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Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed in new forms and with new productivity. Stanislav Lem - "". The given product is continuation of article written by me in last year and named: a photolife Tree (1). I have dared to present the world of the photographic images surrounding us (oh, more likely, pressing from different directions, aggressively pressing on our eyes and brains ) as meeting of folklore products, that is, a popular wisdom fruit. The photolife tree is turned to a photo existing in a"classical"paper (cardboard) kind, that is, I reflect on a life of photographs as artefacts, in other words, works of art (craft) which can be taken in hands. I hope, you understand, that such aura of a photograph (2). I will tell fairly: the material has turned out dampish, but, hardly it will rest in bed, I will try to make its more complete. Now I address to photos which we have got used"to eat"from screens of our computers. And the given text too will be , now I simply wish to look reaction of people, the interested a photo, to receive lawful slaps in the face and to analyse the probable errors. So, I conceive conversation on a life of digital photographic images. Business not only in the World wide web. For example, this millenium I did not unpack photos even on the printer for as the journalist I give images for the further processing and . It concerns polygraphy. The photos published in the Web, clear business, I process itself. Certainly, nonprofessionally, but to employ the competent retoucher to me somehow it is unprofitable (as, however, and the proof-reader, therefore in advance for in the text). to a theme of an existing of a photo in the Web approached painfully for it was found out, that absolutely there are no sources on which it is possible to lean and make a start from them. Again I make the way in darkness, operating with a method semiscientific . As the lion's share of the photographic content created by mankind, lives in the Web, the problem of availability of a photocontent to any user of the Network (let at times and for a money) is solved. Other problem is not solved: our life was captivated by the worthless photos which are given out for "super-puper". Roughly speaking, tastes the tin and other visual dust dictates , producing declines, birdies, . Attempts to expose the works on photosites for really good authors as a rule, come to an end not that that with a failure, and original blockade. Any trolls and envelop talented, outstanding works as contempt slime. Effect of a bug But in it it is necessary to understand an ant hill, instead of , writing off majority aggression on militant . Something here not so Millions yes are not present, billions earth dwellers admire one photos, and pity (in statistical sense) the layer of conceiving photoestablishment grumbles, that people line does not understand. In beautiful cards, and, made get out worthless, but at times qualitative at the help IV and high quality glasses. What to do - a life was adjusted (for some) and it is possible to afford not only a yacht or , but also the newest photographic . I do not gloat over, and I ascertain: VIP-AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHERS, including, by the way, Dmitry Medvedev, take place to be. Who saw Medvedev's photographic works, all will understand (3). the mechanism of influence of the Web Stanislav Lem tried to investigate. The great visionary has stated the reasons in last book "" (actually it is the collection of articles, after all Lem has ceased to write a fiction in 1995). Here a fragment from it: " At the end of the century has given a vote an atavism, it is paradoxical strengthened by visual mass media (especially TV). In them the lion's part of program time is occupied all over the world with those actions of the person which submit to not so much brain, how many to a cerebellum (Cerebellum). Strengthened entertainment in media represents some kind of deviation from actions of the central nervous system, from a new brain bark (neocortex). Whether is it a casual consequence of a population explosion and crossing of growing requirements with technologies of "the maximum simplification of execution of desires, do not dare to confirm. In any case the tendency when we involuntarily transfer to cars work of THINKING growing with a civilisation, gives soil for reflexions... "

And the dynamic range already has almost caught up film (or even has overtaken in Ff-matrixes) And souls still are not present. But a dirty trick in other. Speaking it, hints, that in a shower film is. And here it just a lie. The severe truth that in a film too there is no soul! To a shower in a photo (though digital, though the film!) the photographer puts.
