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Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.
Advertising - this is always a scandal, provocation - through research, taboo - always beautiful.
Subjective opinion - only a person of interest.

Artist (recognition) does not remove for themselves. He takes off for others. It is possible that these "others" were not yet born.

On morality - best seen genitals than cowards.

All the unusual, the majority of rejection. First, they say, can not be, then, in that there is something in the end, I told you.

The line between documentary and fiction is very thin, barely perceptible, more ethical than aesthetic.

The documentary can not impose their own ideas, views and kompleksy.No is rarely.

The art of documentary-filming nesrezhessirovannoy and raw reality.

Photography can be srezhesirovanna to enhance the impact (remove the background, add the details ...), but then it must be the result of long meditations on the subject.


Teacher needs considerable talent for teaching what you know easy-difficult to teach something you do not know.

People are looking for a similar or more wise, because with them more interesting. But you have to communicate with at least (otherwise) developed as each is unique in its own way and must not only take but give.

Each interaction with others is learning, even when you know beforehand that now say. Just when you learned a lot, then you hard with something surprising.


To change the orbit of an electron must be expended kollosalnoe amount of energy. Instead priobretayutsya new qualities. We, the people can change the orbit of (friends, work, knowledge ...), but do we want to spend this energy.

Pendulum. At the top, bottom, top. Downstairs is easy-there and the people more. The higher, the more stress you live. But the reward Pobol-top much clearer. It's like a drug, something already there - we want more.
Religion. It is not clear. Faith is something personal. Why then people sobirayutsya in the herd for religious feelings.

Fear is normal. Not normal, when people do not fear boitsya.Ne children not yet know-what is threatened.


What I try to make art (I think) photo? The desire to stand out, wanting recognition, may be earning?? This question reminds me of another, which I decided in 1979, why do people (myself included) go to the mountains? Then I thought that everyone need an exclusivity. Eventually, I realized that everything did not each. But it's their problem. Obviously I still want to be different from many, so at any place looking what others do not, or at least I think not. When Messner asked the question: "Does not the illusion of something for what you try to buy?", He replied: "Every community goes to their own destruction of illusions." My life more then when the emotions become more acute when I see a beautiful (and ugly) when trying to carry this to okruzhayuschih.Seychas with the camera.

This state of inferiority, disease, poverty,

ignorance ...- requires heroism, determination and very.Glavnoe hankering.

Circumstances, contributing person from the general mass, considered to be unusual. But it is not. Feeling the inability to be involved in anything, people are creating the myth of the superman. Although the whole thing in seeming unreachable usual case. We just try.

It is human nature to underestimate the work of someone else and re-evaluate his own.


When one says to another, saying that people with fewer opportunities (skills, education, abilities ...) live richer (salary, communication, communication ...) they are at best mistaken and at worst act as provocateurs. Nothing is given the gift-reckoning is different, but it is inevitable.


Question of the money the most complex in human relations. All want to buy cheap and sell dear. Mid that suits both parties is the price of work. But any work can be done differently, in different ways and podat.Uchenik always requires less pay than a teacher, but dumaetsya that the result will be different.

The money taken for the result, the outcome depends on the skill. Mastery does not come for free, is the fruit of hard work. Therefore Master deserves more than a journeyman.


A necessary condition for the evolution of mankind, the emergence of new teachers and teachings. In terms of individual rights-can be powered from a single source.

One wiser than another. This buffoonery. Um god given all the same, but varies with time comes wisdom. One street sweeping and the more he did not need / even though he, too, in their interest. Another sweep, and then to the library, and then to the society, and then talk to speculate. You'll see, after some time another person. Knowledge put people in different positions. As computer-the more information, the more opportunities.

Children rarely justify the hopes of parents.

Prohibiting nothing dobeshsya. This right should be used only when there is imminent threat zdorovyu.Eto should be very rare.

With others, if you feel their awkwardness, inexperience, need to talk with children, to persuade, to show by examples, to give time to study the issue. No assertiveness.


