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Dao de a jing - an ancient monument of the Chinese thought. The main idea of this collection of reflexions - idea about dao. Dao De a jing and its communication with a photo.

Dao de a jing - an ancient monument of the Chinese thought. The main idea of this collection of reflexions - idea about - has served one of central points of struggle of various ideological currents throughout many centuries. At the founder daosism Lao-tszy dao it is considered from materialistic positions as the natural way of things which are not supposing any external intervention. At the latest daosists dao it is treated as heavenly will, a pure non-existence etc. Dispute as about the ideological maintenance Dao de a jing, and about its author proceeds up to our days.

Dao de a jing is attributed by tradition Lao-tszy (VI-V centuries BC) therefore the treatise and is called as his name. First Chinese historian-syma Tsjan (II-I centuries BC) - -In wrote, that Lao-tszy was the native of district Ku in a kingdom of Chu, Whether carried a surname, a name the Tribute, served as the main keeper of archive of the state Chzhou and met with when that came to it behind councils and manuals. Lao-tszy long veins in capital Chzhou also worked on the doctrine about and , about a way of things and its displays. Having seen state Chzhou decline, the thinker has retired and has gone on the West. At the desire of the chief of a frontier post he has written the book in two parts, consisting of five thousand words. Its further destiny is known to nobody. After this , expressing doubt in reliability of the data resulted by it, assumed, that the author a jing, probably, there was other contemporary Konfutsija - Bark-tszy - or the statesman the Tribute which has visited governor Sjan-guna of 129 years later after death . Despite doubt , both in the Chinese tradition, and in modern up to 20th years of our century considered, that Lao-tszy was contemporary Konfutsija, and the jing is product in which its doctrine is stated.

In connection with that that nowadays existing carries prints of later time, some modern Chinese scientists ( Tsi-chao, Tsze-gan, etc.) have put forward the assumption that this monument has been created, possibly, during epoch (IV-III centuries BC) and relations to Lao-tszy has no. Their opponents ( Mo-zho, etc.), not denying rupture between years of life Lao-tszy and occurrence time a jing, assert, that the given product represents a statement of doctrine Lao-tszy orally transferred at that time its followers.

There is a considerable quantity of comments to a jing. It has been translated on a number of the European languages. In 1950 Hin-Shunom transfer a jing on Russian has been carried out. For the present edition the given transfer verified with the Chinese original, entered into 3 volume pzi-chen (Meeting of classical texts is taken. Shanghai, 1935), and anew edited.

Dao De the Jing and a photo

Way of true of the photographer and Achievement of perfection by it.

In this small project attempt to select from text the Jing (which author traditionally consider ) those thoughts and positions which can be useful to all creative people as a whole and for photographers in particular is undertaken. Certainly, in it the treatise to be spoken nothing neither about photoart, nor about photocraft. However the photo already became for a long time a part of a life of many people. And about what how about the Life, this ancient book narrates?

At reading it is necessary to remember, that in many cases ancient texts cannot be treated unequivocally. Therefore any offered treatment will be rather imperfect. Less all would be desirable for the author of these lines, that the given attempt reminded an improbable opus Russia - the native land of elephants. Therefore it is important to understand, that the purpose of the given publication consists not in transfer of the finished information, and in attempt to induce the reader to independent perusal and deep judgement of the Book about Movement and Virtue (one of possible transfers of hieroglyphs: the Jing).

All citations (except stipulated especially) are taken from text the Jing in transfer . Numbers resulted in the end of points in braces, are references to chapters of this text.


1. The photo which can be expressed in visual images, not is a true photo. The original photo is that induces to a photo, or that remains in the subject after facsimile viewing. Only the one who is free from passions, is capable to see wonderful secret of photoart. {1}

2. It is not necessary to avoid ugly and to avoid it for beautiful and ugly continuously pass each other and generate each other. In it a harmony basis. When all in Celestial learn, that fine is fine, appears also ugly. {2}

3. Easy look at the impartial criticism. It too - only necessary contrast. The quite good consolation for the beginners who only have followed the Way of true, contains in Robert Burns's verses:

I press hands to fools both hands:

As much, in effect obliges we by it!

After all if there would be no others fools,

That fools to be it should ourselves.

(Transfer: S.J.Marshak) {2}

4. Avoid an idle clicking a shutter. If can not remove - do not remove! Each photo should appear as a result of full impossibility to be kept from shooting. , making affairs, prefers . {2}

5. Do not pursue quantity. Let your works will be a little, but their quality will be great. Critically concern a stream of the creativity. Safely send the majority of the creations in a garbage basket. Do pauses in work. Do not regret time for judgement passed and accumulation of the new. It is better than nothing to do, than to aspire to that something to fill If with something sharp all time to use, it cannot long keep the sharpness. {9}

6. Do not live old projects. Move further. When business is finished, the person should be eliminated. In it the law heavenly . {9}

7. If shooting is given to you with efforts - do not persist! Postpone the project. Try to rethink it. The forced result does not happen good more often. Realising your plans, to you follows, actuating, not to apply on it efforts. {10}

8. In photos besides author's thought should be fairly and emptiness. This emptiness gives the chance to the spectator independently work of the author. It will make perception not so unequivocal and will introduce set of shades and nuances in creation. Of clay do vessels, but the use of vessels depends on emptiness in them. {11}

9. In photos there should not be nothing superfluous. Five colours dull sight. {12}

10. Not that on it is represented, and that a smog see the author and that spectators could see a photo secret. I look at it and I do not see, and therefore I name its invisible. {14}

11. Do not consider the ideas which have been put in pawn in any photo, most this photo. In the facsimile there is nothing, except this image. When there was a sophistication, there was also a great hypocrisy. {18}

12. The photo name - only language label. The present photo exists out of a text context. It is necessary to speak, follow less than naturalness. {23}

13. Do not apply efforts for glory achievement. Who eulogises itself, that will not extract it. {24}

14. Do not rest on laurels, be improved, for: Knowing people it is reasonable, knowing it is educated. Winning people it is strong. Winning itself it is powerful. {33}

15. Intended something external in the facsimile it is often doomed to a failure. And failure of this attempt the more considerably, than more it . the real truth is similar to its absence, the strong sound cannot be heard, the great image has no form. it is hidden and has no name. But only it is capable to help all beings and to lead to their perfection. {41}

16. Any art is a search of a measure and measure observance. To a work of art it is impossible to add anything, it is equal as it is impossible to take away also anything from it. Who knows when to stop, that will not have a failure. {44}

17. The aspiration to innovation should prefer aspiration to naturalness. gives rise. raises. it is esteemed, because they do not give orders, and naturalnesses follow. {51}

18. Photographing, remember: going from heart often surpasses that proceeds from reason. Who comprises made , that is similar to the newborn. it is absolutely harmonious. {55}

19. The one who knows, does not photograph. The one who photographs, does not know. {56}

20. Be improved gradually. Begin with the small. Great itself will come to you when time will come. Overcoming of the difficult begins with a lung, realisation of the great begins with small for in the world the difficult is formed of lungs, and great - from small. Therefore begins not with great, thereby it makes great. {63}

21. Do not search in existing neither an occasion, nor a source, the reason for creativity. Action should be begun with what is not present. {64}

22. Do not impose to other people of the attitude. Waste time on self-improvement, instead of on idle disputes. The clever commander does not happen aggressive. The skilful soldier does not happen is angry. {68}

23. Be engaged not in struggle against others, and that is intended you. Heavenly does not struggle, but is able to win. {73}

24. True photos are not graceful. Beautiful photos are not reliable. Knowing does not prove, proving does not know. {81}



The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


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