Yes, the author caustic, at times offensive in judgements. But talented, ch-ch-ch-ort In general to speak about photosites not and it is simple. They different, and the user of any taste can find "party" to itself to liking. The basic to weight of a content - a photopop-music. As professional level (generally speaking, "professional" I call any photo which has been removed qualitatively) and other. Same blogger Sergey Dolja does professional photos. Worthless, but technically qualitative. So happens. And, that is characteristic, frequently. Sergey as leans against folklore understanding of a photo. And in it its advantage before competitors (which all travelling photographers conducting the blog). speaking are, I have stepped in that area which on maps is called "as a white stain"."Folklore of photographers" - too small. " "I have rather conditionally called photographic folklore the world of photographic images with which ourselves surround the life. By the way, the analysis has shown, that in ordinary consciousness photographic images are inseparable from images"in general". has simply admitted, that if there is a folklore -" wisdom of the people ", a certain knowledge can be gathered from" photographic dust "which the mankind generates on the way. Inspire I, by the way, the book Strugatsky" Hailstones doomed "where there is a fine metaphor about a City moving in space and the leaving ambassador any unnecessary rubbish. Including, and facsimiles. A little bit about . If, for example, in painting""it is clear all (almost), in a photo very few people catches up with value of works of the same Cartier-Bressona - even those who considers itself as amateur photographers. Here I see a riddle therefore as it turns out, that if all arts in the tops are clear to broad masses (I will not extend about Van Gogh or ...), in a photo the mechanism consists from any whether defective, whether the left small screws. More shortly, Cartier-Bresson - the photographer for tempted. People from Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskoj's "projects" , it depresses me. Roughly speaking, in a creative photo it is a lot of rascals, and to tell, that the king naked, does not dare to tell. There is no in the Shevchyuk's who has told photo, that a pop-music - a swill for pigs. From lips of simple people I hear a word-combination "the professional photographer" as "the great magician and the wizard" (27). It the shop of wedding photographers consisting in overwhelming majority from militant has tried. It they, saying, "amateur level..." Thereby position itself as super-puper. My thoughts (it is not known as arisen) have been directed on a photo, and it was joyful to me to find once in Rudolf Arnhejma's heritage, by the way, the psychologist on a speciality, articles about a photo. I have thought of the term "layman". Ten years ago, at a writing of one work I maintained it mercilessly, having called that even Rolana Bart, as written the book about a photo ("the Chamber "). I in general have opened, that all significant works about a photo have been written by people, from a professional photo o-o-o-chen far: , , , . And , good books have written :) Whether I have grown wiser, whether on the contrary, but laymans began to climb through now in all areas of human activity. It strains. Including Sergey Jakovlevicha Maksimishina. That by means of a photo we become live witnesses of event, wrote in the last century (28). It turns out, Maxim Gorky has already thought up "blog sphere" when of the Web also it was not dreamt, and in nightmares did not dream. Well, everything, the I finish. Meanwhile I will make a preliminary conclusion such. In a network existing of a photo there is not a world of photographic images, and your personal world. You place "photos" on this or that resource for the purpose of "advancement" of the creativity. As a matter of fact, it is game on increase of a personal rating. Algorithms are painted for a long time. Whether there is a chance, what really talented photo will be noticed and on advantage is estimated? Undoubtedly, is. Only will notice and really original judges of art will estimate. Which not and it is active in a web. But the web appreciates nevertheless not ART, and the NATURE. That is, itself a live life (we will recollect Dostoevsky). For a world information field the AESTHETICS is much more important HOWEVER, rather than. We will recollect: the science searches for true, art - the truth. What in the Web HOWEVER, if here continuous self-public relations? There is a revaluation of values . photos in the Web other, rather than on a paper . In a web the folklore understanding of a photo predominates. Yes, not to do without and . But, if we recollect the same chastooshkas, obscene pictures, sharp jokes are that culture . It, culture reigns and in the Web. It is necessary to be reconciled by that such life means also professionals of entertainment, able to earn on draught of the inhabitant for a separation from conventions, so to say, means. It is remembered, on one resource have published one of my reportings, gloomy enough, capable to cause the sensations close to . One of visitors has written : Yes-and-a-a searched, as always, for a ball, and has run ON SUCH it is almost assured, the given visitor on that resource more on will glance, and if will hear my name, has disgust. Not because