Any form created by the hand of man or nature / unthinkable without life. Sometimes we can not understand / accept / because of the imperfections of our bodies. So the child is not agreeing with their parents, growing up to understand that they were right / not at all, but in many ways.

Problem, which take away the memory of Moldova, best addressed not those who should / Government, various unions ... / and the most ordinary trader kitsch.

The most difficult role for a clown. Sees everything, knows everything, everything feels .. but few accept his words seriously.


In any group should be Petrushka. Buffoons most intelligent people. The person who can make a joke, always see a lot more.

Who needs to go to the bath, dirty or clean? Rather, the second-that would be even cleaner.

People working together rarely uzhivayutsya. There is always a feeling akin to jealousy.

Man is weak, it never falls short of the level of their reflection / in them, we are always better than it actually is.


Wait and catch up with the hardest. Time hangs indefinitely. We must learn to use these minuty.tak how often in life that is what we are doing.

How does a man need? In many ways, but I mnogo.Eto as a drug-all that there is already no longer meets-account to increase the dose. Although, especially kasaetsya relationships with loved ones, I gratefully recall what happened.

Loving two women how people can split apart? There is a duty, there is a "norm" in society, but there are feelings. Probably winning the last, as they yavlyayutsya principal.


Constantly feel the need to prove to himself and others that I'm better today than yesterday. But it seems to me that the other is up to the light bulb.

The imposition of its "I", his views, at least silly. He who is ripe for my knowledge does not need it literally, he seeks and finds, seeing in me a kindred spirit. Our communication zaklyuchaetsya in mutual recharge spirituality.

The power of psychic energy is undeniable just developed it in all different ways. In appropriate circumstances, we can ALL.


After drinking from the source, one can only admire the taste of water. But if you drink regularly, then a positive result will not be slow to appear. This is about the number and extent of communication.

Life is a race. But the race may be different. Some competing foot / cutting off the sharp corners, smoothing his "I" /, and someone on the sports car / walking the entire route. We can not discuss whose way is better, to each his own. But in fact, who needs what sense can do a lot of conclusions.


Profession photojournalist is shiny and poverty, violence fantasies and glum, the bottom of society and its "color" ... Почти все коллеги кончают одинаково- злоупотребление алкоголем. The psyche requires periodic relaxation, so they say. Rather, it is wishful thinking. Simply journalists sociable people, and communication in our country without the bottle not communication. And so, the body slowly begins to prevail over the spirit, "if it is weak."


We must learn to wait, though wishes today, this very minute ... This kasaetsya both good and bad. Forgive the analogy: as a dog. She barks and wants to pounce-stop, do not move. Paul, she was tired, it will lag behind.


On relations with the woman. They say that you can not do the last step, "a lot of mental strain", but the fact of the matter is that in the hierarchy of this step on the last time, but in fact he was the first. Possession of the body is not the apotheosis of relations, as it is, "body", all the same again. Primarily the spirit, the soul of man. It is much more complicated and does not come immediately. When asked where the line of artificial person responsible, as there is brain. So the body is still only a shell / but very important. Why are we so hard to give my body, but, if there is interest, easy to entrust the soul.


Man bipolar. He is good and evil, strong and weak, wise and foolish ... But this is his strength. If you select one of the parties, the person becomes disabled. Every feature balances the other. I would like to note that disability is the anomaly, but not every anomaly is evil. Sometimes the development of certain qualities / in max / gives genius.

Photographers, what I see, then take off. Photojournalist-first contemplate, and then take off. The fundamental difference-the ability to skip through the events themselves and show their essence.


If you do not bring the dispute before the logical end, it is simply meaningless. It is possible, even necessary, it was not even begin.

Attempt to understand "what's what" does honor to any man. "Shoot from the hip" - the lot of people do not draw conclusions from communication.


Life is a book. If the book is boring and wants to quickly look at the last page / contents /, on the contrary, if interested, you want to see it never ends.

Evil which today, there is hatred, fired into space. But .., all vozvraschaetsya back, and reinforced many times over.

