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The complete set of cards "Chisinau collection" was published. In 4 languages (Moldavian, Russian, English, Italian) it is told about Republic of Moldova capital, the city of Kishinev and its sights having cultural and a historical value.

The complete set of cards "Chisinau collection" was published. In 4 languages (Moldavian, Russian, English, Italian) it is told about Republic of Moldova capital, the city of Kishinev and its sights having cultural and a historical value.
Chisinau is the largest administrative, economic, scientific and cultural center of the country. Situated in a picturesque place, on the seven hills, the city impresses from first glimpse. The capital city of Moldova comprises a territory of about 120 sq. km and counts a population of about one million inhabitants. The locality was documented for the first time in 1436. At the beginning of the 19"' century it became the administrative center of Bessarabia. The urban landscape is rich with the works of the noted architects Bernardazzi andSciusev. The Alley of Classicists in the heart of the capital city is a unique place in the world. From an economic point of view, Chisinau has the highest standard of living in the country. There are numerous educational institutions in this city. For over three decades different international cultural events have been organized in Chisinau: the "Martisor" festival, the Opera festival "Maria Biesu Invites ", and ball-room dances contests, organized by the leaders of the "Codreanca " dance group. Wide and light boulevards, lush green parks and squares, modern buildings situated among those built in traditional architectural style integrate the unmistakable and resplendent image of Chisinau - one of the most green localities in Europe.
The traditional colors of the Moldovan national costume are white, red and black. The combination of cold and warm shades is characteristic for the local culture.
Built at the end of the XIX th century in Viennese baroque style and designed by the Austrian architect Henri Lonski Founded in 1939, the Museum has about 30 thousand exhibits of medieval art, Moldovan, West-European, Russian and Oriental art.
Built at the end of the XIX th century in Viennese baroque style and designed by the Austrian architect Henri Lonski Founded in 1939, the Museum has about 30 thousand exhibits of medieval art, Moldovan, West-European, Russian and Oriental art.
The building was erected in 1837 by the merchant Bogaciov. Initially it was the headquarters of the City Duma, and in 1842 it became the Gymnasium (High School) for Boys No. 1 in Chisinau. Since 1983 it has housed the NationalMuseumof History with a patrimony of over 250 thousand exhibits and collections.
The cathedral was built in 1836 in the neo­classical style by the architect A. Melnikov, at the commission of the Bessarabiagovernor, M. Vorontov. A French-style radial park was planted around the building, which still exists. In 1838 the belt tower was erected, which was destroyed Ш1962 and rebuilt in 1997.
The "Stefan the Great" PublicGardenin Chisinau is one of the oldest models of landscape architecture in Bessarabia(1818). The garden has 7 entrances, 4 fountains, an architectural complex the "Alley of Classicists" (1958), the monument of Alexander S. Pushkin (1885), and the monument of Stefan the Great (1927). A few trees that are over 179 years old still exist.
The most important work of the sculptor Al. Plamadeala and of the architect E. Bernardazzi, A. Bernardazzi's son. It was inaugurated in 1927 in the PublicGardenof Chiginau. It is considered one of the most important monuments in the region.
The 7-story central building hotel "Codru" was built in 1974 and the 2-story original one in the second half of the 19th century, a monument protected by the state. The third building — the 3-story presidential residence (1984), was restored to have a very high architectural value.
It is the oldest building in Chisinau, erected by Vasile Mazarache in 1752. It is a monument built according to the typical indigenous medieval architecture of the XV-XVI th centuries.
Built between 1898-1901 in the Italian gothic style, the building was reconstructed after its catastrophic destruction in the early days of the Second World War. Architect: M. Elladi, Consultant: A. Bernardazzi.
This 17-story administrative building, erected in the 1980s by the architects S. Shoihet, V. Waisbein and A. Cimahov, gave a new appearance to the modern Chisinau 's downtown.
The terminal of the Chisinau International Airport, built in 1970 and reconstructed in 2000, has a capacity of 1.2 million passengers per year and 425 passengers per hour (according to 2007 data).
Photo by Valerii Corcimari.


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21/10/2010 22:46
sunt mindra de orasul nostru Chisinau ,e foarte frumos si deosebit,bravo celor ce expun astfel de fotografii !!!
28/09/2010 19:23
Stiti am fost in multe orase ale europei,,,,da Kisinaul se deosebeste,,,,,El are suflet!!!
28/09/2010 19:21
28/09/2010 19:18
Eu mam naskut aici la Kisinau,,,,pare rau ka nu traesk la Kisinau, Kisinau oras ku flori, tiam vazut diatitia ori, Kisinau oras iubit cine oare tia zidit<< :)Super oras
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10/07/2009 19:55
Chisinau este un oras foarte frumos
20/05/2009 19:37
Севастополь любуется Кишиневом. Молодцы.
20/05/2009 19:36
Севастополь любуется Кишиневом. Молодцы.
10/05/2009 19:44
chisineu orasul natal.cel mai frumos oras din lume bine ca sintem moldoveni
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13/01/2009 02:03
Foarte mult imi place Chisinaul de seara !
5/01/2009 22:31
Chisinau este un oras frumos al unei tari frumoase care se numeste Moldova
20/12/2008 19:06
chisinau asta SUPER!!!
14/10/2008 10:48
Молодцы :)

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