I or it bad. The matter is that serious, this person will search in other place. But at all in the Web. The web tightens is not only fine information field, but also a bog, such. The weight of users , and here some part really cuts , and rather big. I not only about and Varlamov. Behind a resource"Photorange"costs . Resource- project . Resourcewas created by Akulov. And respected will continue, forgive, concerning quality of a photocontent at the above-named figures? And after all their incomes are much more solid, rather than at Sergey Jakovlevicha (at least, there it it seems to me ). To whom and whom it is necessary to learn? Yes, figures of a blog sphere and the Web in general lean against folklore understanding of a photo, in other words, the demotic. The rate true. What for to spread good tastes if a connivance to "not too good" tastes, we will tell so, low brings much bigger to a walrus? The photo bribes relative simplicity of result. Each "user" something such has chance something in its opinion significant and to expose on a general review in the blog (or in ). And to receive the fifteen minutes of glory, from for some instants to change in . It turns out, the Web - a place for permanent competition on the loudest photo. You excuse me, during this moment, when I these , all blog sphere discusses , which the ballerina herself (in the form of photos, is final) has exposed on court the delights. And about what art there is a speech? The blog sphere lives under folklore laws, that is, aesthetic installations in the Network certain natural laws. The one who well has understood it and successfully maintains, makes chance of success. Certainly, it too rat run, no more, but money at correct statement of business flow regularly. Someone wishes to tell, what is not present on or on Photorange? Well, yes, on serious resources they, delights, already type art. Not for all. So to say, . School snobs. And unsophisticated will glance and will declare: About, ! A current any Well, and true, you will tell, where? Probably, you think, the author will inform it to you. Well, yes I will inform. It everywhere, including underfoot and in . Already very long ago I cultivate thought: a photo - not art, and language, dialogue means. At certain skill and in the presence of gift it is possible to create something highly artistic. So, from letters it is possible to combine, for example, the Snail on a slope . Either a chastooshka. Or a joke. And that simply to write: And, all of you have gone on However, I should notice: the Web gives the greatest happiness on the earth. Happiness of human dialogue. Yes, it-lajn, not off-lajn. But this dialogue real, instead of virtual. The person places the photo not simply so, as a hobby, and in hope, that it will cause any resonance. Atit has turned out. Let and so ridiculously. Now at children only one way: to learn to create art. The nature and itself will get out, without any ability. Gennady MiheevV the conclusion verses. So to say, paraphrasing Shakespeare-Marshaka:Svalit from ! To me , that , , , , And the virginity scolded roughly, And inappropriate , And power in a captivity at , , , to a mask of a wise man, the prophet, And inspiration the clamped mouth, to service , All is dreadful, that I see in the Network! But where then mnepravdu-tonajti?. Notes, references and :1. The reference to article a photolife Tree: Article "Aura" from a series photo Language can be esteemed : Dmitry Medvedev's photoproducts can be looked : If to judge frankly, ordinary crap which "photographic " by means of high quality cameras creates .4. Nevertheless it is necessary to consider: the Internet - a volatile communication medium. We can go to bat as is wished about a new reality which the Web has brought. But it is necessary to consider: even small malfunctions in the electric system - and to all pleasure . After all each of users of the Web depends on the provider. The same concerns local networks: the same fashionable nowadays , either , or - are disconnected by one pressing of the button. For example, in case of state revolution or war attempt. The same and with mobile .5. Annoyingly at all that that they rather prevent to work, the most unpleasant is final, to see that for them it "cool , an action, ", means of promotion cosy or a content for "contact" and no more that moral ugliness, in a word We stirred to nobody, for it is all already in the end was, when all missed . oh as a reserve me to my experience of dialogue I can tell that more vile relation to associates can be expected from "professional" photographers, TV men and journalists . In this case I would suggest to condemn these children not as photographers and how children and not so understanding as where it is necessary to do Perhaps to look for a place where to you will not stir to you, and you will not stir to people who unlike you not simply take pleasure, and work?. if I have suddenly wanted to construct career in photojournalism if I wished "to become as those abrupt from HP, , etc." , which work on agencies I without any doubt would go to remove there where they remove - and moreover, would try to climb through on the same points and to remove the same shot - to understand how they think and why they remove so, instead of differently. Because how differently to study? If not at the senior colleagues Pros-photographers from