If man was indifferent, that with him there would be no communication. This is a simple truth, but few understand it. Talking about something, thinking we want something to help, something better, something changed. There is no desire to offend, but the desire to help.


The crowd is not people-there other laws. Subject in the crowd to become the object / circumstances. Once in the crowd, try to quickly get out of it / if you want to save your "I".

Whether he is safe for people. And the more around the safe, the more our lives will be safe.

What is important in personal safety? - Anticipate - avoided - only in extreme cases to act / power /.

There should be planned responses to any question. Who lives, so making a mistake. To all must be approached creatively ...


A lot of emotions because of the discrepancy between expected and actual / in the relations between people. This is because the one who "wants" to think that others know about it. Simply to say, to convey his desire to surround and ... wait. In any case, the result will be.

No need to dramatize the complicated situation. Competitions birth winners and losers. It would be funny if the life of the vanquished is over. It is necessary to draw conclusions and prepare for the next attempt to "win".


Great art, others use / not in any way detract from their merits / knowledge, skills, communication to achieve their goals. Even more art-create the conditions under which people gladly obmenivaetsya with you their capabilities.


Soul, the body-what comes first, that a second? Course the soul. If only because that body without a soul can not exist as a soul without a body / disabled person, a kind of thinking substance ... / can. Thus the soul is the life of the body. Body manages spirit is and vice versa. Who is stronger. Since the human soul is hidden, it is possible for behavior to reveal her body. But this does not mean that knowledge of the soul will give some privileges. The whole bunch of feelings will be only when she / soul / will open to you relationship-sama.Chistota pledge of good relations. The way to the question: why the soul open faster than the body to? -a common misconception about the role of both in our lives. But, ideally, complete harmony is possible only when the right and then another.


Life is a receptacle, and good and evil-looking in that we do it will turn.


The desire to maintain good relations is not a desire not to burn bridges. The past can not change / and do not need / it only can be / and need / save. There was a lot of good, and it was probably bad, but good was immeasurably greater.


Do not you teach ...

Few loves when he is taught / from children to adults. The reason lies in the fact that the one who taught subconsciously feels or is it only seems / superiority to those who teach. Hence the negative emotions. But the wise man understands that all that he knows / concepts, experience of things and events ... / - is someone's study. Therefore necessary to drown themselves in negative emotions are getting the experience of others. It may be necessary to understand and believe that the person close to trying to find some sort of joint decision that you and only thou wilt own. But you wilt receive him on the basis of Yeshe some additional experience. Listen everyone, but do it in their own way and in this deeper meaning. And like or dislike the experience of others is like a child. It must be easy to use for other purposes. We must learn to get other people's knowledge in any form - it is very difficult, but still necessary. And another thing: live and learn. Two, sharing the idea, already have two ideas.

About GRIEF ...

Sad feeling, but it is, in one way or another, is inherent in every person. We feel sad about the unfulfilled / or slowly come to pass / expectations, we are sad about the daily problems ...

It is important to understand that we always want to take more than give. Therefore, / according to the law of conservation of energy / part of our desires can come true, for reasons on the physical level. You can not pour from the jar 2 liters of water if there is 1 liter. Therefore, the first requirement of good health and lots of give / if you want a lot / .Seyat good and sounds great, but very hard to do / - it brings great joy in itself, but imposes a great responsibility. And the quantity and quality problems ..? If not, then there is no life. Unfortunately everyday life more than the holidays. But we must remember that in our power / the power of our psychic energy / change this ratio - the ratio of weekdays and holidays. Perhaps the number of offset quality.


To love and be loved by a great happiness, but it itself does not come. Fire burns only when it is constantly podbrasyvayutsya firewood. Harmony of rare / as any harmony / and lot of hard work, what would achieve it. Anyone who thinks that everything will come by itself - is mistaken. To come may, but need to keep - should work. And do not forget that in nature everything is balanced - the more labor expended, the higher the reward. And the emotional ups in general can not compare to anything. This is a special level.


On the measure.

