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Attention! A new heading - TRAVEL. If you feel insuperable bent for to travel if you do not like to spend holiday laying on a sofa or a beach, we invite you to share the experience of travel and trips. And it is not important, there was it the pedestrian

Attention! A new heading - TRAVEL. If you feel insuperable bent for to travel if you do not like to spend holiday laying on a sofa or a beach, we invite you to share the experience of travel and trips. And it is not important, there was it the pedestrian campaign, a trip on bicycles or the first experience of parachute jumps. We will be glad to publish your impressions!

So, our first visitor.

My name is Anatoly Dehtjarchuk. The purpose of my notes - to share with other fans of a bicycle impression about a trip in January, 2012 on the south of Italy. Also, to give any helpful information. If someone wants to repeat this travel or it will push you on something similar, time which I have spent for a writing of these notes means, is spent knowingly. All eleven days of a trip I were happy, that and to you I wish! To steam of councils. Concerning the physical form, language and other I will try to describe further in more details. Now shortly: to me before a trip I estimate 53 years, the physical preparation as "good", the Italian language I do not know, I know little bit English. It is all not important. Important only your desire and inquisitiveness. Good luck all!
Вот и дорога, долгожданное начало пути в тысячу километров.

Day the first: 110 km. CAMPOLEONE - GAETA.

In the solar, warm January afternoon I have left vicinities Campoleone. The road passed by small villages, olive groves, was direct, easy and free from transport. The purpose of the first day - to be kneaded and check up the physical form (I did not sit down on a bicycle 3 months).

This road is called Via Appia and near it there is a natural park “Via Appia” which I wished to visit and examine the rests of old Roman road.

In general, during all travel I tried to choose minor roads which are more interesting and are less loaded. All life of Italians proceeds near them. On roads of more serious it is a lot of transport and they often go to a detour of settlements. The main thing not to pass it is as much as possible kilometres, and to see it is as much as possible.

To go it was easy, and by a dinner I have reached park which has appeared directly before the first lifting. This lifting I with pleasure has passed on foot on old road. To me it is expensive it was pleasant. It is interesting to present, as 2000 years ago on the same stones there passed people. The rests of an inn, fortifications, bridges, road columns have remained. Survey has occupied some time and when I have left on the basic road, has started to darken. It was necessary to be arranged in a city in the first hotel seen by me. Short light day (at 17:00 already darkens) has appeared the basic lacks of this trip of January, and такжевсе campings on road have appeared are closed, and I spent the night in small hotels. Also, during winter time at the western coast the sun appears late and to dry things and tent in very difficult morning. But at east coast this problem dares easier - multikilometer empty beaches, saw open campings.

In the evening I have decided to go to look at a city. There was a rain, was cold, I was arranged on the covered area and was present at a concert of a local orchestra, to listen which all townsmen have gathered, probably. People rejoiced, encouraged musicians, it was very cheerful and interesting.

Banal, the helpful information

It is necessary to be trained at least two months prior to a trip is will help you to make travel by more pleasant.

In my opinion run, a spinning in a hall most that. Necessarily driving on a bicycle to a trip, differently pleasures in the first days will be a little. In what you to the form - "good", "satisfactory" or "excellent" - on me so it is not important. Well, will pass not 100 km, and 60 km or 150 km. At you not competitions, and rest. Heavy lifting - will pass on foot. Will have a rest More. Often it is recommended to make day of rest - for example: 5 days in road - one day full rest «without a bicycle». I did not do it, because to me did not bother every day to twist pedals, and even on the contrary, I with impatience waited the beginning of each day - that there waits for me today?!

Дорога из Campoleone.
Окрестности Campoleone.
Город Terracina.
Природный парк "Via Appia".
Парк “Via Appia” — дорога построенная 2000 лет назад.
Старая дорога в парке “Via Appia”.

Day of the second: 102 km. GAETA - BACOLI.

The rain pouring all night long, has ended at daybreak. In 9 mornings the road has dried up, and to go on it it was easy. This day I wished to reach to cape near Naples and there to be bedded down.

The road was equal, the seas lasted lengthways. On a way there were fish markets and little shops fresh seafood. Accurate quays, the sea in 50 metres, the sun, mountains on horizon cheered up, and time passed imperceptibly.

By two o'clock I have approached on cape and the first long lifting uphill has begun. From mountain top very picturesque kind, but, unfortunately, all hotels in city Monte di Procida opened have been closed - not a season.

Утро, набережная.
It is more than hour to me it was required to find road to other small town - Bacoli which was visible from a hill. Indexes showed any directions, but only not there where it is necessary for me. «Driving on unfamiliar roads promises to the traveller of a few adventures. Artists draw guide signs not to help drivers, and to surprise all with the skill» - Solli Martin «These strange Italians».

Two times, I inspired went down downwards and both times not in that direction. It was exhausted completely. After the second descent, upward I went on foot, pushing a bicycle. In a city has driven already in darkness and the working hotel to me was prompted by policemen.

The hotel was in a small bay where there were many fishing boats. I passed it, leaving in a city, but it has seemed to me idle. It was necessary to return.