agencies to me as to the consumer at all have not rested. Newspapers I do not examine (only texts through rss-readers). And their officially paid creativity by me. And here I sometimes examine texts, a photo and video of bloggers-witnesses. For what it thanks. And that laugh and against having flaked out are clicked - yes on health. Not against corpses. Choosing between bloggers and type of the pro, I vote for the first. The second for me do not exist as suppliers of a content do not flatter itself. If news something cost, in Russia there would be other power. As there are nothing together taken newspapers, magazines, radio. News in Russia are done by the TV, as well as all over the world. As it is not insulting 6. to receive the reasonable and sensible criticism, it is necessary to listen to opinion of people which remove better you. Not worse and at all as, and it is better. Usually a certain teacher and-or a reference point is for this purpose necessary. Or the photoeditor/curator (depends from a genre) with experience. And the blog is a narcissism. Not only at you, of course, and at all of us. On mine, at you an aberration professional . It you tell, that its photos nobody sees, and photos of young pictorialists all world looks. A Runet - very modest allotment in world media space. A godforsaken place. Whether to you to know 7. I will remind: the word"paparazzi"has appeared in Russian after  destruction of princess Diana, until even its photographers not .8. About diary and about hobby of the writer for a photo it is possible to esteem in the following : Edition time of" the Diary of the writer - 1873-1881 of Dostoevsky initially intended to publish individual magazine Note book, after - something like the newspaper, and as a result the first releases of "Diary" have appeared in magazine of the prince Meshchersky "Citizen". Speaking to the modern language, the periodic magazine was a resource, a platform for "Diary", like present Livejournal, unless only in "Citizen" some "users", and in Livejournal - some millions are white. Technologies have exchanged, but the internal structure, logistics remained the same. Later Dostoevsky has created already "platform", on personal "cursor", and "Diary" published independently, monthly, explaining, that is a diary in a literal sense, the report about really survived in every month impressions, the report about , , read.10. From one party - really, there is in these calling with a camera - something sports, such "sports fishing"... There are no events for "Effective photos" - bad fishing, there is "a good fishing". I.e. process of photographing is important... BUT! even if separate photographers inherently with (the worse another, the it it is better pictures for ) - all the same they form themselves a protective layer for NORMAL to me it seems, in this "act" there is no social or other implied sense. It is result of more likely that today practically does not remain anything professional. In any sphere the Main problem of these people that they bewitched by click caressing hearing of the modern chamber, do not ask themselves a question "what for" the information should extend. Including forces with . The more information sources, the there will be a point of view at final . in capitals is permitted to remove more objectively - it is necessary to remove. You at us in a province such with chambers try to arrange - all in will go. Only already without chambers)) Poor morons who resort with to have fun on war, it is simply a pity. And here from professional photomarauders who any by aspire to enter in that though there to look professional - simply disgustingly Give on punktam: - I, , and others "bloggers - ". Who so considers all - go on ... we "we play professional newspaper photographers". It is delirium, it is banal because to us we do not pay - for it "we prevent to work to an official press". Yes it is fine!? And what it anybody from crowd of representatives to us has told nothing, when we there? Why that all smiled and joked together with us. . from for bloggers "falls the present mass-media and the kind paper press" leaves in the past old. Yes, it so. So all over the world. Reconcile, and be better arranged under new uslovija. - "meetings 31 - war and business, and we there have a good time". Are treated... It is not necessary to pose as here sacred, and to dump all on bloggers - you are good. YOU forget about humanity and respect in a pursuit of a material (because receive for it of the grandma). We - do not pursue money, and we would remove what to get the hand and receive for this purpose what that experience. Our Prenew Year's - derides everything, that has gathered for the areas, Make the normal reporting on really actual subjects! Then we will talk 11. About youthful"feats"of politician Ostrovsky read : / % D0%94%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%8F _ % D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%83%D1%86%D0%B8%D1%8F12. The reference to a material about : from = and post_id=19418#comments13. Another does not hide secrets of the success in a blog sphere. Here, for example, that speaks to magazine Menu Magazine - how you think, what such c? - I never perceived this phenomenon as a unit. There are separate authors who make a content. No communication between them is present. There are separate groups and communities of