Since then a lot of water has flowed away - to be at war, fortunately, any more with whom. Unless only with by itself, with own problems and disorder.

It is a little lyrics …

In my far, retouched memoirs is a live, bright city with a large quantity of interesting people favourite by me during a time of eternal, carefree spring. Certainly, such enthusiasm concerning the old, bleached pictures - feature of children's perception of the validity. Behind a wall of parental care, of problems which adults faced, we knew only by hearsay. In the foreground then there were football, friends and obscure, but already attractive creations in short short skirts with hair accurately collected on a nape. But here to what this child till now, so that in our city park there are no roundabouts … more cannot reconcile

In a valley of the river the Bull near the city of Kalarash archeologists have opened two ancient settlements, concerning to II-IV to centuries of our era. Written history Калараша begins the little before accession to the throne Стефана Great. The settlement with name Тузара (today so one of villages of Kalarashsky area is called) is mentioned for the first time in 1432. On September, 28th, 1794 воевода Михай Суцу has given Тузаре the status посада. In 1832 бессарабская the provincial administration has allowed to spend fairs in the cities of Bendery, Каушаны and Тузара. On April, 23rd, 1873 on station Kalarash there has arrived the first train. In 1940 the status of a city and the regional centre has been given settlement. 

The basic part of the negative connected with Каларашом, has fallen to teenage time. External aggravations have aggravated difficulties of psychological maturing. Crisis of the first love experiences was accompanied by fan switching-off of an electricity, absence of heat, water and money. Many-storeyed houses were from apart similar to porcupines. Every which way chimneys stuck out of window leaves. «Буржуйка» in our apartment and hot water in plastic bottles became replacement to the centralised heating for some winters successively. Then to me Maxim Gorkogo's creativity was closest. I felt its contemporary, reading books and preparing lessons at candles. On the died out, dark and cold city we walked with girls. Also it was necessary a lot of imagination to compensate itself shortage of heat and light. Unfortunately, it was possible not always. 
Then people a wave have rushed from here. At first there left acquaintances, then relatives. Then teachers. In stories of fellow countrymen names of the European countries and capitals have begun to sound. «Lena now in Florence, Витя - in Paris». However, this geography has been deprived any romanticism. Somehow it would not be desirable to envy at all. Any narration drew heavy work, tortures and melancholy on small, run wild, but native Каларашу. 
But times vary. Even the bad cannot last infinitely. Let, as before, you, having passed from road service station on the central street carrying a name of poet Eminesku, to the "firm", updated building of mail, will meet no more two tens people (certainly, not during market time), the fact remains the fact: the city revives. One of last proofs to that, only do not laugh - recently here, under a capital brand, the supermarket has opened. In the first days in turn at cash desk the townspeople who have weaned from this phenomenon, stood more half an hour. 
But the main thing nevertheless that is not enough помалу in Калараш people come back. Many prefer устроенности abroad - a modest life on the small native land. Someone incurs the initiative, opens business. All of them wish to live in a city of the ancestors. But someone, and them while the majority, congenital bent for of a competition to the neighbour at which "roof" above and walls краше, forces to stir still a solution on the Portuguese buildings. 

… and hardly a reality.

In Калараше works for interested persons suffice today. In a city manufacture of plastic pipes, preparations for footwear is adjusted, sewing combine "Кодрянка" operates, local молокозавод lets out production under mark «Лапмол». Works (the truth some years unprofitably) a cannery. The most deserved place, certainly, in this list it is necessary to take away local "Kalarash-Divin". For many this provincial small town associates with cognac. And if to be fair, on arms Калараша it was possible to find a place and well-known production. For example, instead of an aggressive flag, the horseman could hold in a hand reconciling small bottle дивина. But it so - the recommendation. Seriously it to concern not necessarily. 
In a city, besides manufacture, the education system is developed enough. The elementary school, one grammar school, three lycées, one pedagogical college, one technical training college, two kindergartens Here works. One of them after 10-year-old idle time is repaired, at last, and soon will begin work. Special pride of a city - the Olympic sports school which has brought up not one generation of fighters, brought glory Каларашу and all country.
All city is installed gas. With the financial help of Danes the water supply question has been solved. The centralised heating is renewed. Unlike Gogol Russia in Калараше a little other set of traditional troubles: too roads, but plus to them - street illumination. On struggle against darkness windows of houses, headlights of passing cars and congenital vigilance are directed. If these components are not present, you can quite get into a pothole on sidewalk. So if want to walk on evening Каларашу, choose a skilled conductor. It will save your feet. 
According to last population census, in Калараше live 14,5 тыся¬чи the person. Probably, this figure will increase in process of definitive returning of our compatriots from abroad. However, for this purpose it is necessary to motivate them enough. We will wait.
Photo by Valerii Corcimari

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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

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