What is the measure that need to know? Where is the truth? How to determine - for good or bad? How much work and how to evaluate this work? Many similar issues plagued us every day. All of them are related to the principle method for determining "what is right?". As in life little is absolutely black and completely white little / mostly gray / - is a measure to be somewhere in between. For example, the courage to be between fear and courage, the love between suffering and joy, communication between the emotional lift and sadness, between samoprevoznosheniem be generous and self-abasement ... The list goes on. The golden mean, that is probably one of the laws of being an "average" cheloveka.I more, experience shows that when the prevailing extreme points, then the person need no one, but as soon as he sklonyaetsya the middle, he pytaetsya change the balance in either direction / away from the middle. But there is a contradiction: not all people are "average". The desire to withdraw from the mid-rate of non-standard / we have already spoken about the law of the pendulum-20.03.95. .


The question of the meaning of life is inextricably linked with understanding just what the outside world, the universe, how it is boundless, and what place we occupy in it. But more about that next time. Looking ahead / short / - in the sense of perfection, perfection. I will try to persuade. No one disputes that people can understand only the things which he had grown / first grade is useless to explain the theory elementprnyh particles. Why do we think that the solution to any issue before us today on the shoulder. Maybe we are not yet mature enough / no age / to the concept of the meaning of life. Perhaps while you can defer this issue and examine what lies before him. Small steps can go further.

All the visible past, people asked themselves the question about the meaning of life. And on a different answer. There are three main areas / with lots of branches / explore this issue - the science, philosophy, religion.

SCIENCE, denying the other world / materialists / closes the man on himself. Philosophy considers the whole of mankind as a whole, promising a bright future. Religion says that the meaning of the knowledge of God, love, approached him ... But in each of these areas a lot of contradictions.

In science. All, and life too, the result of random molecular compounds. Therefore we have no soul, hence the death of all prekraschaetsya, hence the meaning of life is not, therefore, take walks on all cylinders today. But experience shows that the man of the browse is small, that wants something more, and when this "big" he can not see, that enters into the psychological impasse from which it is very difficult to escape. Thus in science do not find the answer.

Philosophy. The current idea of a brighter future for all / though very valuable / not satisfy us. For some, it can not occur because of perpetual motion / if you come, so where's the stop-motion / for other mythical paradise in which he will not be uninteresting ... and so on. Therefore, philosophy also can not answer our question.

In religion. Unfortunately / although it is closer to the solution of all / And there is no answer about the meaning of zhizni.Odna of the main theories of every religion speaks of eternal torment or happiness / for the acts of man during his lifetime. Well what a man during his physical life does not sin? So we are all doomed to "eternal" torment, then everything is pointless and nothing "time wasting". No answer.

But some sense all still there. Perhaps we just do not see / so far.

Always have been and there are people who know the meaning of life, and this is not the result of some long-term thinking, it comes from inside, everything is clear and understandable. Because life is impossible without movement / otherwise it is not life / and the motion can only forward / even when you make mistakes, we get an invaluable experience /, hence the meaning of life improvement. First myself, then others / because if improved "part", then refined and "whole". Probably should try to be among those people / search for them / that intuition of its higher-order intelligence, which makes no mistakes, always able to determine where the truth, and where the confusion.

And yet, we must remember that according to our intellectual development, we can deploy any theoretical premise in any direction. Therefore we must take care about other people's / and to his / thoughts.


Working for Work-bluff. Work can not be objective. Maximum, which she is destined to be merely a means to an end. Everything in the world of material and all the time, it yavlyaetsya only way of expressing relationships. The main criterion for the life of any person is that after he left and how long it will be remembered.

13.12.95Chuzhaya pain was not touched by almost anyone. Why? Why do so few people are experiencing for other, divide in half their joy and host part of the goods of others cares? Civilization!? This is of course impossible, but if people lived so, how much easier it would be. How many times do we hear about other people's problems, emotional feelings about family, about children, bosses and subordinates ... usually just bad. Why? Why people is such that he sees / and remember / only evil, only the negative? After all, it poisons his life more than anything. It's so simple: fell, broke his arm, thanks, that is not the head, lost something, thanks, that is not all. When you see in the environment better, somehow more fun to become live.


