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In the different countries of the world of gipsies they name also are called on a miscellaneous: rum, gypsy (in большей parts of the countries), синти (basically in Germany), ашкали (on the Balkans), люли (average Asia), кале (the western Europe), тревеле

Gipsies is the many-sided people containing in variety of nationalities. It is the nation scattered worldwide, whose representatives belong to various religious faiths and even speak in different languages.
In the different countries of the world of gipsies name and are called on a miscellaneous: rum, gypsy (in большей parts of the countries), синти (basically in Germany), ашкали (on the Balkans), люли (average Asia), кале (the western Europe), тревелерс (in the Great Britain), etc.
As all nations, at gipsies have a national holiday, a flag and a hymn. The national holiday of gipsies - on April, 8th, is day of all gipsies of the world. This holiday has been confirmed for the first time in London in 1971 on the first world congress of gipsies.

 The flag of gipsies is divided on two horizontal strips. Top, dark blue, symbolises the sky; bottom, green - a grass, fields. In the flag centre settles down red восьмиспицевое a wheel which simultaneously symbolises itself traditional кочевье and «eternal кочевье spirit». Besides, it reminds drawing charkas, hinting on the Indian origin of the Gipsy people.
The quivering relation to such value as the family, is expressed in an interdiction for abortions, matrimonial fidelity, aspiration to a considerable quantity of children, respect for the senior members of a family, dislike for divorces.
In days of the Second World War, on last researches, to 150 000 gipsies in Central and the Eastern Europe варварски have been exterminated by Hitlerites.
On one of hypotheses, ancestors of gipsies were among vagrant actors and the handicraftsmen wandering between court yard Indian махарадж. 1000 працыган about 1000 years ago - and this legend again proves to be true генетиками - one Indian governor has presented to the Persian governor; in annals they are named «лури». Already from Persia «лури» gradually disperse on the East and the West. At 12-13 a century gipsies appear in Byzantium. The Byzantian emperors give to them привиллегии and within almost two centuries gipsies peacefully lived in territory of dying away empire.
From the end 15 century in Europe start to be passed Antigipsy laws. According to official documents, «bad qualities of gipsies», their swindle and criminality were the reason of occurrence of the similar legislation. With 15 for 18 centuries in Europe 148 Antigipsy laws were accepted. Most severe of them were accepted in the Protestant countries, such as Germany, England and Scandinavia. The most tolerant relation to gipsies was in such countries as Turkey and Russia.
Aggregate number: 8~10 million
Albania: from 1 300 to 120 000, Argentina: 300 000, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 60,000,
Brazil: 678 000, Canada: 80 000, Russia: 183 000 (census 2002),
The USA: 1 million Handbook of Texas, Ukraine: 48 000 (census 2001),
Croatia: from 9,463 to 14 000 (Census 2001)
Religion: Christianity, Islam.
Language: Gipsy.
Depending on favorable or adverse external conditions any trades could drop out temporarily, but members of camps chose from the mentioned below list ways to earn for a life:
1. Crafts;
2. Trade;
3. Singing, dances and tool music;
4. Performances with the trained animals;
5. A guessing;
6. Begging.

Let's underline, that all these kinds of activity are traced already in the Byzantian written sources. Details varied only.
Traditional Gipsy camp, this association of several families. On кэлдэрарском a dialect it is called кумпания. Members of a camp not necessarily were relatives. They wandered together for various reasons - more often from safety reasons. The biggest котлярский the camp included 20-25 tents. From a camp one of families at any time could separate. The earned money shared on everything, including on old men.
Now кумпания too exists, but, naturally, in the changed kind.
Now it is the Gipsy community living in certain district.
The second widespread form of the organisation of work was вортэчия. Вортэчия is an association. It was created for teamwork. Some person gathered (separately men and separately women) and swore each other, that will not conceal incomes which should share on all. Expenses were paid too by all members of association. To the unmarried man (or the unmarried girl) gave half of share. Вортэчия at Russian gipsies is called амал.
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The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


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