people on interests: patriots, liberals, motorists, those who is interested in music, , young mums etc. There is also a set of commentators which create information noise. Often people come to Live Magazine, only to make comments on another's records, instead of to keep own diaries. The information quickly extends, but as quickly and disappears, For example, we can not recollect, about what spoke one month ago. Influence of blogs on a society or on mass-media, from my point of view, is strongly exaggerated. There are separate examples when publications in blogs changed something, but it, more likely, an exception, than a rule. - at you such magazine Life, yes turns out? How there is a choice that and pictures, intuitively? - Absolutely intuitively... The Accurate plan is not present, there is so-called an editorial portfolio - materials which I result from trips. Also there is an information picture of day. The volcano is thrown up, the plane falls. All to plan it is impossible, yes I and do not try. - but it is each time fine coincides that... I interest people twenty years has worked in advertising, probably, this professional. Till any moment, probably, there was coincidence. I write that seems important and significant personally to me, and the last couple of years not so I worry, whether my opinion will coincide with opinion of the majority. And still, answers to questions of readers . - , tell, you the rating-opposition with Lebedev and a zhzh-rating as a whole, or to you in general all the same somehow interests? - When I started to keep the diary in "Live magazine", no ratings existing. I wrote at first about the life to Norway, then the photojournalism became interesting to me, I have bought the good digital chamber and was engaged in a photo. Actually, this interest also motivates me now. And at all a rating - on Yandex or in . Races behind a place in a rating - I game, I interest. I know, how many the person reads me, I know statistics of visitings of a blog - me of it quite enough to understand dynamics of development of a blog. The rating in any way does not help me with it. - Whether it is a shame to you from everywhere and to put on them the ? - the photo as means with which help it is possible to tell about something that occurs in the world, round us for a long time is interesting To me. Many mass media use in the work of a photo of news agencies - Reuters, AP, AFP. I use them and I. And, absolutely officially, through a subscription to phototapes of these agencies. In day through such tapes there pass some hundreds photos. To select from these tapes the most interesting and to show it at itself - my work as the bild-editor of my magazine. - that has played the important role in formation you, how professional journalist? What would advise to the journalists only beginning the way? - I not the professional journalist and, probably, never it will become. It is simply interesting to me to be engaged in in what I am engaged now: To tell about that is interesting to me in the world by means of photos - or removed by the best reporters of the world. That who begins the way to journalism, I can advise - write the truth. However, the journalist - the person dependent also will do it difficultly. But it is possible to try. - it is possible to name your blog a photoblog, in this connection a little :1. How you choose shots for a blog? What for you the main thing at a choice? 2. What characterises good (the news?) The photographer? What important, in your opinion, qualities possess familiar to you? 3. Why blogs copying your format (a photo + the short text) have even no close popularity? - 1. The main thing at a choice of a photo from a phototape of news agency - that interest which it can cause in readers .2. The good press photographer ability to notice in an ordinary situation characterises unusual details, and during time shootings to appear during necessary time in the necessary place for a good shot. Well and possession of technics, .3. I do not know. Perhaps, because they only copy that format which I have thought up many years back. Perhaps, because the format is yet all. At me in a blog many my own picture stories, and they, sometimes, cause where interest, than photos of news agencies. - , whether enters into yours a book writing? - I would like to make an album with the photos. Simply so, just for the hell of it. To issue it and to publish. We will look, maybe, I will find the publisher and possibility, when-nibud.14. Ilja Varlamov - simultaneously both the talented photographer, and the presented blogger. He tries to understand the latent mechanics of advancement of personal photocreativity and development of personal business in a blog sphere. That is very important, consults on other people. How to start to earn in a photo whether "It is possible to earn only a photo? Theoretically yes, it is possible, other question, how many. A photo - the same work, as well as all other works. A lot of time and forces, in the photo market very big competition demands therefore to count on easy money I did not become." antonukhanov: " It is possible to remove various actual actions about which write newspapers and magazines. Such photos need to be sold in editions. Hardly it will turn out to sell at once gallery if only it is not exclusive ".pompeya last year collision and falling of planes on