The most beautiful thing in this life-man musing. As a rule, the true nature of things happening around the few zadumyvaetsya. A good teacher is not someone who teaches what he knows, but the one who taught us what not znaet.Tolko thoughtful person understands that not need to know "how to" need to know "how not to." Since our whole life is movement, then we change the time / want to or not. Obviously, thinking we will change quickly. And if perfection is the ultimate goal / although it is in the infinity /, then moving faster, faster, we approached it. Then life will become richer, more diverse, more interesting, to put dry tongue more opportunities for lifestyle choices.

If you want to change the person, then the most direct route, is to give him the opportunity to learn the joy of thinking. But in any case not to insist on assuring. For violence and coercion cripple man more than anything, discourages any, even very favorite work. Can only / in accordance with their ideas / try to influence its future actions. Well, as soon as he begins to talk to only assist to the best of their knowledge. Much can and to learn how to.


The lack of positive emotions / one of the components of the energy body / leads to the launch of self-destruct mechanism.

All delaetsya today-a springboard for the future.

Everyone wants to know the future, but this is unbearable.


Most of the pain we deliver the closest people. Obviously, the opposite is true.

Rather proschayutsya unfulfilled promises, than indifference to the drama companion.

If a man has a global problem, then talk to him about something useless.

Everyone please futile, sings keep their friends.

If we are good, then it does not mean that there could be even better.

Do not be afraid of change is a change of the orbit is something new.


Psychic energy wandering in the body permanently. She is the principal. But we must not forget that our shell material is a complex biochemical factory. And, like any plant, it needs the material energy. This energy we get from the environment, from food, from the positive emotions, due to muscle contraction. These four sources yavlyayutsya essential for the normal functioning of our body. It is clear and that they should be in harmony with each other. In case of inconsistency Senior Chief / our brain, our mind / begins to take action. For example, if a person dvigaetsya little / a little reduced certain muscles / parts of the body start to "freeze." The brain gives the command, and at this point obrazovyvayutsya tumors, inflammations, which are beginning to rapidly generates heat and thus warm up "freezing" of land. If stiffness zatyagivaetsya, the inflammation becomes chronic and begins a chain reaction. This is a mechanism to run any disease. Incidentally, this explains the rejuvenating effect of physical exercises.

There is a common belief: all diseases of the nerves. When the mind can not cope with loneliness, apathy, decreased emotional, rejection of reality ... it starts a process leading to the death of the body. Incurable disease is one of the components of the model of suicide.

At one time, Plutarch said: "... the very lifestyle change sufficiently explains the emergence of new diseases and the disappearance of old."


I think. With the allocation of the total mass characterized by a higher level. But, as a rule, such people have a difficult fate, the heavy nature surrounding them do not understand and do not like. They are always in a state of unstable equilibrium / although outwardly everything is normal. But it is walking the razor's edge / do not know which way to fall down / gives some special state of mind. Must live effortlessly and experience life as a game. And, as in every game, there are victories and defeats. And not in this tragedy.

It is true that the knowledge will make life easier. It is much easier to be a rock and lie on the road. But it is not interesting. This distinction between knowledge and ignorance. The degree of curiosity.

Since the idea to transform the financial performance of a division between spiritual and material life is very conditional. We can not, should not think one thing and do another. Human consciousness is the only lever of our lives. The first law of evolution, what are the thoughts, so will be the result. Our energy, initially aimed at the good with time / if it does not find application / transform into evil. Here, the middle does not happen.

I do not want from people more than they can give.

Until all people should get myself then will benefit. As the ancients said: "... the door otkryvaetsya only stuchashemusya who wants to reach, comes .... If you need help, it will come. How and in what form? This does not need to worry, she will come. No one who wants to go forward without the assistance and guidance not ostaetsya.

Consciousness bonded dogma can not accept what is not understood.
Valerii Corcimari.



The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber №9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how шаманские experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - таки is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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