When I have approached on hotel, was dark, light only on the ground floor burnt. The door has been locked, I have knocked, the door has opened, and the owner has confirmed, that works. The hotel was small, but very cosy. Inside there were simple dark wooden tables and chairs, beautiful pictures, the old piano. At an input the big photo of the owner in clothes of the cook. From number window the kind on a bay opened.
Остатки акведука.
Море в январе.
Подъем в гору.
Вид на город, он за второй бухтой, куда я смог попасть только в темноте.
На холме.
В самом конце второго спуска тупик и рыбацкие лодки.
I have woken up an hour later and, putting things, have found out absence of a wallet. All has rummaged, but it is ineffectual. I remember, that from a water-proof envelope pulled out the passport. The envelope was, the wallet was absent. Further as in a fog. All things are scattered, a head around. All! Travel is finished! Has got up courage and has gone downwards to the owner. He has suggested to look together. The wallet easy laid on a sofa at a registration rack. Very tired, I have not noticed, how have dropped it there. Without forces, I have sat down on a sofa and have closed eyes. The owner stood nearby and waited, when I will come in myself. Having calmed down, I have asked concerning a supper. Клаудио so called the owner of hotel, has told, that today he does not prepare, and has advised a pizzeria near to hotel, having explained, that it will open not earlier than at 19:30.

I have returned to number, have put things in order and have dozed off. I was woken by knock at a door.

«Anatoly!» - has told Клаудио (having looked my name in the passport) - «I have changed the mind, I will make today for you a supper. Come downwards at 19:00»

At 19:00 I have gone down downwards. At a window the little table with a kind on a bay, a white wine bottle, water, bread has been covered.
Ужин, который приготовил мне Клаудио!
Мелкая рыбка на листьях салата.
Креветка, запеченная со сладкими хлопьями.
Я, Клаудио и спагетти с морепродуктами!
Паста с морепродуктами.

That by me that evening with pleasure it has been eaten:

- Salad from shrimps;

- свежемаринованные anchovies;

- A salmon with greens;

- Salad from a squid;

- Gently fried any small small fish on salad leaves;

- A shrimp baked with sweet flakes;

- Paste with seafood;

- A dessert;

- Coffee;

- лимончелла.

Nobody asked me, whether I it will is. Meal simply brought! Seafood was the freshest, wine very easy and good.

Wife Klaudio and still any relative helped to clean and put on a table. Quiet Italian music and a supper played lasted three hours. Behind a window there was a bay with multi-coloured fishing boats. Клаудио fussed on kitchen, all hissed, gurgled, seafood to paste when Клаудио added in a frying pan white wine - flashed and is very tasty smelt. Клаудио was simply in blow. It rushed on kitchen, ordered women, was extremely serious.

Even for the sake of such evening there was a sense to arrive to Italy. I very much love an Italian cuisine, I consider as its best from this, that I tried. Happened in Italy not once, but this supper was the best in my life! I do not know, what has affected on Клаудио? Loss of a wallet, emotion, a bicycle?

That's all. The trip has taken place. Likely there will be fresh days further, and I will compare all to this supper and to be upset. Running beforehand next day, I can tell, that costed to me it is all with hotel very-very cheaply. I assure, that is much cheaper, than a supper in Kishinev with hotel.

In the morning the breakfast was submitted by mum Klaudio, and I could not thank him. As could, has explained to mum whom at it the remarkable son and has written it a small note. I will try in this life there once again to return.
Banal, the helpful information

The clothes list:

1. Socks, cowards, vests - 3 steams;

2. Footwear - кроссовки and easy shoes (to dress after trips);

3. Jeans, a sweater, a shirt, an easy jacket - for walks, suppers and breakfasts;

4. Water-proof trousers and a jacket, they and wind-shelter - high quality - ventilated (if the jacket or trousers is bad quality during a rain they are not aired, it will be wet both inside and outside). The good wind-shelter jacket is necessary at a trip on hills. At long liftings hot and sweat pours a stream, but before descent downwards necessarily dressed. At speed of 40-50 km very coldly;

5. A hat флисовая (it is desirable a bottom (ободок) hats double). The Same and with a hat: lifting upwards - a hat wet, before descent - has turned out on a wrong side the dry party and forward;

6. A thermoT-short with a long sleeve;

7. A bicycle jacket;

8. Bicycle shorts and trousers;

9. A jacket флисовая (basically I used it in the evening instead of a sweater);

10. Points;

11. A helmet. In Italy the helmet is not obligatory (I did not read a rule, but Italians go both in a helmet, and without), but on brisk lines I always dressed her.;

12. Gloves;

13. Subjects of personal hygiene.

To clothes I wish to add the following:

· do not take anything superfluous - all to drag on itself. Even spending the night in a camping it is possible to wash and dry up all.

· do not forget an old rule - it is necessary to take sportswear and footwear only checked up!

Personally I have ignored it and have been punished in the first day. By the end of day has rubbed to itself feet in places where they adjoined to a seat. For the morning they have burst and have started to suppurate. To go it was very unpleasant. Before, I went for a drive on a bicycle much, and never such was. Only for the third day at me the thought that is my new Italian trousers has flashed. Beautiful, but not for such trips. The third day I went as the child with pampers - from below bicycle shorts, from above bicycle trousers. Has become warmer - further I went only in shorts. All has begun to live in two days.

All campaign and its description look under the reference

I ask also comments to leave in the same place.



The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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