MAX:" In my case when I have removed sensation, it has enough appeared to lay out photos in and about ten agenstvv-newspapers-magazines have communicated with me independently, with offers to buy pictures. It is necessary to choose the most generous further and to discuss conditions. The program to "conduct" the channel Russia, have appeared the most avaricious and after sale abreast editions pictures have been presented by it ".mountin:" Variant 1. It is necessary to create the site - with examples of works it will be the advertising! To go on any actions - to photograph - to give the card referring to a site - you will find... The Variant 2. friends / acquaintances - they will advertise you to the friends - and will be there are clients. A variant 3. Sites in contact / - to spread photos - to offer services "15. Here a confession of the known blogger:" I have got tired. Has got tired to write every day, tired to go on the world without a stop, tired to be far from a family, tired to clean a spam in the mornings, tired to receive unpleasant comments " Nevertheless it is necessary to recognise: on resources . "," . "," Photorange "," ets. Neverthelessmore advanced users of the Web who know history of a world photo at times even too thoroughly. Some soon the theory, that dialogue with them pours out in a flour which is tested by students on .17. Actually, the agency already is, it is called28-300. Yes, correspondents of agency, possibly, are still little-known. But the nature is arranged so, that from disgusting caterpillars as a result of a metamorphosis fine butterflies turn out. It not a miracle, and the natural law. At times, the truth, happens, that fine caterpillars , and there is a disgusting monster:) 18. The first photographic image has appeared in the Network rather recently, in 1992. The inventor of the Web Tim Berners-whether has asked to give the colleague to it a photo with girls from recently last exhibition in CERN. It was going to load this photo on FTP and to publish in more recently created information system World Wide Web. So on the Internet there was here this :19. The blog (from a web a broad gull) is a web site of the user which does in it constant comments, describes events or places other material, for example, a drawing or video. Records are usually presented in a return chronological order. The Blog sphere - set of all blogs. As all blogs by definition are located on the Internet, them it is possible to consider interconnected, united a network. Mass-media use discussions in a blog sphere as a way of an estimation of public opinion on various .20. from advanced, basically the American phenomenon has turned to global mass activity, on its share the most part of "a content generated by the user is necessary, it causes growth of the economy raising cost of search mechanisms and advertising worldwide. Besides, that its scales have grown, bloggers became the basic economic and social link on the Internet. The word "blog" has become outdated, that this phenomenon so is extended is important, and soon it is possible to expect, that at each clever person (and many not so clever) will be media the platform where they can tell that them interests in this world . continues to break up to set of categories, giving surprising set of tools of self-expression and an attractive material for readers. The personal blog where the author writes about the thoughts and-or themes which are interesting to it, always will be very popular. But blogs with a considerable quantity of authors will prosper also. A large quantity of blogs, technical news or wine, or knitting focus attention to one theme, whether it be. What you interested, you for certain will find community of people which divide your interests. But, probably, most interesting history of development - constant evolution of concept a blog. Today a photo and video blogs already an everyday occurrence. Platforms for type Twitter and Friendfeed remind fast food cafe in the world and all become more popular, because they allow people on time per day to copy, that they do, feel etc. is not a just fine way of self-expression, value of crude materials . TechCrunchtechcrunch.com21 is very great. The most popular tags (data of 2008), quantity :1 News 191,4032 Music 71,5313 Videos 63,8554 Internet 56,8495 Blog 56,7336 Politicians 53,9867 Life 52,8058 Business 50,4139 Videos 40,16210 Films 36,20511 Technology 35,45612 Family 34,74513 Travel 33,17214 Sports 31,64615 Sports of 30,32316 Entertainments 28,41317 Software 28,26918 Diary 28,49919 Humour 28,23020 Art 25,85222. The Most popular strategy: to register a blog in Technorati and Google, to leave comments or references to other blogs, to register a blog in a directory of blogs, posts that they could be found easily. Active bloggers have already studied various techniques for attraction of visitors. On the average such bloggers use five methods, and 28 % of bloggers use at least 7 .23. too an original society in which private elementary rules about which without fail needs to know any blogeru-beginner operate. - if you see, that someone has referred to you extremely it is recommended to thank him in comments or to write the letter of thanks. Also many consider, that if someone has referred to you you too are obliged to make a reciprocal course. It not absolutely so to put on it the reference or not - business unessential, after all and referred should not refer only for the sake of a reciprocal course. - not in weight of pictures and video. Regret at whom the slow or limit Internet. Necessarily clean media under and if, for example, it is a lot of photos I advise to fill in them in Flikr, and in article only to give the reference to the place of placing. - If in you use another's material without fail put a reference to the source. Otherwise, very much risk the authority. - write competently. Without grammatical and spelling errors. Certainly, we can miss some moments, it is normal, we not teachers of Russian and the personal editor at us are not present. But nevertheless, whenever possible reduce errors to a minimum. - Try not to write the fact of the comment. Attentively read a post and other comments to it, and only then express the opinion on the given question. - do not write (i.e. not approaching on sense with a post). For this purpose is e-mail the address of the author. there. - Into the rudeness account. You are obliged to respect the point of view of the author and should not show the hostility to it in comments. Constructive criticism is resolved only. If in comments on your blog are rude personally you you have the full right such person. As, do not enter at all the polemic bearing a negative. It of that is not necessary. Remember - successful there are not those who simply writes excellent posts in the blog, and the one who besides excellent posts, adjusts friendly relations with other bloggers. Including, with . To make comments it is necessary so that even the most popular blogger has not ignored your opinion. Can quite be, that, having written some the developed comments in which your point of view and your competence of a question is visible, you can attract attention of the owner of a blog and he will suggest you to write a guest post for it .24. It is considered to be search optimisation of a site a complex of works which are directed on improvement a site from the point of view of search systems. Accordingly, increase of positions of a site in results of delivery of search systems on certain keywords, and, as a result, increase in the target traffic is reached. Within the limits of carrying out of search optimisation of a site (seo) work in following directions, as a rule, is conducted. Drawing up of the list of keywords or phrases on which we wish to take good positions in results of delivery of search systems. Otherwise it is called as a kernel. The site text is written according to made semantic .25. / % D4%EE%F2%EE%EE%ED%E0%ED%E8%E7%EC has appeared together with accessible mirror digital cameras, till recent time digital and film cost rather , on a pocket only to the professionals, earning a photo, and film also frightened off superfluous people complexities in use. (the synonym ) always uses one million technical terms in speech (, "mode", "aberrations" ..), as a rule, not understanding their value. As a rule, among participation in is welcomed. The list of phrases, using which, it is possible to become the Abrupt Photographer : whether Noble film grain sharpness Nervous Lohovsky the Present photographer does not use Horizon is filled up any strange red colour that or is simple all drunk? Colours Chamber , yes? Where this picture? All brown any removed Something? A dust on a matrix. Eyes undress! . I such picture in dust would send at once the Hole was weak on pair stops to cover? At discussion of portraits it is necessary to pass at once on . Only it seems to me, or I see firm yellowness? A zoom never will provide the necessary quality! To remove it is necessary only fixes, and a foreshortening to change - so there is a head and feet! Boke ugly What that it not such whether business at mine (, Variozonnara - to substitute necessary, main that nobody has found) Yes I such dark glasses did not remove. . Yes, I look that you it , and I understand, that the truth say, that soap much you understand a fragment of glass, this glass is simply soft VANITIES! I would not risk to buy, there from every second copy front-focus, at everyone the first - And I here consider bek-focus, that the manual optics forward gives hundred points in the Soviet union were able to do glasses! Yes well, matrixes cannot provide RATHER QUALITATIVE picture if you understand about what I IN GENERAL speak Yes do not make laugh, what colour rendition at figure? Can. Will pass years 30, it and will reach a film in tushke - it stupidly fiction do not feel a difference between 12 and 14 bit colour? What you the photographer? Is not present on an auto focus? I speak, with replaceable glasses on focus? And, it is useful to you, this jalopy all the same is not directed And , has decided to let out ? Kenon - well, it forgive, really pop-music, this cheap stuff in each stall rolls, and it and is not necessary to me Sleepyheads for nothing? Forgive My God, these ugly creatures took Minolta and have worsened in it everything, that is possible, in hands it I will take I can understand, you so all from , I have bought Kiev-88 , so it is worse nothing I Lajv-twist - to nobody the necessary lotion, is pure for those who on soap trays to remove has got used Yes to the present professionals of one point of focusing suffices and to whom is not given - and 10 will not help Is not present, cannot anything show, the third week potter with a terabyte Is not present, cannot anything show, I pictures on the Internet essentially do not spread Is not present, cannot expose anything, me then on courts because of the adjacent rights ! If I choose for such money I will precisely prefer the Watering can First, very pleasant objective, and secondly, at everyone is, and Lima, it one such I Get also all want-nehotjat, and start to glance that it at me for magnificent such device the Zoo of the majority of kinds is . An input free, do not feed animals. As a whole, all these photoforums it is inherently intolerable are disgusting thanks to a subject. The Photo - art but when conversations on art replace about what technics is better, all picture becomes sad. The same is observed in environment where instead of pleasure by a sound goes not clear on technics. For not understanding in what horror of this phenomenon, it is possible to draw such parallel: it about the same when artists not pictures write, and are engaged in discussion of various kinds of abrupt paints, brushes and fabrics of canvases, it is perfect their mission. Have felt? 26. Amateur photographers - assemblies. Here, esteem, that the professional : very serious problem, practical all large photomasters speak about accident in a trade. And on me so the information field simply varies, and it should be understood still. Understand, as well as the majority of newspaper photographers, I have come to a trade from fans. Here an example me "amateur": it was interesting to learn the world of professionals from within and to observe, how my sight will be transformed to a sight of a wolf. I have approximately learnt how to overcome a lath between amateur and professional levels. Here : I became writing, as a matter of fact have left in a camp of amateur photographers. Has learnt, that such "a complex of the photographer"... However, about it I will try to write later. And now I - a horse-radish know who. Possibly, it is internal .27. The given fact has forced me to try to understand that I have called "photographic folklore". Want, more shortly, to expose the swindlers who have called with "professionals", having proved, that photographic activity can be conducted and without .28. A photo Place in culture A.Vartanov ("the Soviet photo", 10, 1986): In due time at the initiative of M.Gorkogo the book Day of the world in which the facts have been embodied, in the different ends of our planet within one certain day - on June, 24th, 1935 has been published. The similar edition has appeared possible thanks to that at the disposal of composers along with press messages were ten thousand photos. Considering the pictures placed in the Bottom of the world, we as if become live witnesses of that day which has passed more half a century back. In each of us from constant dialogue with photo products the steady psychological habit is developed; seen in pictures we perceive as a part of our own life experience. Differently, that we see photographed, is perceived by us almost as seen by the eyes. This circumstance allows the modern person who has lived, say, without quitting the place in one city average on duration a life, to possess such sum of impressions as if it has spent the days on constant travel and has lived one hundred lives. In an era in literary magazines the genre of stories about travel in which writers shared the impressions about the far countries, the well-known museum collections, architecture was popular. In spite of the fact that in this genre remarkable masters of a word acted, nowadays classics of the world literature (such, say, as Gogol or ), similar compositions have not sustained a competition to a modest, sound photo. Today in the representations about the countries where there are remarkable natural phenomena or cultures, we use on advantage a photo (cinema, TV). Last two means possess today with what not comparable popularity in our life.



The stuffy crude cellar with the walls covered with a rough building fur coat is a chamber 9 temporary detention facilities.


In the end of 1990, in the 33, I have changed a trade. From the designer with 17 - the summer experience of work at defensive factory I became the press photographer, have adjoined to journalism, other eyes have seen the world. So it has turned out, that

Notes from the past, thought something different in my head and climbed now climb. 15 years have passed, but like yesterday - all is relevant. Year 1995 - when it wanted to write, write about various things, but rather to record that the very head climbs.

What occurs to me again? I can not work. And how experts? So coffee to drink it is not necessary. I live in a new fashion, transition all - is notable. It is enamoured. So resisted actively. Swore and swore to itself, that I will not get us

Photo in the Web, reflexions Mikheyev's Genes. For those who anything positive to create is not able, destruction represents creativity replacement. This phenomenon was present always, even at ancient history, but during an electronic epoch it was showed

Camera EOS 5D Mark III in official sources is announced. Technical characteristics were dream of any photographer and firm Canon has tried to carry out this dream. The price for the camera is declared 3500 US dollars and will appear on sale in March - Apr

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